Unexpected Ways to Use Tropical Colors in Your Home Decor

Bring the idea of summertime to your home interior and exterior by incorporating tropical colors. You may get surprised at how fascinating this scheme can create. With vibrant colors, tropical schemes can offer a fresh and warm mood in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Start with adding cool blues and bright yellows to your space. Then, accent the palette with other bold colors like greens or oranges. These will help you to enjoy the vibe of a beautiful tropical beach in the comfort of your home.

1. Popular Tropical Colors for Your Home

living room caribbean colors

Tropical schemes typically focus on lively and bright colors. The shades tend to pop out at you like how the dazzlingly feathered parrots do. When you are interested in adding tropical vibes to your home, painting the entire wall in corresponding colors is not the only thing to do. Instead, it is more recommended to introduce the colors in small, yet impactful areas of your home. Use these bright hues to point out and accent the entire space. Canary yellow, coral, turquoise, as well as tangerine are some of the most popular choices in tropical color palettes. However, you can also take advantage of aqua, fuchsia, and other bright colors.

2. Forms of Tropical Colors Décor


The best way to infuse tropical vibes into your home interior is by incorporating organic forms in the decoration. Try to introduce furniture that reminds forms of natural islands such as table legs which look like raindrops or sofas with mountain curves. Then, twisting strips of metal may hint the beauty of waterfalls or even rivers. You can also try to add some sculptural touches as a flawless finishing touch.

For instance, you can incorporate abstract sculptures of a natural form to your living room. However, don’t make it to obvious or over the top since a slight accent will be enough.

3. Tropical Colors Patterns

Be creative by infusing tropical colors through a variety of patterns. You can use them on prints, pillowcases, or even accent wallpaper on the wall. Lovely patterns of leaves and flowers will capture the tropical mood perfectly, especially throughout the summer days.

Don’t be afraid of incorporating these tropical patterns into your home décor. Some people may find it frightening since they may overwhelm the space. To avoid such a thing happens, try to mix and match these patterns wisely with solid tropical colors. Blend up the pattern in a range of rainbow colors to create an impactful effect. However, if you don’t want to be too bold, seek one in more neutral shades.

Through the right tropical colors and patterns, you will be able to showcase a warm sultry mood in your spaces.

4. Decorating Your Spaces with a Tropical Colors Style

Now is the time to incorporate tropical colors, patterns, and forms into your room. Refer to the following ideas to get started.

• Modern Kitchen with Tropical Hints

Modern Kitchen with Tropical Hints

Adding some shades of blue to your kitchen for a hint of your precious vacation to a tropical beach. You can start the color palette with neutral white or cream to calm the eye. Then, begin incorporating vibrant shades of blue, yellow, and green for appealing accents. A tropical kitchen is often recognized for its comfy and airy designs. With a neutral background, you can easily put tropical flowers or plants to space too.

• Tropical Kitchen with Natural Vibes

A palm leaf umbrella is hanging over this kitchen island, suggesting the beauty of the tropical beach. It even doubles as a lighting fixture for your convenient meal preparation. The exposed-brick backsplash is a nice way to make the kitchen feels sultry with its subtle colors. Put in island flowers, tropical fruits, and plants around the space for a livelier atmosphere. While the tropical colors in this kitchen are not that vibrant, the appearance of rattan furniture and bamboo accents is highly appreciated to make space look more natural.

• Tropical Bedroom


Turn your dull bedroom into a relaxing gateway by adding tropical colors and patterns. With floor-to-ceiling windows, the idea will be even better. This tropical bedroom has a huge range of design options that not only focus on just a palm tree or a print of ocean sunset. With soft pink colors in some elements, this bedroom is very lovely and beautiful. The tropical theme is emphasized through the area rug and floral patterned wallpaper.

For another idea, you can also incorporate some pretty accents in the form of floral prints, lightweight fabrics, and gauze curtains. Remember that you don’t have to use vivid tropical colors in every element since it is important to keep the bedroom airy and comfortable.

• Cozy Tropical Bathroom


Combine casual and formal in harmony with tropical décor. This bathroom makes perfect evidence if blending different styles can create a chic space. While everything seems formal underneath, the walls are painted in playful, green palm patterns for a casual touch. Meanwhile, to tie the decorations altogether, the curtain, window frame, sink, and bathtub are kept in neutral white color.

• 1970s Living Room with Tropical Décor

tropical colors

This vintage living room looks exceptionally stylish with wooden ceilings and blinds. Not to mention the chevron-patterned rug that comes in respective tropical colors. A variety of other patterns is also included in the living room in the form of throw pillows. Meanwhile, the selection of indoor plants lends the space a real tropical vibe. If you bring home some accessories from your previous tropical island vacation, don’t hesitate to use them as decoration as well.

• Coastal Living Space

tropical colors

Keep in mind that soft hues can express tropical colors like the way brightly colored ones do. Thus, there is no need to avoid muted tangerine or yellow to your décor. You can see this lovely living room that showcases its tropical vibes through muted tangerine walls, subtle floral patterns, and wide-open windows.

5. Final Thoughts

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In conclusion, you will have a variety of fun choices when designing your home in tropical designs. This style allows employing both subtle and bold colors to space. If you are not sure how to get started, use the above ideas as your inspiration and don’t be afraid of utilizing any tropical colors indicated there. Good luck!

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