15 Teal Color Palette Ideas in Interior Design

Are you looking for some ideas to make your home look fresh and intriguing? Look no further because these teal color palette decor will have your back. So, keep on reading to find the perfect match for this hue too.

See more tips to deal with color palette to make a space fresh and relaxing.

1. Green and Teal Color Palette

teal color palettes
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Teal Color palette is the amalgamation of blue and green. Therefore, it would look great if you combine it with either of them, just like what you can see here.

This living room looks bold with teal walls. To alleviate the boldness, a white ceiling with trim is added.

Some fresh green tints found in the chair, ottoman, and side table enrich the look without compromising the boldness of teal.

2. Teal and Orange

teal color palette names
Source: boydforcongress.com

Teal color palette can be dark and bold, which is not suitable for a kid’s or a teenager’s bedroom. It does not mean you cannot use it, though. You just need to know how to combine it with other hues to create positive vibes.

This bedroom, for example, features some accents of teal that you can find in the lampshades and the lower parts of the curtains.

In addition to teal, you can also find some tints of orange. To bind them together and balance the look without being overwhelming, you can use crisp white.

3. Elegant Blue and Teal Bedroom

teal color palette rgb
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Combining teal with blue color palette, such as cobalt and navy will add elegance to any space including your bedroom. Adding textural elements will also do the trick, just like what you can see here.

This bedroom features a teal wall. Linen upholstery covering the headboard is accentuated with small gold beads, which incorporates an upscale look into space.

Dark blue hue, cobalt, make great bedding. The table lamp matches the bed sheet and pillow cover nicely.

4. Teal and Gray

aegean teal color palette
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Gray is one of the most versatile hues. Therefore, if you have no idea what to pair with a teal color palette, it will be your safe bet.

The gray couch brings an elegant look to this living room. A teal cushion adds a splash of color to it.

Teal flowers look stunning and stand out on a white wallpaper, which complements hydrangea well.

5. Turquoise Color Palette

color palette teal and green
Source: theroyalfamily.ru

If you think that the teal color palette is too bold, which is not your thing whatsoever, try painting your wall turquoise.

Turquoise is the light hue of teal. For this reason, it has the same trait as teal in some cases. However, instead of adding the touch of boldness into the room, it will incorporate soothing ambiance into it.

Since turquoise can add calming and refreshing effect into space, it will be a great color scheme for your bathroom or bedroom. Try adding some coastal-themed accessories, such as starfish, shells, and terrarium.

6. Teal and Black

pink and teal color palette
Source: idealhome.co.uk

You might be wondering whether black can go with a teal color palette. Well, the answer would depend on what kind of ambiance you want to carve out.

If you want to create a bold-and-elegant bedroom, you can try teal walls with velvet or silk bed bedding. But if you want to have a more relaxing one, do not forget to incorporate white to lessen the boldness.

This bedroom features a teal accent wall that will steal anyone’s focus. Some black accents on the shelves and the lower part of the bedding are black, which accentuate the bold look. Crisp white walls and bedding balance the look immensely.

7. Coral in Teal Bedroom

teal brown color palette
Source: idealhome.co.uk

Have you ever gone shore diving? There are various kinds of spectacular scenery that you can see under the water, not to mention the mesmerizing corals.

You do not need to go to a beach to enjoy the view because you can bring it into your bedroom.

The first thing you need to do is to emulate the water by applying a teal color palette on the walls and bedding. Mimic the beauty of coral by applying this shade of pink in the upholstery and pillowcase.

8. Cheerful Teal and Pink

teal and black color palette
Source: coloredbikinis.co

Are you looking for inspiration to amp a girl’s bedroom up? Try this one out!

This eclectic bedroom features an intriguing wallpaper acting as an accent wall. It is not a mere plain one that can be somewhat stark because you can find various kinds of ferns make a wonderful pattern.

Some splash of pink found in the bedding also jazzes up the room well. A sentence is written in the same color as the pillows contrast with the teal wallpaper, making it look standout.

9. Blue and Teal Color Palette

coral teal color palette
Source: pinimg.com

This is another epic way to combine teal and blue to decorate a living room.

It begins with a teal accent wall that can draw the eyes instantly. Cobalt blue sectional couch provides a comfortable place to lounge on.

Since cobalt blue and teal color palette belong to darker hues, make sure the room where you place them has plenty of natural light so that you will not feel boxed in.

You can also add some pops of colors, such as yellow, red, or even coral like this ottoman to enrich the look.

10. Mesmerizing Teal Backsplash in the Bathroom

dusty teal color palette
Source: elledecor.com

Teal Color palette is often synonymous with the ocean. Thus, it is suitable for your bathroom color scheme.

This bathroom features a teal backsplash that is installed from the floor up to the ceiling, which creates an accent wall as well. The uneven surface reflects the light nicely, making them shimmer beautifully.

11. Dark Teal Color Palette

color palette for teal
Source: shelterness.com

This living room defines what luxury is all about. The use of a dark teal color palette along with flat wainscoting paneling brings in elegance to the area. Some gold accents enhancing the upscale look are found in the chair legs, ottoman, and planter.

A cushion with a leopard pattern lies on the teal chair nicely. To round out the luxurious look while ensuring warmth and ultimate comfort, a fluffy faux rug is added.

12. Bedroom with Beach Vibes

teal grey color palette
Source: elledecor.com

This bedroom will evoke the relaxing ambiance of a beach. Teal color covers the one-third part of the wall while the rest is covered with green wallpaper with palm-trees pattern.

Several shades of blue in the bedding and headboard emulate the ocean immensely. The lampshades and the side table kick the coastal vibes up a notch.

Teal color palette is your top-notch choice when it comes to carving out boldness and elegance into space. Hope these ideas will help you out with the decor.

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