Overhead Interior Decor: All Things to Know About A Trey Ceiling

The overhead surface inside some lining of a room sometimes becomes neglected when you can paint and style the walls and floors. Fortunately, there is a trey ceiling that will be a great technique to fix the flat view above your head.

No matter the height of the room, this ceiling style will bring elegance and luxury to the whole space. Therefore, check out the following ideas to inspire you on designing the overlooked surface.

What Does a Trey Ceiling Mean?

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This overhead surface is also called an inverted or recessed ceiling that looks like an upside-down tray. The center part of its unique design is higher than the rest section. Then, you mostly find this style in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or bathroom.

The trey ceiling offers an effect on a flat regular roof surface. This style fits any size of a room. The small area can appear bigger, whereas it provides visual depth in the large space to avoid being a cavern-like. Also, its raised section is great for lighting installation.

Install some LED tube lights around the borders of the ceiling to create a soft ambiance. Besides, crafting some embellishments like clear lines if you prefer a modern style. Build a lower tray and decorate it with a crown relieving surface to give an antique view.

What is the Difference Between A Coffered and Trey Ceiling?

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Both ceiling styles, coffered and tray, should be initially installed during the process of home construction. However, installation on an existing overhead flat surface is possible.

A coffered ceiling is a set of octagon, rectangular, or square recessed panels that can give a classic and elegant look to a vaulted and flat surface. The sunken grids also refer to a caisson or cross beamed detail.

Furthermore, fake plywood is one of the materials to build a coffered ceiling that imitates the wooden beams. Unfortunately, installing the caisson design requires many skills of a workman and cautious planning.

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On the other hand, the trey ceiling offers quick and easy installation. This style uses rigid dry panels with a relieved surface for ornamentation. Its moldings will create a visual effect on the surrounding.

The tray-like design features a single raised section, but the coffered style has many decorative recessed grids. Moreover, cross beamed detail has a large variety of materials and different wood types. Meanwhile, the trey ceiling is only made from drywall or plaster.

How to Paint an Upside-Down Tray Surface?

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The use of coloration helps the tray surface to be the focal point in the room. Make the ceiling more attractive by applying various hues instead of cream, beige, and white. There are some great choices to add visual appeal to your home.

Firstly, paint the walls with two colors, for horizontal and vertical parts. Besides, apply a single hue to the entire surface and ceiling.

Then, use the same color for painting the tray and walls. Whereas, choose a different hue for the ceiling to provide a dramatic look.

Next, try to highlight the tray by applying a color that differs from the ceiling and walls. Outstretch the use of moldings by forming the same textures to the surface.

However, if there is not a crown surface, painting the tray vertically with an accent hue will make it stand out. Meanwhile, for the horizontal areas like the walls, opt for a standard paint color.  

Tray Ceiling Ideas for Home Embellishment

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Various decorating ideas come with either light neutral tones or vibrant colors. The style depends on the type of room and what effect to achieve. The soft palette gives a calming look and works best for kitchens and bedrooms.

On the other hand, the trey ceiling with bright hues offers a deep character to your space. Combine the deep color with decorative patterns by using a stencil to create a symbol. This design is perfect for lounge areas, family, and dining rooms. 

Cool and Relaxing Design

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To design a bedroom, paint the tray and walls with a similar color. Choose a light tone to give a cool and relaxing ambiance. Alternatively, you might choose a contrasting hue to add a focus on the soft paint ceiling.

Wood Tray Ceiling

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An effective way of turning the trey ceiling into a pretty focal point is by applying woodwork. Decorate with wooden planks will be more inviting and give a rustic touch. Additionally, designing the overhead surface with exposed beams becomes a great technique to provide texture and warmth.

Trey Ceiling with Industrial Decor

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Metal seems to be another perfect addition to build a trey ceiling with an industrial look. Corrugated sheets work best for a room with a high ceiling. The corroded finish enhances a natural look and makes the overhead surface stand out. Then, pair with glass pendants to be more appealing.

Tray Ceiling Kitchen

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The outstanding kitchen features an all-white space with a lux glass chandelier. A single color option for the trey ceiling and walls brightens the cooking area. Combined with marble backsplash and countertop to add textures.

However, go creative with vibrant colors of vegetables and fruits will be nice instead of this light neutral tone. Painting the walls and tray-like surfaces with different bright hues will evoke a spiritful vibe while cooking.

Medallion Trey Ceiling

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Start designing an impressive ceiling in the dining room with medallion. A deep relief that comes with ribbon and beaded details is in style. This popular molding fits well in a large area. Also, it becomes a transitional home decoration from a plain surface to a hanging fixture.

Pink Paint Ceiling for A Girl’s Room

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A double trey ceiling in a girl’s bedroom creates a princess-perfect look to the whole space. The soft pink hue is in tune with the walls. Whereas, the lighter cream color on the edges also gives a contrast look.

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Likewise, the wooden floorings and hardwood furniture add a bold tone to the pink room. Its girly theme looks better due to the hanging pretty colorful chandelier. Overall, This two-layer design offers extra height to the low-ceiling.

Finally, the trey ceiling is unique and versatile that completes all architectural styles and home designs. It can enhance openness to small areas and give ornaments to bare plain spacious rooms. Choose the best method that fits your home.

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