The White Ice Granite, The Best Material For Countertop

The white ice granite countertops are such elegant furniture with probably the best material. Whether it’s on the island or the kitchen main counter, it’s still a better option than marble.

Generally, marble is also a good choice of material for kitchen countertop. It has a special place when it comes to the cooking area. Some people wanted it to have brighter finishes. That’s why you should try the most reflective alternative, the white ice granite.

If we’re talking about the bright colors, granite is the better choice compared to marble. It also has greater resistance to bumps and cracks. Its durability and quality will last for years. There are various tones and colors available on the market.

White ice granite is the most popular one today. People love the contrast pattern that’s created inside it. However, this granite countertop doesn’t work for all styles and constructions. So, you have to consider the styles.

Why Your Kitchen Should Have White Ice Granite

white ice granite countertops
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The beautiful pattern is the very first thing that comes to mind when seeing a white ice granite countertop. Besides, the characteristic of the material requires very little maintenance. You don’t need to take care of it for a long time if it’s installed properly, of course.

  • The advantages of using this material are:
  • The bold patterns with contrasting colors
  • Well-combined to any cabinet color
  • It has clean and resistance surface,
  • The light reflections
  • Adds value

The Maintenance

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One of the major advantages of using granite material is the ease of maintenance. It requires almost no care-taking. Compared to other parts like marble, it’s still a winner on this part. However, you should still know how to deal with this porous stone.

Just follow the instructions to keep the slats of granite as fresh as new. Although, there are some points you need to pay attention too. Granite is shock-resistant but it can’t handle excessive heat and corrosive things.

So, you should avoid placing hot kitchen appliances to have a direct touch to the surface. Don’t use acidic substances like vinegar, ammonia, even citrus juices to clean stains. If it’s accidentally spilled on it. Clean it immediately.

You can also keep the glossy finish which looks like it’s freshly designed from the manufactures. Just add a layer of temporary enamel and apply it to the surface. It needs to be applied repeatedly in a month.

Combinations for White Ice Granite Countertop in the Kitchen

white ice granite countertops with white cabinets

This is also an important part of the design that we should plan. It’s not just about choosing what stone to use for the countertop, but also the rest of the elements should match it. The cabinet needs to be suitable for each other.

When it comes to white ice granite, you can do a lot of mix-and-match processes to deal with. You can choose to have a white countertop to match with brown and black tones. It’s going to be a very versatile combination.

Some designers recommend having the cabinets in white too. So, the black stripes from the countertop will contrast. On the other hand, try the opposite by choosing the dark cabinets to make the white part of the surface to shine up space.

For a modern and luxurious approach, try combining it with appliances and utensils in stainless steel. Have them all openly stored in the kitchen.

If you like the kitchen to be minimalist, combine the white with more white is not a mistake. It’s not going to make the room feel extremely cold. It’s the way to welcome the sunlight to produce natural shades. Moreover, It will fill the space with some sort of color.

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White Ice Granite Design Ideas in Kitchen

1. The Metallic Touch

white ice granite artisan finish

It’s going to be involving something shiny and grey. Metallic touches can’t go wrong with any kitchen style. So, combining them with white ice granite countertop won’t be a complicated thing to do.

Many elements of the kitchen are already available in steel. For example, the sink, stove, and the fridge, most cooking spaces have them in stainless steel.  You have to choose the essential equipment in the room to be having metallic color.

Because we are about to emphasize the stainless-steel material more, it’s great to have the entire space in a similar color.

2. The Dark Touches

formica white ice granite artisan finish

Besides having some shiny touches to embrace the granite countertop, there’s an option that goes straightly against it. Dark colors can make a great combination too for the kitchen. We’re not talking about taking the kitchen to the dark side. No, it’s just about contrasting.

Check out that black cabinets and maple flooring. They are the major dark elements in this kitchen. As you can see, the black-colored cabinets are there to complement the dark stains on the countertop surface.

The maple wood flooring is not as dark as the black cabinet. However, it’s still considered using the darker shade of brown wood.

3. The Attractive Backsplash

There will be touches of decorative patterns that match with the white ice granite. This kitchen has a backsplash in different design but it’s got the attractive-looking pattern that matches the countertop. The whole kitchen design shows consistency in this section.

Backsplashes are not only about the appearance, it’s an ingenious protective tile layer that would cover the wall and make it easy to clean.

As mentioned before, granite can’t handle acidic or corrosive substances. The addition of backsplash would increase the intensity of cleaning the counter.

4. The Cherry Touch

images of white ice granite

Cherry kitchen cabinets can make a big statement right under the white ice granite countertop. Let’s focus on the island of this cooking area. The combination is outstanding enough to set in the middle as a focal point.

It sets the main attraction of the kitchen. Besides, the other cabinets that are attached to the wall are left with white color. It’s done to keep it minimal as background and showcase the island.


There are many ways to go with white ice granite for kitchen countertop. You can’t make it as the side attraction in the room. Make it the start of your cooking area by adding any supporting elements to make it shine brighter.

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