Stunning Two Tone Cabinets for Your Next Redesign

The single color cupboard is the safest choice when furnishing your kitchen. However, two tone cabinets may promise something more fascinating. Even though it is pretty uncommon for homeowners to opt for two tone kitchen cabinets, adapting these items in your space is not that hard.

Whether you want to show off a modern or traditional style, these cabinets will introduce an excellent visual impact in your kitchen. What it takes is only a proper arrangement and matching color palette. If your kitchen’s look is getting dull or you simply want something new, two-tone cabinets can be a good bet. Besides, introducing color diversity may allow you to emphasize particular parts in your kitchen and makes the overall appearance seem more organized and stylish.

1. What to Know about Dual-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

two tone cabinets
Photo by Naomi Hébert on Unsplash

As the name suggests, these cabinets are painted in two different colors and mixed fashionably. Grey and white two-tone cabinets make a great example since this design is pretty common to use. Rather than offering dual-toned colors, some designers also work with multi-colored kitchen cabinetry.

Several designs highlight the kitchen island, making it dissimilar to the rest of the space. On the other hand, some others focus on accent areas to infuse a diverse color. Most of the time, the purpose of two-tone cabinets is to draw attention to a specific element in the kitchen. Moreover, this cabinetry is often used to make the area cozier to spend time in or simply to add visual interest.

2. The Reasons to Pick Two tone Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Dual-toned cabinets allow you to get a brand new style of the kitchen without too much effort. Not only offers a more appealing appearance, but this cabinetry can also provide a shooting feeling that makes people want to spend more time there. Besides, these cabinets have been trending for years now, making it perfect to upgrade your dreary kitchen.

Two-tone cabinets also come in numerous wonderful designs, so you can easily find one that meets the current interior décor. Because of its popularity and versatile features, a wide range of new designs must continue to expand. Another good reason to adapt dual-toned cabinets is to keep the style of your home since they are not firmly traditional or modern.

3. The Trends and Tricks to Introduce Dual-Toned Cabinets

two tone kitchen cabinets with dark countertops

For the last few years, the trends of two-tone kitchen cabinets and island are pretty strong. It is even safe to say that nearly all the upgraded designs include these features. Meanwhile, adapting two-tone colors in your house is now easier than ever. All you need to do is to think about a perfect idea that can go well with the existing floor and furniture.

If you are getting interested in bringing two-tone cabinets in your kitchen, some of the below tricks might be helpful to get started.

Go for An Eye-Catching Contrast.

When you want to introduce a different color in the kitchen cabinet, try to employ the second tone as an accent. Simply choose a particular section of the kitchen and use it for the sake of color disparity in your space.

Opt for Multi-Colored Cabinets.

If you prefer a multi-colored one instead of two-tone cabinets, try to employ white as a divider between the colors involved. This trick is pretty helpful, especially to ensure the visual balance. For your information, this trick is often called a 60-30-10 rule. The first number refers to the percent of the primary color while the second one stands for the secondary shade.

Then, the 10 refers to a percent of the inflection color. With this rule, a bit of white that you introduce to the room can add an individual effect to the two existing colors.

Add Matt or Gloss Lacquer

There is nothing wrong with adding two-tone cabinets that don’t belong to the rest of the interior design. For example, you may like to introduce modern finishes in a traditional-styled room. For better transition, consider using a matt or gloss lacquer which can suit the theme or even emphasize the style.

Create a Focal Point at two tone cabinets

Creating a focal point is pretty popular in terms of two-tone cabinet design ideas. It typically takes place on a contrasting color or a special island that appears different from the cabinetry. If you are decorating a kitchen with traditional designs, this trick will be very efficient to try. To help you visualize the design properly, the following ideas will show how to incorporate two-tone cabinets in the kitchen.

4. Retro-Styled Kitchen with two tone cabinets

For those who love retro style, combining some colors that can provide an individual stamp in the kitchen will be perfect. With some bright green highlights and surroundings, this wooden cabinetry looks exceptionally wonderful. The way it expresses the homeowner’s style is pretty amazing as well.

5. Anchored Cabinets for Airy Kitchens

Mounting furniture pieces have become very trendy nowadays. When it comes to two-tone cabinets, simply hang them on the neutral-colored walls for an airier feeling. In this kitchen, the dark base cabinets make an interesting contrast to the whole space, offering an exceptional look. Make sure to select two neutral colors to keep the sharp and serene appearance together. For a sophisticated twist, the backsplash is in the earthy tones.

6. Bright and Cozy Kitchen

The combination of bright white and natural wood colors on these kitchen cabinets serves a highly elegant look to the rest of the interior. Aside from the beautiful cabinets, this kitchen features a perfect mix of natural illumination and various light fixtures.

7. Warm Kitchen with Contrasted Cabinets

By painting your base kitchen in dark colors, you can transform it into something more fascinating and chic. Vivid colors lend this area a bit more fun and bring a positive vibe. Meanwhile, the dark finishes hint an elegant touch in the kitchen.

8. Final Thoughts For two tone cabinets

Adapting two-tone cabinets allows you to completely change the mood of your kitchen while keeping it stylish and elegant. If you are not sure about how to put the idea correctly, utterly consult with an experienced designer or use those ideas as inspirations.

Relate some of the two-tone cabinets above to your current kitchen or arrange them in the way you like the most. Finally, be prepared for this unique upgrading and start working!

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