The Types of Bamboo You Can Plant

People do not know many types of bamboo. When they hear this plant, they think all species are the same and they can all grow fast. However, this is not true because some are very slow to grow.

Bamboo is one of those plants that can be used for gardening and other needs. People usually use the stem structures, and they are usually strong.

However, for gardening, this plant is the least favorite. Some types of bamboos are hard to grow, while others can spread rapidly if they are not controlled well.

Despite them being hard to control and hard to plant, bamboos have many benefits to offer. Therefore, to make sure you get the positive effects, it is important to learn more about it.

Characteristic of Bamboos People Must Know

types of bamboo plants

Until today, scientists have reported that there are more than 1,450 species spread throughout the nation. Even though they all look the same, but each type has different kinds of characteristics.

One of the misunderstandings that people have believed is that Bamboo is categorized as a tree family. However, the fact is, it belongs to the grass family or known as the Poaceae.

However, just like trees, some types of bamboo can grow high and fast if they are in the right place. Try to cut their stem and put in a glass, and you can get the plant growing inside it. 

Therefore, gardening bamboo is not difficult and does not need much effort. They can grow on their own with enough water and light from the sun. Therefore, it is important to take an eye on the plant, so they do not grow rapidly and widely.

With the big amount of species, bamboo can be found in almost every country in the world except places in Europe. You can notice them by seeing their long narrow trunks that are also high. The leaves are usually also quite long and a bit messy compared to normal tress.

Most types of bamboo have yellow-chocolate trunks and their leaves are green. However, in some parts of the plant can grow in exotic colors such as blue, black, and even red.

As informed before, there are thousands of types of bamboo in the world. It would be possible to detail them all, but it will also take ages.

Know the Different Types of Bamboo

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However, one of the ways to identify each types of bamboo is by looking at their colors, leaves, and roots. Like in some countries, they can grow in yellow, whereas in other places it can be yellow.

Even though all bamboo can grow high, but some cannot be as tall. This will usually happen in countries with less sunshine. So, do not expect your plant to be as high as the ones in other countries.

Now, if you are planning to garden one near your house, it is best to choose the best bamboo that can grow. Also, choose the one that can give extra benefits to you.

• Phyllostachys aureosulcata Spectabilis

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If you leave an area with cold temperatures with less sun, then this type of bamboo will fit your place. Not only is it resistant towards the weather but it also has a beautiful yellow color that will make it stand out from other plants.

However, as informed before, this plant cannot grow as high as other kinds of bamboo due to the temperature and condition. However, this does not make it less beautiful nor useless because it is still just like the others.

Another great thing about this bamboo is it has great endurance. It is not easy to break even though you bend it in two. Therefore, steams and trunks are great for structure use.

• Guadua

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The guadua looks like most bamboo that you see on TV. It is tall and has a bold bright green color. Their trunks are thick and have long leaves. You will usually this kind of plant in Central to South America or in other tropical countries.

These bamboos can grow high and tall without too many efforts because it can absorb enough vitamins just from the sun and water.

• Phyllostachys Aurea

types of bamboo and their uses

One of the types of bamboo that is mostly used for ornaments is the Phyllostachys Aurea. This is also the kind of plant that is normally available in countries in Asia like Japan and China.

You can find more inspirations of Japanese Decor in this website.

The characteristic of this bamboo is it has a yellow golden narrow trunk. Even though they are not as strong as the Guadua, the stems can be used for structure needs too. One of the advantages of having this type in your garden is they can grow fast and reach up to 14 meters high.

They also grow quite fast per day, around 10mm each day, so it is important to monitor them tightly. If you can manage them right, you can get beautiful yellow color in the backyard. However, if not then be ready to be full of bamboos.

• Genus Dendrocalamus

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This is not the most beautiful and best color type of bamboos; however, their size is what makes them special. This species has a green-white trunk that is big and thick. The stems can grow to 40 meters high with a thickness of 3-5 inches.

Due to their big size, many people plant this bamboo, to use the trunk for construction needs. Unfortunately, this kind of species only grows well in tropical areas such as Asia and South America.

You can garden and have many other types of bamboo in your backyard. However, these are some of the best and easiest ones to grow.

They are also one of the most common types of bamboo that have other function other than just a plant. Therefore, they are much recommended to try.

Despite the easy care, it is important to choose the right type according to your area. Do not choose a species that can only grow in cold areas when you are living in a tropical place. This also applies the other way around.

By following these rules, not only will you get a beautiful plant but can also absorb the benefits from bamboo.

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