Two Person Desk Tips and Advice for Home Offices

Your work quality will be improved; one of the reasons is due to the comfortable working environment. When you do the job alone, what the others do would not be a problem. Yet, it is not the case if you work in a team. That is when two person desk comes in handy.

The major advantage of this desk is it offers you and your team an ability to do the job together while still getting enough workspace for more than one individual. It also eases any two coworkers that need to work at the same time. Yet, to have the optimum comfort in using two person desk, there are some tips and tricks on the way. This article will disclose all of them, especially for home offices. Read on to know!

Design Ideas for Home Office

2 desks in one room

The home office should have the best design to fit two person desk and satisfy the occupiers. That way, you could get rid of the need of creating two separate workspaces.

Tips and Advice to Optimize Two Person Desk

built in home office space

Creating a perfect home office environment for a person only is already challenging, let alone for two. It does not stop in color and décor selection to make the workspace practical and cozy at the same time. Therefore, here are some pieces of advice for you.

Lighting Fixtures

Pendant lights above the desk could solve the problem of finding the right lamp space, especially in times when you need to be lighted while your coworker does not. Choose the retractable or extendable ones, so that you could adjust them according to your needs.

Storage Management

Opt for two person desk that comes with cubbies and drawers on both sides for you and your coworker. Both of you could nicely arrange personal items and other needs in the given space. Only then, you and the other person will not need to disturb each other.

Phone Use

2 person l shaped desk

In case your job related to intensive phone use, it is advisable that you are not too close with your coworker as he/she might be disrupted. Thus, the idea of having two person desk must be reconsidered. However, for all the benefits it offers, you can still utilize this certain table. It does not have to be this big, but the T-shaped desk for two modeled in the picture could be an alternative.

Shared Machines and Tools

There are many times when you must share the use of technologies with a coworker to support your work because it is nearly impossible to have one for each person. Fax machine, printer, and scanner are a few examples. The best choice will be putting them in where both of you could easily access, like in the middle of the two person desk. With that being said, do not forget to install electrical outlets near the machines and tools, too.

Seating Arrangement

bay window built in desk

All occupiers in the home office must feel comfortable there. Two factors to provide such coziness are a nice seat and a good seating arrangement. A study desk for 2 as seen in the picture could give an example.

Sharing Everything

office desks two people

After storage and electronic machines, here comes another thing to share: a well-organized workspace. Avoiding any mess is the basic rule in working in a team. Occupying two person desk makes it even more fundamental. Though it is based on the characteristics of each person, keeping everything under control will not disturb your coworker. Besides, the job of finding something will be a piece of cake.

Zen Space

design corner of living room

If you are blessed with large enough space as a home office, consider a long two person desk and arrange it against the wall. There will be adequate personal areas for more than one individual while still be practical.

Interaction Style

Having a wide enough desk to be occupied by two persons facing each other is a nice option when you and your coworker interacting a lot.

Small Spaces

If you know how to make use of small spaces to its optimum potential, the size will not be a matter. One of the ways to make it happens is by utilizing a desk for two persons. While you are at it, pick one unit that comes with plenty of storage so that you are not obliged to put in extra standalone cabinets or drawers any more. That way, some spaces are saved and both of you still have access to move around.

Storing Items

computer desk with shelves

This point is still following storage management and a well-organized workspace. To have easy access to important documents or other papers, a special storing unit is needed. Attaching some racks between two workstations is a lovely alternative. Another way is to build shelving or wall cabinets above the desk if possible. They give you better chances to organize and clear divisions.


double desk home office ideas

One benefit the home office has that company does not is it offers you all the opportunities to make your workspace homely and comfortable. It also applies to coworkers who share a workstation. Do not adapt, or even copy, each other style. Rather, express your preference and personal likings.

Personal Touches

Do not make a home office too formal like ones in companies. As a part of your house, make the workspace of yours define you. For example, you could hang the most loved artworks or family portraits, paste some motivational quotes or stickers, or put other desk decorations.

One Line

Manage everything in one line if you think the lack of space might be a problem. Pick a desk with enough drawers and have it stood against the wall. Above the workstation, set lighting, artwork, and extra shelving to free the room behind the chairs.


No rule whatsoever is set to be the parameter of 2-person desk dimensions. You are free to pick the size of your workstation for the home office according to your needs and preferences. While two person desk ideas are limitless, make sure to pick ones based on their practicality and ability to save some space. Follow the bits of advice mentioned above, and you will have cozy workstations in your home office. May this article be of any help in improving your work quality. Thank you for reading!

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