Different Types of Curtains That Will Transform Your Home

Choosing types of curtains is such a major decision. Those pieces become a crucial home decor element. Not only do they control the daylight passing through space, but also offer warmth and create a finished look.

Moreover, the curtains can be expensive. That’s why you should understand basic curtain kinds and pick the right ones for your home. By doing so, they definitely will pair well with the furniture or wall.

Curtains are available in various fabrics, styles, prices, and shades. Bright window treatments add bold energy to the room. Meanwhile, the subtle ones set a relaxing ambiance. Here are certain kinds to select from.

The Locations of Curtains

The Locations of Curtains (thespruce.com)
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Before talking about types of curtains, decide their locations first. That way, you won’t deal with the wrong colors and materials. Every area certainly requires different window treatments.

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It is important to examine the space before buying types of curtains for living room. Some sitting areas have ample sunlight and good ventilation, while others don’t. That’s the reason you should take a few aspects into account.

To create an airy and light atmosphere, we suggest using sheer window dressing. Meanwhile, thick blackout curtains ward off too much sunlight as well as dust. They also develop a calm appearance.

The Stunning Windows

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When it comes to decorating a home, window treatments are a vital element. Various types of curtains become an accessory. They adorn the living room. With the right coverings, half of the designing project is done.

Light transparent curtains or plain window treatments with prints lend the room an elegant feel. Remember that there’s a huge selection of draperies. 

Moreover, window curtains do not need to have small sizes. You can decorate your living room with full-length ones. We guarantee they will surely look magnificent in the space.

Types of Curtains for Shower

Types of Curtains for Shower (madebymood.com)
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If you want to create a personal shower space, incorporate a curtain into the bathroom. Because it grants a function of solitude. Furthermore, a costly glass door installation is not needed.

For a pocket-sized shower, we recommend adding sheer curtain kinds. That way, the room feels bigger and airier than it is.

If your bathroom is large, you should use printed polyester draperies. They are not just water repellent and antibacterial, but also resist mildew.

Another option is to utilize curtains with dry mesh pockets. Moreover, thistle fabric draperies evoke a feeling of softness. They improve the look of the shower, too.

Delightful Outdoor Curtains

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Who says decor is limited in the house? You definitely can take it outside the doors into your backyard. There are different types of curtains to make a porch or garden more appealing.

If you have a large budget, opt for fancy curtains. Then tie them with ribbons. Those pieces will give your outdoor space a high-end look. Pastel colors are a great idea, too. Meanwhile, green drop cloths blend nicely with nature.

Another great option is adding bamboo blinds to the outdoor space. They keep your next-door-neighbor from watching your place.

If you live in a hot climate, choose blackout draperies. For sure, they help beat the scorching heat and keep the area cooler in summer.

Kinds of Curtains with Pictures

Kinds of Curtains with Pictures (kwikhang.com)
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Shopping for a curtain can be an overwhelming experience. Because there are many types of curtains and draperies to choose from. Even more, most are categorized based on the attachment style.

1. Tab Top Curtains

Tab Top Curtains (wfcdn.com)
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These curtains come with fabric loops neatly sewn into the curtain’s top. Therefore, they are easy to hang as well. However, the pieces are not so drawable.

Furthermore, tab top curtains offer a casual simple look. You can also buy the ones with bows, tie tops, or adorned loops.

2. Single Panel Curtains

Single Panel Curtains (mydecorative.com)
Source: mydecorative.com

As the name indicates, these casual curtains only have one panel. But it covers the whole window and can be easily pulled to the other side. As a result, this will create a stylish asymmetrical appearance.

3. Rod Pocket Curtains

Rod Pocket Curtains (walmartimages.ca)
Source: walmartimages.ca

These curtains are readily usable and simple. They boast pockets as well. But to hang the draperies, you must feed the rod through them.

Moreover, rod pocket curtains go well with a valance. They are available in various fabrics such as silk, cotton, or linen.

4. Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains (therange.co.uk)
Source: therange.co.uk

Here, we show you types of curtains for bedroom. Each provides privacy and also keeps sunlight from disturbing your sleep.

Different from the other, these curtains are built of heavier weight fabrics. Moreover, they are usually hung behind semi-transparent draperies for a more refined appearance.

5. Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains (amazon.com)
Source: amazon.com

Unlike blackouts, these curtains are made of thin, semi-translucent fabrics. As a result, they exude a fancy appeal and allow in lots of natural light.

In addition, sheer curtains offer a low level of privacy. Therefore, they are very popular in balconies, dining areas, and living rooms.

6. Grommet or Eyelet Curtains

Grommet or Eyelet Curtains (alicdn.com)
Source: alicdn.com

Grommet curtains feature large eyelets. Furthermore, they are another readily usable types of curtains.

These draperies lend the room a contemporary flair. That is why they are easy to draw and fit nicely to any window or door side. 

7. Window Scarf

Window Scarf (walmartimages.com)
Source: walmartimages.com

This kind of window curtain is similar to the valance. The homeowner uses it only for ornamental purposes.

As you can see, it is a long, thin fabric piece hung across the window sides. The item carves a tranquil atmosphere and offers a touch of elegance.

8. Valance

Valance (ostkcdn.com)
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This short window curtain usually hangs on top of your draperies. However, it can be a standalone decor accessory, too. Either way, the unit would look gorgeous.

Moreover, valance creates a complete appearance. This window treatment is not only exquisite but also versatile.

9. Goblet, Double, or Single Pleat

Goblet, Double, or Single Pleat (uewhimster.co.uk)
Source: uewhimster.co.uk

Pleats give draperies a decorative appeal. Those sorts of screens have a tailored look. They are normally used for formal or traditional styles.

Furthermore, pleated curtains generally require more fabric. Single pinch pleats would take little less than their goblet or double pleat cousins.

The Length of the Draperies

The Length of the Draperies (i.pinimg.com)
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Drapery types for windows are typically shorter in length. However, there’s no exact rule. To get a more sumptuous look, hang floor-to-ceiling curtains. Both options are great, so it’s your personal choice.

In essence, draperies are not just window coverings. Because they can enhance your decor style. After reading those types of curtains, we hope you don’t feel overwhelmed anymore.

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