9 Appealing White Brick Fireplace Ideas To Copy

Incorporating a white brick fireplace in the living room will make a good statement for space. It can also provide a contrast look around it. There are different styles of textures you can get with this element.

A white brick element with rustic texture would add a strong impression in the room. However, choose the one with a sleek and clean texture for a more modern space. Many years ago people have a fireplace because they need heat from the firepit.

Nowadays, the fireplaces are more than just a traditional heater. It becomes the center of attention or the focal point of the house. You can now choose to have the one that has a very clean and fresh appeal.

In this post, you will explore some of the appealing ideas incorporating a white brick fireplace in your living room.

1. White-Painted Brick with Wood Touch

white brick fireplace ideas
Source: legko.com

Pairing a white sleek surface with a natural element like wood is something to try. That framed logs decoration makes a great statement on the white brick. It’s taking over the charm of upper wall space.

The designer applies that framed logs to connect the wall with the wooden elements all over the room. Right from the ceiling, there’s a hanging traditional wood chandelier that steals attention immediately.

As seen, the touch of wooden colors brings out the traditional feeling of having a fireplace. It’s such a nice fusion of modern and traditional.

2. Romantic Design of Fireplace

white brick fireplace wall
Source: impressiveinteriordesign.com

This living room design is proof that a white brick fireplace can be romantic too. You can set the room with a lot of scented candles. Once you enjoy the nice smell on the air, the relaxation starts from here. During the winter, this will be the best spot in the house.

As you see on the floor nearby the fireplace, there’s an elevated part that connects to the white brick section. In a large room, it’s a great way to emphasize the element. However, you don’t need to have it in a small space.

3. Calm and Fresh in Beach Style

white brick fireplace surround
Source: impressiveinteriordesign.com

There’s only one color that would upgrade the calm and fresh look inside the room. It’s white. With a white background or base, you can make the greenery or other green elements look more stunning and natural.

That’s what happens in this lovely beach them living room. It’s a different kind of sea-related theme. There’s more touch of green than the blue one. The fireplace itself is set to be the focal point of the entire furniture.

The calm and fresh look of the white brick fireplace is enough to handle the mood in a good way. There’s an abstract artwork that completes the scene.

4. White Brick Wall of Fireplace with Natural Elements

white brick fireplace animal crossing
Source: gittigidiyor.net

Take a look at the background wall around the fireplace. In this picture, it looks plain and smooth but if you look closely, there’s a clean texture of brick all over. With a nice angle and brightness, you won’t see the texture. That’s kinda special for this living room.

Anyway, there’s one black hole of firepit that’s ready to warm up your winter season. This living room has some natural elements that make a big statement to the wall. With the white background, the tree branches splash some color of nature into the atmosphere.

Right beside the fireplace area, there’s a window bench area. It’s a great addition to prevent a space in the corner.

5. Earthy Colored Tiles on Fireplace

white brick fireplace acnl
Source: pinimg.com

This one is another version of white brick. There’s only some part of the wall to take over by fireplace and a TV. You can see the stone texture on the wall that becomes the background of the entertainment center.

With this setting of couches, people can enjoy watching the TV with warm air from the fireplace while admiring the beauty of that stone-built element on the back.

6. Classic European Style Fireplace

white brick fireplace with tv above
Source: impressiveinteriordesign.com

When you have the natural texture of a brick wall, just paint over it with white color. You will see it turn into a different element. It can also be a nice idea to renovate a room with this kind of element. After the painting, you can smear a mortar with light color over it.

As a result, you will get a classic European style of a fireplace. Add some other elements like a dark steel lamp on the ceiling, double antique sconces on each side, and rustic wooden shelf with accessories.

Check out more about fireplace ideas in here.

7. Wood and White Brick Contrast

black and white brick fireplace
Source: trendir.com

Take a look at how the designer combines both of those distinctive elements. This cozy living space has an obvious focal point of the room. That sleek white brick fireplace stands in the middle of the reclaimed wood wall.

A collaboration of rustic wood and sleek white brick is not something out of this world. Designers love to pair fireplace with wooden elements since the original firepit needs wood to heat.

In this case, the fireplace becomes the main attraction of this office space. As you can see, the wooden already make a connection with the wall. It’s the same material for the flooring.

8. Simply Minty Fresh Decor

white brick fireplace black mantel
Source: trendir.com

You might have guessed that it’s just a faux fireplace. It’s not a fire pit that you can lit. So, you can’t get the heat you want during the winter. However, this element will make a nice decoration for your reading space in the living room.

That modern armchair with bookshelf on each side of the white brick faux fireplace. The minty color of the wooden shelf and the mantle connects the element altogether. The addition of black-white photos is just enough to impress.

9. Charming Cottage Style Fireplace

 white brick behind fireplace
Source: homedit.com

Enjoy this stylish living room with the heat you want during cold weather. The cottage-style elements are added to all furniture in this room. From the coffee table to the fireplace mantle, the farmhouse themed elements make a big statement to the room.


So, are you ready to transform the entire living room? It’s gonna be as simple as painting it. The white brick fireplace provides a stunning focal point for the interior.

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