DIY Projects: Innovative TV Stand Ideas that Suit Your Small Spaces

When it comes to home decorations, TV stand ideas become the prominent furniture to fulfill the look of your narrow space. They are not only holding the television but also providing an eye-catching focal point to create a better experience in the entertainment area.

An endless choice of TV stand designs is available, from the furnished wood to the modern style. However, they will spend lots of budget for the most sophisticated features. Thus, create your DIY furniture will be more affordable rather than buying a new one.

Fortunately, the materials for DIY TV stand ideas are quite cheap and easy to get. Explore the following designs that fit any small rooms. Then, choose the best type that suits your style. Let’s try it out!

Set Up DIY TV Stand Ideas for Small Spaces

Set Up DIY TV Stand Ideas for Small Spaces (

Since having a TV stand is necessary, you should carefully plan the best design to fit your limited room. DIY furniture offers a flexible and versatile style for any small space.

Furthermore, maximize the vertical use of the area and create an additional storage solution will be great for holding the television and other entertainment stuff. Importantly, it can be more space-saving and keep all things clean and tidy.

1. Wall-Mounted TV Stand

Wall-Mounted TV Stand (

If you have a less floor-spacing area, make full use of the wall surface. Some DIY floating TV stand ideas hold the television, sound system, and other electronic stuff successfully without consuming many spaces.

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Start to build a pad TV stand from some wood planks and boards. Attach them on the wall and set up the parts for the television, sound system, and power panels. Then, add floating shelves beneath. For the finishing touch, paint the wooden surface with a bright color to give an attractive look.

2. TV Stand from Wooden Crates

TV Stand from Wooden Crates (

It is the best way to recycle the unused fruit crates into a DIY project of TV stand ideas. By stacking four pieces on the side of the wall, you can get unique rustic furniture to hold the television. Its open spaces function as storing shelves for books, potted plants, and other small accents.

3. TV Stand with Farmhouse Design

TV Stand with Farmhouse Design (

Go for TV stand ideas with farmhouse style to obtain a big storing shelf to keep lots of stuff. A DIY project allows you to build the media console to the precise size as needed, especially if the room is narrow.

You can make this farmhouse-style furniture from a piece of old wood. Build an X-leg design for a little decorative detail in your TV stand. Below the top surface, there is a large open area. Add some wicker baskets as hidden storage solutions to store the entertainment items neatly.

4. Wooden Pallet TV Stand

Wooden Pallet TV Stand (

Wood is an affordable material to build stylish TV stand ideas. Be creative with some pallets to make a rustic console. Its perfect design also offers enough space for storage. This feature is beneficial for a small entertainment room, so lots of electronic items can be well-organized.

Interestingly, this wooden pallet TV stand does not require a special finish. Just let it blank in the bare wood. Its natural look gives an enjoyable touch to your media room.

5. Modular TV Stand


Modular design for TV stand ideas offers attractive budget-friendly furniture to hold your media. It also features plenty of shelves to accommodate all electronic components. Its style comes in various ways to avoid getting bored.

6. Modern Console TV Stand

Modern Console TV Stand (

A mid-century console table that comes in white-painted finish will give an updated look to the amusement room. The crisp lines on the top show modernity to the area. It is one of stylish TV stand ideas with storage solutions.

You can build adjustable shelves as hidden storage for cords and other components. Meanwhile, use the open space to display movies or photo frames. Moreover, make the TV stand more stylish by adding natural wood legs to serve a two-tone finish.

7. Corner TV Stand Ideas


Maximizing the nook is one of the best ways to save more space. Therefore, you can add an entertainment area at the corner of any room. The DIY TV mount works great in a limited place.

Use plywood to build a corner mount for your flat screen TV. This material is cheap but strong enough to hold the television. Surprisingly, the unique design can give a floating effect, so it looks more amusing.

8. TV Stand from Pipelines and Wood

TV Stand from Pipelines and Wood (

If you are looking for a simple design that offers high durability, TV stand ideas with pipelines and wood will be the perfect choice for your small room.

Start assembling two pieces of wooden boards and four metal pipelines to build a sturdy console table. The open space between the pallets can function as storage. Keep the top surface with its natural look or apply a colored paint that can be chosen as you desire.

9. Plywood TV Stand

Plywood TV Stand (

Go creative with plywood to create antique TV stand ideas. Breaking down one sheet is enough to get all cut layouts for the media console. You also need some metal knobs to depend on how many shelves in the cabinet.

From a piece of plywood, you can build two small upper shelves and a large bottom shelf. Those storage solutions serve different sizes and details to fit into the DIY TV console. Additionally, paint the surface with your favorite color to evoke a charming vibe in the room.

10. TV Stand Easel

Bring a unique rustic style to the entertainment area by repurposing an easel into one of stylish TV stand ideas. The cheap furniture gives an attractive look and functional use. You only need to prepare solid wood frames and a sheet of plywood to make the supporting boards.

Then, place the board at the back of the easel to hold the flat-screen TV. If necessary, add four casters on the legs. Thus, you can move the DIY media stand to another room. Furthermore, stain the surface with finishing wax as the final treatment.

In conclusion, some innovative TV stand ideas are available in low-budget. Use a little creativity to recycling the existing furniture or assembling a new one from certain materials like wood. Hopefully, the designs above will inspire you to choose the best style that fits your home decor.

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