14 Tips on What Color Goes with Teal

Are you looking for a smart yet inexpensive way of jazzing up your home? Read on to find 14 tips on what color goes with teal and how to combine them to create the nuance that you always want.

1. What Color Goes with Teal Walls in a Bathroom

modern colorful bathroom designs

Teal is often synonymous with the ocean. For this reason, many people use it if they want to bring in the coastal vibes intospace including their bathroom. This bathroom features a teal accent wall that has the pattern of fish scale. Various kinds of teal shades are found on the wall. You might be wondering what color goes with teal so well that makes the accent wall stand out. Neutral color schemes like white and brown would be your safe bet. This combination will only complement the teal shades without overlapping them.

2. Colors that Go with Teal Sofa

Another question that may pop into your mind is about what color goes with teal to carve out a mid-century modern style. When it comes to creating mid-century modern, simplicity and elegance are what you have to seek, just like what you can see in this living room. The sectional couch does not feature fancy details. Teal has made it look outstanding. What makes it more stylish is the gold accent found in the peg legs and the coffee table.

3. What Colors Goes with Teal and Mustard

Teal color is the amalgamation of blue and green. Therefore, it has calming properties and renewal qualities at the same time, which makes it a top-notch choice for any bedroom. Sometimes teal is combined with mustard to create a more energetic ambiance. If you are into this color combination, keep this yellow shade down to a minimum and try incorporating white to balance the look.

4. Teal and Coral

The combination of teal and coral will be suitable for a baby or girl’s bedroom. Coral has some pigments of pink which denotes femininity while teal features the calming effect of blue. No wonder this duo can make a good night’s sleep in a nursery room.

5. What Colors Go with Teal and Orange


Combining teal and orange? Why not? Teal especially turquoise is vibrant while orange is vigorous and glaring. Thus, you should pair them carefully so that you can get both better sleep and a chic bedroom. You can use what to alleviate the overwhelming look.

6. Teal and White Coastal Living Room


What color goes with teal when it comes to creating a coastal living room? The most significant feature in bringing in this style to space is by combining teal, blue, green, with some neutral colors, such as beige, brown, or white. This living room presents coastal vibes in a contemporary style. The teal wall makes a great backdrop for the blue couch. Some crisp white elements are found in the coffee table, shelves, and lampshades.

7. Teal and Beige


While White is the most versatile color that can go with any other decorations, some people might find it tedious due to the bland or super hygienic look. If you feel the same, you can opt for beige. Unlike white, beige can give a subtle nuance to any style and color, including teal, just like how this living room looks calming and inviting with this combination.

8. Elegant Teal and Taupe Bedroom

Taupe is formed by blending brown and gray. Since it is one of neutral colors, it can get along well with any decorations, including teal. In this Master bedroom, taupe bedding and black headboard add the touch of elegance. Some teal accents, such as the pillows, throw, vase, and table lamp incorporate a pop of color.

9. What Color goes with Teal? It’s Pink and Gold!

When you are taking a shower or just doing your stuff in this bathroom, you will feel refreshed, thanks to the invigorating blend between teal, pink, and gold. Two teal cabinets flank the pink vanity, anchoring it in place. Gold hardware adds a luxurious accent to the bathroom. The glossy and sleek finish makes it look modern.

10. Bold Kitchen with Black and Teal

green kitchen cabinets with black countertops

When entering this kitchen, you will be amazed by the boldness and elegance. All the luxurious elements can be found here. The most conspicuous thing of all is the black marble island that features a sleek design of modern flair. Three teal stools lining up next to it provide a comfortable seat. Some gold accents found in the cabinet hardware, pendant lights, and stool legs accentuate the luxurious style immensely.

11. Add a Little Bit of Lime and Pink

What Color Goes with Teal

This is another Mid-century modern living room that worth copying. Teal walls act as a blank canvas that is ready to be decorated. A gray couch takes the central role that ensures you maintain a conversation comfortably. Some splash of lime and pink makes space look more refreshing.

12. Cheerful Kid’s Room

If you are going to do a bedroom makeover for your kids, consider using several bright colors, such as teal and pink, that can offer him/her a joyful space to sleep and play. Crisp white and teal becomes the color base here. This combination is also found in the area rug that anchors the blue and pink stools.

13. Retro Flair with Teal and Red

galleria di diana venaria reale

Are you into a retro style that pays tribute to the past? Try adopting this idea. The use of vivid colors is one of the characteristics of a retro style. Therefore, the red fridge that stands out between the teal walls and checkerboard floor is a must-have item here.

14. Teal and Purple

What Color Goes with Teal

If you are looking for what color goes with teal, you might be wondering whether you can pair it with purple. Pairing teal and purple is worth trying as long as you can blend them well. This bedroom, for example, can maintain a harmonious look although it uses these contrasting colors.
The trick is by adding plenty of white to the space to make a perfect composition.

Now you know what color goes with teal well and how to implement it to make your home look more outstanding. Happy trying!

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