Let’s Get to Know What Colors Go with Purple – Fresh Color Combinations

Purple is often associated with extravagance, creativity, and dignity. However, if you can combine it with other color schemes, you can probably get some other ambiance. So, Let’s get to know what colors go with purple.

1. What Colors Go with Purple Walls


If you want to know what colors can go with purple walls, the answer will depend on the shades you are using and what kind of mood that you want to bring into space. This kitchen, for example, features a subdued purple wall that brings in a calming effect to space. To maintain the serene look, you can pair it with a neutral color palette like brown. A little bit of modern flair is seen from the sleek design of the fridge and cabinet hardware.

2. Color Combination with Purple Kitchen


This is another brilliant idea about what colors can go with purple kitchen. Instead of paying it with a neutral color, you can try something more vivid like lime. This kitchen has proven that lime can get along well with purple. Since they come insult hues, they bring in serenity to space. To not overwhelm the space white backsplash, apron kitchen sink, and wall-mounted shelves are added.

3. What Colors go with Plum

Plum is a reddish-purple that can add a lively lift to any room in your house. To enhance the cheerfulness of plum, try combining it with other vigorous colors, such as green and blue. These game room features a cheerful and ambiance presented by green, blue, and plum. The combination of bright color hues and sleek cabinet creates a contemporary look.

4. Luxurious Bedroom with Purple Color Combination

You might be wondering what colors can go with purple when it comes to incorporating a little bit of elegance into your bedroom. As stated above, purple is usually related to luxury. Therefore, you only need a little glam to enhance the style. Try combining muted shades of purple with a metallic shine. This combo will create a glamorous and sophisticated bedroom that looks expensive and sophisticated. But still, you have to bear in mind that going overboard is not always good. For this reason, the metallic shine represented by nightstands and a silver sunburst mirror will be enough.

5. A Serene Bedroom with Purple

Some people think that purple is a kind of energetic color that can hinder you from getting a good night’s sleep. This bathroom has proven that it was just a total myth. Muted purple is found in the comfortable bench and pillows. Soft gray teams up with purple well when it comes to creating a peaceful bedroom.

6. Purple and Mustard

What Colors Go with Purple

What colors can go with purple when it comes to creating a distinctive look? The answer is mustard. Yes. This color combination is not for the shy. But if you go with this duo, your bedroom will get a spectacular look. The owner of this bedroom is courageous enough to mix purple and mustard. To eradicate the awkward transition between these hues, white headboard and blanket are added.

7. Purple with Gray

light purple and grey bedroom ideas

Gray is one of the neutral colors that can make a great team with any color, including purple. But you still need to be conspicuous when combining them to get the maximum effect. There are several ways you can try to pair purple and gray. Try painting the walls gray to give a cooler effect and hang a purple painting or paper flowers. You can also try a blanket that lies on gray bedding.

8. Minimalist Living Room with Purple and Cream

What Colors Go with Purple

What colors can go with purple to create a luxurious living room without being exaggerating? Have you ever tried cream? The cream has the element of white and brown, which makes it a perfect neutral color that can balance the extravagance of purple. Take a look at this purple wall teaming up with white wainscoting and cream sofas to create a luxurious look! It is a nice combination, isn’t it?

9. Purple and White for Your Safe Bet

purple bedroom walls ideas

If you are not sure about what colors can go with purple, you can try combining it with white. White is the most versatile color. Therefore, you can combine it with any colors of your choice. They will match perfectly because white never goes wrong. In this bedroom, you can see the walls, the rug, and the curtain are purple. To alleviate the look, white pillows, headboard, and bed sheet come to the scene.

10. Add More Glam with Purple and Red

Are you longing for a little bit of glam in your living room? Try combining purple and red. This living room text luxury to the next level. A combination of purple and red blends perfectly with velvet upholstery and wainscoting.

11. Sleek Purple Living Room

living room wallpaper design

Purple can bring a modern flair to space. This living room features a purple sectional sofa and a crisp white coffee table. It also has a floral pattern that kicks the style up a notch.

12. Bold Backdrop for Purple

grey and purple bedroom ideas

Both black and deep purple are bold colors. If you want to pairs of these colors, make sure you incorporate white in between to lessen the boldness.

13. Purple in Eclectic Style

What Colors Go with Purple

When it comes to an electric style, please feel free to mix and match. However, it does not mean it is okay for you to create a haphazard look. This eclectic kitchen will blow your mind. Various materials, shapes, and textures celebrate their existence here. The combination of white and purple anchors them nicely.

14. Minimalist Bedroom

What colors go with purple and green? Well, it depends on your bedroom style. If you want to add pops of colors in your minimalist bedroom, try incorporating bright orange into space as it will bring in good vibes.

15. Ombre Pink and Purple Bedding

pink and purple comforter sets queen

Pink is the best color to pair with purple because they share one thing in common. For this reason, creating an ombre effect using these colors will be your greatest bet. This bedding shows you a striking purple color combination. It begins with pink on the top edge and ends with violet on the other side.

Now, you can stop wondering what colors go with purple and choose one of those ideas. So, which one is your favorite?

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