9 Wainscoting Bathroom Design Ideas

The bathroom is one of the places in your home that you visit frequently. Therefore, it should be treated and adorned in the same way as the other rooms. To add comfort and make it more appealing, try these wainscoting bathroom design ideas.

Why Installing Wainscoting Bathroom?

wainscoting bathroom ideas
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People install wainscoting for various reasons, one of which is to add textural elements to the area. Another reason is they want to change the interior design.

Some of them also use it to conceal old utility access points or simply hide any flaw on the walls away. Whatever your reason is, wainscoting can always be a classy addition to any room in your home including the bathroom.

Nowadays, wainscoting appears in a broad assemblage of elements. It can be made of solid wood, plastic, medium fiberboard (MDF), or plywood. Some of them are even water-resistant, which is suitable for an area prone to moisture like the bathroom.

Wainscoting also has many kinds of patterns. However, they still share

Wainscoting vs Beadboard

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Many people use the term wainscoting and headboard interchangeably. So, what are they?

Wainscoting is the general term referring to decorative paneling. It has been used for centuries for various purposes, such as an accent wall, insulation, and a cover that prevents any damage to walls.

It comes in four types of different designs that determine its name. They are raised panel, flat panel wainscoting, board and batten, and beadboard. This explains why these two terms are often used interchangeably.

Beadboard is thin wood boards fixed up vertically in a line. You can notice a little section or range, which is also identified as a bead, within every board.

The assembled planks are capped off with strips of horizontal molding that conceal the seams and give a more finished look to your wainscoting bathroom.

Wainscoting Bathroom Ideas

After knowing the patterns and purposes of wainscoting bathroom, you might be wondering whether it would suit yours. Well, let’s take a closer look at these following ideas.

1. Wainscoting Small Bathroom

wainscoting bathroom vanity
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Installing wainscoting bathroom in small space? Why not? If you can do it well, it can not only make the area more appealing but also appear to be visually more spacious.

This bathroom uses the epic combination of charcoal gray for the wall and ceiling, and crisp white for the wainscoting and trim.

The wainscoting bathroom covers more than half of the wall. Beadboard whose planks are arranged vertically tricks the eyes to think that the room is bigger.

To match the decor, the fixture, window trims, and blind come in the same color, making them flow into one being.

2. Shabby-Chic Wainscoting Bathroom

wainscoting around bathroom vanity
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This bathroom features off-white walls and bathtub as the color base to evoke the old-time style. A mint vanity with flat paneling for the cabinet doors and drawers accentuates Shabby-Chic look nicely.

To match the decor, there’s mint wainscoting bathroom. Flat paneling that looks the same as the one in the vanity makes them look united. The picture frame matches the door trim immensely.

3. Wainscoting Bathroom and Classic White Subway Tiles

bathroom wainscoting and wallpaper
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When it comes to a bathroom with limited space, crisp white will always be your safe bet as it can trick the eyes and make you think that it is larger than it is.

Unfortunately, white can be somewhat dull and stark. For this reason, you might need to consider installing wainscoting bathroom.

Again, beadboard arranged vertically is used to create a visual trick in this tunnel-like bathroom. Classic white subway tiles are used to enrich the look.

4. Modern Sage Wainscoting Bathroom

wainscoting in a bathroom pictures
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This bathroom has all the things that make it look luxurious in a simple way. You will be willing to linger in the bathtub for more time to indulge yourself with the view from the interior design and the sky.

The seamless marble floor is an essential luxury here. To add a subtle nuance that will not overwhelm it, sage wainscoting with flat paneling is used.

As seen, the window trims, countertop, and bathtub come in the same color as the marble floor. To pull the elements together, mosaic backsplash with white and sage tiles is installed.

It’s great to have a little bit of art deco in your bathroom, right?

5. Elegant White Wainscoting Bathroom

wainscoting behind bathroom vanity
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This is another white-and-sage bathroom idea that you can copy.

Unlike the previous one, this bathroom features a sage wall that runs in the upper half and white wainscoting for the remaining lower half.

Flat paneling in the wainscoting matches the cabinet door nicely. The trim and frame complement the ceiling and the mirror nicely.

6. Blue Wainscoting with Shelves

black wainscoting bathroom
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To tackle the limited space in a bathroom, you need to consider investing in a piece of furniture or decoration that serves you a double duty, just like the one you can see here.

Instead of installing a mere wall accent, you can try this wainscoting bathroom. Subdued blue in beadboard paneling adds coastal vibes into the area as well as makes it visually larger.

The beadboard caps feature protruding shelves. They may just a few inches width, but they can help you host bathing essentials so you can grab them in no time.

7. Nautical Bathroom with Flat Wainscoting

beadboard wainscoting bathroom height
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The combination of navy wall and crisp white flat wainscoting brings in nautical theme into the bathroom.

As you can see, the flat paneling of the wainscoting match the cabinet doors well, and the trim complements the ones on the mirror frame and window.

The wainscoting trim protrudes a few inches from the wall, allowing you to put decorative elements like starfish or shells on it to accentuate the nautical flair.

8. Teal Wainscoting

bathroom wainscoting colors
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The good thing about wainscoting is you can paint it to meet your style while adding texture and pattern to your bathroom.

This teal wainscoting bathroom would make a great color base for your white bathroom. Try making the chair rail protrude a few inches off the wall so that you can have extra space to store soap and shampoo.

9. Shiplap Wainscoting Bathroom for Cottage Style

wainscoting to cover bathroom tile
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Shiplap wainscoting is typically used in a cottage-style house. Therefore, you can try this idea for your bathroom if you wish to emulate this style.

Instead of installing the planks vertically, just like what you usually see in beadboard paneling, arranging them horizontally will make the bathroom appear to be wider.

Those are some stunning wainscoting bathroom ideas that are worth trying. Bear in mind that implementing a certain panel will carve out your desired style.

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