Wall Mounted Shoe Racks to Keep All Your Footwear

Wall mounted shoe racks are one of the best ways to keep your footwear clean and tidy. This design is clever and brilliant as it can store up many pairs and it does not take too much space. Other than this kind of storage, there are many more smart ideas to treasure your sandals.

One pair of shoes and sandals is never enough for both boys and girls. Most people have at least two of each kind because they take turns in using them. However, some others can have tons of footwear at once, making it a mess in the house.

If you are one of those people, then it is important to have wall mounted shoe racks in the house. This kind of storage will keep your footwear organized and visible at the same time.

Organizing your Shoes

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Before buying a shoe rack, it is important to see whether you need it or not. As these storages are not primary and cost a bit expensive. Therefore, before buying one, you should evaluate the footwear you have first.

First, organize all the footwear you have and take them out. Look at them closely and determine whether you need them or not. If you answer no to any of the shoes, then get rid of them instantly.

Once you have eliminated the unused footwear, put the remaining ones in a transparent box. This way you can see the location of each pair of shoes. Then put them away based on their category and function.

Put the easy and often use ones in the front where it is easy to access. On the other hand, put the seasonable footwear in the back so they do not block the way.

This simple step can help organize your shoes without a rack. However, if you start running out of plastic bags, it may be time to get new storage for them.

Wall Mounted Shoe Rack Design

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After tiding ups all your footwear and there are still many left out, then it is time to make an additional closet. The size of the storage will depend on how many shoes you have, however normally you will need a rather big space.

The key to making a good closet is the accessibility and organization of the shoes. Make sure all the footwear can fit in neatly and you can take them easily too.

If you decide to put them out in an open area, make sure there is extra protection to keep them clean from dust and mildew. Therefore, your shoes stay fit and proper to use.

Therefore, if you are planning to build a shoe rack, here are great recommendations you can try. Some designs are simple and even easy to make on your own.  

• Wall Mounted Shoe Racks Design

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For those who have much footwear and need them organized should install wall mounted shoe racks in their house. The design of this storage is made just like a mountain; the racks will be available from the top and round down to the bottom.

Therefore, every space inside the storage will be utilized.

Usually, wall mounted shoe racks are installed in an open area onto the wall, so it will easily get dirty. However, make sure to install it not too near to the door or outside.

Therefore, if you plan to make wall mounted shoe racks, it is also best to give it a cover. This will protect dust from coming in and on your footwear.

You can easily get wall mounted shoe racks in the market. They are available in various sizes but most of them are in big sizes.

• Shoe Rack Shelf

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You can make a shoe storage a part of the room decoration by installing square racks on the wall. For this kind of design, you will have to divide the storage into small squares of the same size.

Make as much place as you need; however, make sure the box is big enough to put your heels and boots in.

Then you can organize your footwear based on their use, colors, or type. This will not only make shoes like neat but also beautiful and attractive as a decoration.

Compared to wall mounted shoe racks, this kind of storage is made open so it can easily get dirty. Therefore, make sure to clean or brush the dirt out once a week.

• Shoe Bench

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Another design that you can have that has extra function is a shoe bench. The model of this kind of storage looks just like a bench. However, when you open the doors, you can put your footwear inside. Some types have no drawers that will give you easier access to get your sandals.

Overall, there are many kinds of sizes and models of shoe rack benches in the market. However, most of them have are small and short, making them easy to sit on. This is surely one of the recommended models to buy for the house.

• Hanging Shoe Shelves

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The next simple yet useful kind of storage you can make is a hanging shelf for your shoes. Depending on how many pairs you have, you can simply install them onto the wall.

All you need to make this somewhat racking are woods and elbow steel. Install the elbows onto the walls based on the length you want. Then, when both sides have been done, just put the piece of log on top. Easy as that, you will get your simple rack.

Whether you have only a few pairs or up to hundreds of shoes, it is still best to have storage for them. Will it not only keep them tidy and neat but also protect them from clean from dust.

However, choose a storage design based on how many shoes you have. If it is not too much, then the bench model is one of the recommended ones. Not only can you use it as a place to keep your footwear, but also a place to sit and relax a bit.

On the other hand, for those who have tons of pairs, they can try the wall mounted shoe racks. This kind of model is great because it gives many spaces to keep away your footwear. Moreover, the design is made to give easy access for people to get their sandals or boots.

Do not forget that each kind of storage will need a different space too. For wall mounted shoe racks, space is bigger and higher, whereas the bench model can be made in a small or larger model. So, choose the one that suits your footwear the best.

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