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Building a house on top of a tree always wins the fun side of children’s activity. Having or even leaving in one might be everybody’s dream. Treehouse ideas come in limitless forms and designs. This page contains eleven of them to serve before your eyes. Some of these treehouse ideas disclose the function, while several others are purely constructed for fun. Read on to know and get inspired!

1. Treehouse Ideas for Adults

tree houses designs ideas

Have you ever considered living above a tree? Hang on. Is it even possible? Look at this picture, and you will know the answer is an absolute yes. Do not worry about the postal address, just imagine how fun it is to live midair surround the middle part of a tree trunk.

2. Tree-Office in Rustic Style

Yes, your sight is not deceiving; you read the right word: office. It is possible to have a workspace on top of a tree. This is not only unbelievably artistic but also functional and can be used to its full potential. Try to visualize yourself to have a meeting some feet above the ground. Would not it be fascinating?

3. The Extraordinary Usual Treehouse

It is such a paradox to state that a treehouse is usual when it is the extraordinary version of the ground building. What you call a normal house on a tree is when it functions for temporary fun. The one in the picture portrays so. Unlike the previous two examples with a sturdy build, this one is less robust and can only accommodate children’s playing time.

4. Cool Treehouse Accessories

With a treehouse looking like this, you could just move in and live here for good. Your kids are guaranteed not to object the idea since a swing and curly slide are in the frame. The coop under the building also strengthens the image of permanent life, anyway.

5. A Nice Escape

This is one of the simple treehouse ideas, or you could say tree-clubhouse. This small space offers a nice and comfortable hideout. Built not high above the ground, it makes use of the unique shape of the trunks that grow in such a way providing a place to sit and relax. The idea to paint the interior minty green is also thoughtful, preserving the natural shade of a tree.

6. String Lights to Light Your Nights

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Comfortable treehouse ideas include a place so cozy to stay no matter the time, even during the nights. Therefore, having string lights to accompany your activities inside the house above the tree at nighttime is a bright idea.

7. Build Elevated Gazebo

Treehouse Ideas

Elevated gazebo is one of the clever treehouse ideas existed. When you want one to accommodate your relaxing time at the backyard, yet the mentioned yard is utilized for growing plants, building the relaxing spot midair is the only way out. Make access from your deck to the gazebo, and you can relax upstairs while at the same time watching your kids playing downstairs, or vice versa.

8. Give it a Flair of Fairytale

Treehouse Ideas

The bold framework and the tone of this treehouse might remind you of some building drawn in a fairytale book. The dangling leaves from the nearby tree and the vines that creep beneath the house also emphasize such an image.

9. Connect Together

Treehouse Ideas

This treehouse idea could be the best gift for your kids. By connecting the building to their playground using a suspension bridge, they will get a gigantic playing zone at the backyard. Once the neighborhood playmates of your kids come to visit, they will not want to go home.

10. Placement is Everything

Treehouse Ideas

Do not just build; paying attention to the placement is also included in treehouse ideas. It could be based on the height of the tree, the surrounding view, the function, or others. This treehouse is an instance. Since it has the scenery of a vineyard, the house on the tree is constructed high enough to enjoy what is served before the eyes.

11. What to Put inside a Treehouse

Treehouse Ideas

Completing a treehouse with things for your kids might concern you. To make it as fun as possible yet still functions greatly, put this element or two from the list below.

  1. Slide – kids love this fun element. From the practical point of view, it helps your children to get down smoothly and safely without incidents.
  2. Swing – it marks a playing ground, and while we are at it, install multiple at once in case one of your kids cannot wait for his/her turn.
  3. Hammock – everyone from all generations loves it. This element lets you lying down swinging in an open environment; taking a nap is just one swing away.
  4. Ladder or staircase – it is of course the ultimate item to have, because how else could you access a treehouse if not by climbing one?
  5. Suspension bridge – design one by involving ladders and spiraling staircases to make it more interesting.
  6. Porch or balcony – this element is perfect to have in treehouses supported by multiple trees.
  7. Telescope or periscope – it is better to have a well-functioned one, but it is also okay to install the toy version. It is to finalize the scenes of stargazing as well as explorers or pirates play pretending.
  8. Pirate ship wheel – it comes in a set with the telescope, thus doubles the fun.
  9. Bird feeder or birdhouse – while you are midair, it is only natural to encounter birds flying around. Furthermore, the process of building your treehouse might harm their homes, so let’s make one.
  10. Dinner bell – well, it is not necessary, actually, but with this, you can give your kids a sign to climb down and have meal times.
  11. Mailbox – it is not the real one, of course. Because playing is fun, why not let out what you have, right?

Treehouse Ideas

Treehouse might as well function as communication media between your kids and their playmates. Well, now you have reached the bottom of the treehouse ideas page, the rest is just taking action. How it will function is the foundation. Once the building intention is set, the design, color, shape, and everything else will follow. Do not forget to make it memorable also!

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