What Is a Bunkie Board and How to Create One at Home?

What is a Bunkie board? Why do you need to know about it? Well, you will need to learn about the Bunkie board when you have a platform bed at home. As a platform bed owner, you may have ever experienced the slats of this stage create gaps on the mattress. When such a thing happens, this can be the solution. If you are not sure about what this board is, the following information will let you know more stuff related to this practical addition for your bed.

1. Do You Know What Is a Bunkie Board?

bunkie board

In general, a Bunkie board is an even panel that typically made of wood and cut to a particular size to fit your mattress. You can discover a wide range of Bunkie boards that have different thicknesses and sizes. The wood types used for creating the panel are diverse too. Meanwhile, if you have time and need a budget-friendly idea, going for a DIY Bunkie board project will also be a great option.

In case buying the ready-to-use one, just make sure to get the product from a reputable company. With a good supplier, you may also find other essential products like foam box springs and other cool widgets for creating a convenient bed.

2. How Can You Use a Bunkie Board?

How Can You Use a Bunkie Board

After knowing the answer to this question: ‘what is a Bunkie board exactly?’, you will want to know how this product is employed for good. It is safe to say that a Bunkie board is simply an alternative for a box spring. These two are not created equal and you may only need one of them.

A Bunkie boards is more suitable for those who have mattresses that rely on springs. Thanks to its minimal and fundamental design, this product is more likely to keep the low profile look of your mattress. You will find a Bunkie board especially practical for a mattress which is not capable to sit on a slat and rather requires an even, firm surface. Thus, what is a Bunkie board in terms of its functions? Some homeowners may get this panel to organize their bunk beds and save more space in the bedroom.

3. What Makes Bunkie Boards Different from Spring Boxes?

Medium Latex Mattress

When you are wondering what is a Bunkie board, it is described as a replacement for a spring box. Then, are these two items the same thing? While Bunkie boards are simply a panel that is mainly made of plywood and can be placed under your mattress, spring boxes are more like a whole piece of furniture.

Spring boxes are typically 6 inches in height and capable to provide your mattress the additional support necessary for increasing its comfort. There is no rule that you have to choose between these two. It is even possible to utilize both a solid Bunkie board and box springs or other foundations. You can simply put the Bunkie jury over your box springs to support the heavy mattress.

For a spring mattress, box springs are used to push back the weight on it while supporting the body. However, it may cause several pressure points on your bed that may lead to less a comfortable one. For this reason, designers recommend you not only wonder what is a Bunkie board but also take advantage of it to reduce those inconvenient effects. A Bunkie board is useful to secure the proper shock absorption and can be an ideal pair for your old box spring.

Even though the best Bunkie board may not make the bed of your dreams, it can still complement and improve the one you own. For instance, when it is installed on a memory foam mattress, a Bunkie board will ensure extra support for better weight distribution. Therefore, in general, the function of Bunkie boards is to substitute inconvenient spring box base while keeping your mattress flat and in position. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this panel won’t necessarily outlast the bed.

4. How Can You Create a DIY Bunkie Board?

creating Bunkie board

You probably get interested in creating one. Creating a custom Bunkie board can be a great option since it is considerably cheap and solid enough to make this panel does its job perfectly. You can simply go to any local home improvement shop nearby to get the materials and tools. Then, follow the following steps to build your DIY Bunkie board. First of all, you should take the mattress off and gauge the bed frame neither rail-to-rail nor side-to-side. Measuring the area will help to get an idea of how big the Bunkie board needed.

Your Bunkie board will be typically shorter than the edges of the bed. This way you can cover it with padded upholstery or fabric that is more yielding and less unsafe for your luxurious mattress.
Second, get a ¾ inch plywood board and trim it based on your measurement. Take a circular saw as well as a carbide blade that is particularly made for cutting plywood. For a general guide, you need to cut a piece of 36.5×73.5 inches plywood for a bed with frames of 38 by 75 inches.

Next, take advantage of medium-grit sandpaper to scrape the boards’ edges or any roughness and bump on the surfaces. After that, you need a piece of fabric to cover the boards. Simply spread it gently to wrap the top as well as the bottom of the panels. It is recommended to get a piece that has the exact width and length of your Bunkie board. Additional inches may be necessary to allow the fabric to stretch flawlessly.

Then, if you already know what is a Bunkie beam, the fabric shouldn’t be remarkably visible. Thus, spray it with adhesive for a final touch. Lastly, you can also add additional quilting on the board. At this point, consider getting overlapping edges and corners to get a more padded finish.

5. Final Verdict of Creating Bunkie Boards

Creating Bunkie Boards

To conclude, Bunkie boards are especially ideal or bunk beds since you will need adequate space between your ceiling and the divan. Meanwhile, they make a good addition to your existing spring boxes since Bunkie boards can provide better support and increased comfort.

Now, you already get the answer for ‘what is a Bunkie board?’ and know how to make one at home!

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