10 Steampunk Decor Ideas You Should Try And Everything Need to Know

Steampunk decor is meant to bring elegance whimsically. If used appropriately, this style will provide a jaw-dropping view of the space. Read on to find what it is and how to carve it to your home with panache.

Steampunk Décor Significant Features

In a nutshell, steampunk decor embraces the look of Gothic-Victorian that pays tribute to the past. It is not always old-fashioned, though. Today’s steampunk style has been tweaked so that it suits any contemporary design well. To create this style, you have to pay attention to its significant features which are closely related to industrial décor, including metallic and copper tones, leather upholstery, exposed brick walls, piping, and so on.

Color Scheme

When you are endeavoring to carve a certain style at home, it is obvious that colors play an essential role. Steampunk decor is associated with the color of industrial vibes. Just imagine you are in a factory now. What would you see? Most probably, you will see lots of black, metallic tones, copper, bronze, dark wood, dark red, dark green, sepia, and cream.


Since steampunk decor is created to bring in the elegance of the Victorian era to space, you might not need to splurge out on some new and expensive furniture. You had better gather some refurbished one that features a well-worn look, instead.

When choosing the best furniture, leather upholstery will be your safe bet. An exposed brick wall and piping shelves will round out it. Anything with a weathered finish that has traveled around overtime will do. Now, take a look at these steampunk decor ideas that might inspire you.

1. Huge Roman Numeral Clock Steampunk decor

diy steampunk home decor

When entering the hallway of this house, you will be welcomed by various kinds of treasures collected from the past. But the most conspicuous thing of all is the huge Roman numeral clock that can instantly draw the eyes. An old chest lies beneath the clock while some ancient lanterns suspended from the ceiling. Both of them accentuate the steampunk look well, making you feel as if you were traveling to the past using a time machine.

2. Steampunk Bedroom with Pops of Colors

Do you want to add a twist to your steampunk bedroom? By all means. Although steampunk decor is all about well-worn furniture and neutral color palette, it does not mean you are not allowed to add more colors and styles. It is in your bedroom. If you feel comfortable with it, just do it. In this bedroom, you can see two different styles that complement each other. Exposed brick walls and industrial lamps represent steampunk decor immensely. The couch incorporates some pops of colors to space, which adds a more modern look.

3. Steampunk Decor in an Apartment Studio

This is another great idea to carve out steampunk decor in a minimalist apartment studio. It has proven that a small space does not limit a big style. Black and brown rule this apartment a lot, accentuating its boldness and masculinity. The floor-to-ceiling windows feature a metal frame, which matches the railing, the coffee table legs, and the structure of the couches. Leather upholstery and steampunk lamps chronically enhance the style, not to mention the exposed beamed ceiling from which the lights suspend. Some large pipes typically found in a factory adorn the flooring nicely.

4. Effortless Steampunk Decor

You might have to make a trip from one thrift store or flea market to another to collect some old stuff, which can be exhausting and time-consuming. If you are not into the hassle, yet want to bring in steampunk style to your bedroom so badly, you can try hanging wallpaper on your accent wall.
Wallpapers come in a wide array of patterns, colors, and textures. Therefore, they can be your go-to decoration for any style you want, including steampunk.

This bedroom features a typewriter wallpaper that makes a mind-blowing backdrop. The bedding comes in copper and black to match the wallpaper. Faux-fur rug under the bed ensures comfort to your bare feet.

5. Steampunk Nautical Décor

steampunk apartment

Have you ever dreamed to be a pirate? You can make your dream come true by decorating your home using a steampunk nautical style. As the name suggests, this style is the combination of steampunk decor and nautical theme.

This living room and kitchen combo offer you the fantasy of a pirate’s world. A canoe-like decorative lamp illuminates the kitchen island whimsically. Teal mosaic tiles on the kitchen island accentuate the nautical theme well.

6. Steampunk Garden Décor

These flamingos are made of copper and aluminum, which adds a little bit of steampunk style to your garden. A metal planter with weathered finish round out it.

7. Steampunk Office Décor

small industrial living room

This home office packs lots of stories to tell. A well-worn corrugated metal roof sheet stands alone showing off its rusty look. Gears and Roman numerical clocks make a great statement on the accent wall. Black and brown are a perfect combination of boldness and masculinity.

8. Fantastic Bar Steampunk decor

Steampunk decor

Hanging out in this bar with friends would be fascinating, thanks to the steampunk decoration that has made it more outstanding. Leather upholstery chair has a distinctive design that adds the touch of elegance to the bar. A tufted bench matches the chair immensely. Some industrial lights are on the table next to the chair.

9. Steampunk Bathroom Décor

copper and black bathroom

You can expand steampunk decor to your bathroom. You just need to paint it black and hang wallpaper for an extra pattern. Copper pipes are the most significant feature here. Two industrial lights flank the mirror nicely, adding a little bit of light to the grooming area.

10. A Man Cave Steampunk decor

industrial studio apartment design

Do not let limited space restrict your creativity and imagination. This bedroom has proven that a small room can be larger in style. A huge photograph makes a great accent wall that will instantly draw the eyes to the exposed brick wall. To free up more space, you can raise your bookshelf a few feet off the ground.

Steampunk decor requires high creativity. It is not about gathering old stuff and simply toss it to your home. Now you know how to carve out this style meticulously to get an epic look after reading these 10 ideas.

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