What is a Veranda and the Difference with another outdoor living areas?

Relaxing outside would be thrilling. But did you know that there are various kinds of outdoor living areas? Read on to find what is a veranda and what makes it different from other counterparts.

1. What is the Balcony?

What is the Balcony
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Before knowing what is a veranda, you better begin with one of its counterparts, named balcony.
A balcony is a small elevated platform that attaches to any room of a house as an extended floorspace from the wall.

The name comes from the word “balcony” which means a large window. It explains why it is named “balcony” because you can get into a balcony through a door from the room to which it is attached. It is usually small. Therefore, it is not quite versatile as it cannot accommodate more people. But if you are an apartment dweller, a balcony can give a big impact as you can put some potted plants and one or two chairs to chill out.

2. What is a Terrace?

What is a Terrace?

What is a veranda? What makes it different from a terrace? Let’s find out! A terrace is a raised flat area that you can usually find at the top of a building. The name comes from Latin that means “earth.” Unlike the balcony, a terrace has a bigger size. It makes it a perfect place to set an outdoor recreational area where you can invite your friends or colleagues for a barbeque party. Moreover, you can enter the terrace through various spots.

3. What is a Deck?

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Another quite perplexing thing is a deck which might look like a veranda in some cases.
So, what is a veranda, and is it different from a deck? A deck is a flat platform that adjoins a house which usually roofless. Usually built from lumber and raised from the ground. Today’s decks feature a shade, such as a pergola or a canopy that can maintain the joy despite the weather.

Decks usually being used as outdoor entertainment where you can breathe with fresh air while having dinner outdoor without splurging out on a fancy restaurant. In some cases, a deck is raised a few inches off the ground, leaving an open space underneath. Some people use it for hidden storage where they can stash woods or leftovers. Since some decks are quite high, some homeowners install railing around them for the peace of mind.

4. What is a Patio?


Pavers, concrete, brick, stone, stone, or tile are the raw materials from the patio. It is not elevated and stays as close as possible to the ground. Patio and deck have the same functions, namely an extended living area as they adjoin a house.

Like a deck, you use a patio to host a BBQ party or simply relax with your family. For this reason, many patios feature a pergola or canopy, some chairs, and couches. A larger one even has a dining table for an Alfresco lunch party.

A patio can be either attached to a house or simply detached. Whatever your choice is, it still serves you entertainment that you have been longing for.

5. What is a Porch?


Many people confuse a porch with a veranda. What is a veranda? What is a porch? You can describe a porch as a covered shelter protruding in front of the entrance of a building. The structure of it is in the form of extended walls projecting from the house.

Some porches confined with walls, columns, or screens, that extend from the main structure to protect the house from bad weather. Some others can be in the form of open structures that are void of windows.

6. What is a Veranda?

What is a Veranda?

Now, it is time for you to know what is veranda?” A veranda, also known as a verandah, is a platform built along the outside of a house. The veranda prolonged across both the front and the sides of it. It has a roof and is level on the ground floor. Sometimes it is partly enclosed by a railing. Since it is a platform that surrounds the house from the front to the back, a veranda gives you more access.

People use a veranda for various purposes. It depends on where they live. Americans treat it as an additional storage space where they can store items. While in India, it one of the most indispensable parts of the house in which the homeowners can receive their guests.

Veranda Designs

Now, you know what is a veranda. If you are looking for ideas to carve out some sort of styles in your veranda, check out these.

Classic Veranda

This veranda will make you recall the elegance of the Victorian era with large pillars and patterned ceiling. Wood flooring teaming up with ivory furniture and paint enhances the classic look of it.

A Place to Relax

What is a Veranda?

This is a typical veranda that you can usually find in many contemporary houses.
It is not too spacious, but it provides enough space for you to kick back and relax while enjoying the landscaping and coffee. White railing matches the cushions and trims nicely.

Modern Veranda


The veranda of this house connects the front part of it and the side. The use of sleek design and neutral color has made it stylish despite the little space.

Minimalist Veranda

What is a Veranda

This veranda allows you to make a trip from the front door to the back door. There is nothing fancy here, just an outdoor dining area. The back part of the veranda features a canopy that will alleviate the glare of the sun and prevent you from getting wet due to the rain.

Lots of Entertainment

What is a Veranda

What is a veranda all about? Well, in some cases, you can expand yours to get a spectacular outdoor entertaining area like this one. This veranda features an outdoor dining area and a hot tub, which separated with black railing.

What is a veranda? What is it used for? Now you know the differences between it and the other counterparts. Hopefully, you will not be perplexed anymore.

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