11+ Teen Bedroom Furniture and Decorating Ideas to Steal

You definitely cannot please your children every time. This is very true with teen bedroom furniture. Keep in mind that their mood and emotions change so easily during puberty. Also, they are often not a great collaborator.

Teenagers themselves still do not know what their personalities are. Above all, you may force them to accept an interior design solution. But this usually results in love-hate behavior.

Therefore, waking up your kids’ inner beast can be a last resort. Tell them that you need to refurnish and decorate their bedroom.

For sure, following your children’s inconsistent plans is impossible. But, don’t worry. Just keep scrolling to find some cool universal tips from other parents.

1. Do Not Follow Your Kids Blindly

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As a parent, you should consider what your kids say. Giving their creativity a chance is certainly important.

As a result, this will assist them develop design or organizational skills. It also ensures a cozy retreat where they’ll return to after a busy day.

But, remember to avoid following your children blindly. Bear in mind that their plans are ever-changing.

For example, one day, they desire an all-black bedroom. But the next day, your teenage kids want to paint the walls in vibrant colors and add decals. 

2.  Create A Multi-Purpose Bedroom

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In addition to being a sleeping area, the teen bedroom must serve other purposes. Space can certainly be a favorite hangout spot for their close friends or a homework station.

Additionally, according to relevant surveys, teenage kids’ favorite bedroom ornament is the poster of their best friends.

That’s the reason why you need to take those social aspects into account. In short, there must be a gathering spot, study corner, and sleeping area.

3. Teen Bedroom Furniture for Working Areas

Teen Bedroom Furniture for Working Areas (artmakehome.com)
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No matter how old teenage boys or daughters are, they will surely always be adorable children of their parents. You have to include a studying place in your teen bedroom. It lets them do their assignments and tasks.

Furthermore, outfit their space with teen bedroom furniture like a comfy chair, study desk, and shelves. That way, they can conveniently work.

If the space is limited, consider using teenage bedroom furniture for small rooms. You can purchase either a multifunctional table or drop-down study desk.

Another brilliant option is to incorporate a loft or bunk bed into a teenage bedroom. Then, place a desk and a chair underneath it. Be sure you make their working area as personal as possible.

4. Smart Storage Solutions

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Teenage bedrooms are synonymous with a notorious mess. As you know, teenagers are great at cluttering their space. Cleaning normally takes a long time to be finished. 

If your children love piling their belongings, you should maximize the storage solutions. For example, add a storage bed to space. This teen bedroom furniture comes with hidden drawers.

You can also furnish a teenage bedroom with larger desks, bookcase, cabinets, dressers, nightstands, or modular shelving. Since the units offer plenty of storage, they keep space organized.

5. Choose A High-Quality Mattress

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The body of your teenage boy or daughter is developing. That’s why you must provide him or her with a great orthopedic mattress. It doesn’t only ensure a good posture, but also provides comfort and improves sleep quality.

Therefore, you should choose the size and length of the bed depending on his or her looks. Be sure this teen bedroom furniture is bigger.

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That way, the replacement is not needed as the child grows. Long story short, buy a larger mattress at the start.

6. Say Yes to Creative Lighting

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After talking about teen bedroom furniture, now we move to light. It is because the proper illumination is seriously crucial.

So, as a parent, you should be creative. Right light fixtures can set the mood and also change the appearance of the space.

When it comes to the teenage bedroom, stay away from traditional lighting. As teenagers, they love interesting and dramatic effects. That is why you should put this into consideration.

For example, here, the teen girl’s sleepy space features a fluffy pendant light over the bed.

7. Bold Teenage Bedroom Walls

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Comfortable teen bedroom furniture does matter. However, you shouldn’t ignore the walls. While adults prefer a relaxing place to sleep, teenage kids love something energetic as well as vibrant.

The teenagers can’t resist one boldest color scheme. If you plan on decorating their bedroom, paint the walls in bright shades such as blue, green, pink, yellow, or orange.

Moreover, you can ask your kids to paint the walls themselves. Decal sayings, marquis signs, graffiti, or neon writings can be great solutions, too.

8. Put Their Posters on Display

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Your teenage children have their favorite bands, movie characters, and singers. They will feel better if you mount the posters on the wall. Hanging those pieces above the teen bedroom furniture like a bed is a good idea.

You can put up posters without damaging the bedroom wall using frames. They keep the walls clean. Another option is to purchase a magnetic board for those items. It will prevent the space from looking cluttered.

9. Teenage Bedroom Furniture Ideas with Tactile Textures

Teenage Bedroom Furniture Ideas with Tactile Textures (wfcdn.com)
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The teenage bedroom needs to be safe and cozy. Soft textures and fabrics can serve convenience purposes. 

Here, space is outfitted with an upholstered tufted bed and bench. Other great ideas are faux fur rug, fringe, flocked velvet wallpaper, plush throw pillows, and heavy curtains.

10. Pick A Bedroom Theme

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Before buying a teen bedroom furniture, choose a specific theme first. Your kids may have their preferences, so ask them. Paris, forest, football field, rock, and roll themes are very popular.

Keep the bedroom decor simple. Bear in mind that teenagers will eventually outgrow their ‘overlooked castle’ stage. Additionally, the bookshelf is a must.

11. Don’t Forget A Laundry Basket

Don’t Forget A Laundry Basket as Part of Teen Bedroom Furniture(wp.com)
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Your teenage kids can be messy. Usually, they like dumping their dirty clothes on the floor. Try introducing an eye-catching laundry basket.

Another choice is to hang a basketball hoop laundry hamper. It will keep the clothes off the floor for sure.

12. Purchase from A Reputable but Cheap Vendor

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We recommend buying teenage bedroom furniture sets from IKEA. They offer stylish and inexpensive furnishing.

Moreover, Craigslist is a perfect place to get authentic stage lights or road signs. Your whimsy teenagers are certainly obsessed with them. Pottery Barn Teen also has cool yet low-cost solutions.

Decorating a teenage sleepy space can be an intimidating proposition. Therefore, you can try using our teen bedroom furniture and decor ideas. That way, you can finish the project to their liking.

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