The Standard Chair Height Used for Table Sets

There are many ways to make sure that our backbone keeps healthy and steady. One of the simplest ways is by sitting in the right position. Now, this can be done, if the seats are made with the right standard chair height.

So, do not think that all seats are made with the same size and length.

In the old days, almost all tables and seats were made with a standard size. However, this was not safe and efficient because people come in various height and length. Moreover, as time passed, furniture has developed its design becoming more adjustable.

The rules for standard chair height also apply for table sets in kitchens. If you are planning to make one for your house, then it is important to know the ideal size first. Therefore, you can get the best proportion for your dining.

1. The Standard Chair Height & Table to use

standard chair height for dining table

Before determining the standard chair height and table to use, it is important to know the free area you have. This way you can choose the set and size that will fit your kitchen the best.

There are usually two kinds of tables people use in their kitchen, formal and informal. Both have the same function but usually used for different occasions. However, despite the use, most of them have a height of 28-30 inches tall.

The formal table is usually a bit higher or up to 30 inches tall, whereas the informal one is usually only 29 inches. There is no reason why one is higher than the other is; however, it depends on the comfort of the person.

Referring to the size of the table it is time to determine the standard chair height. There should be at least 12 inches of gap between the place you sit and put your plates on. This is the average distance, not too much or too small and gives enough space for people to move.

However, you can increase the gap to approximately 18 inches high. It is not recommended to give a smaller or bigger distance than that because it will not be too comfortable for the person.

It is also important to give some space around 7 inches from the table to the arms of the seats (if there is any). Therefore, you can still pull your chair in and put your hands there to relax.

Remember that this standard chair height and table are only for normal sets only. Stools and high dining tables like the ones in the bar have different rules.

2. The Standard Width of Chairs

standard chair height for bar

After determining the standard chair height, it is time to know the right width. This is also important to know to make sure that people can seat comfortably in their place.

The standard chair width is around 16-20 inches wide, including the place for arms. Even though some seats do not have this, it is still important to give some extra space on each side.

Another thing to pay attention to is the width between each chair. Make sure to give some free area for the side and the back of the seats, at least 6-12 inches. Therefore, people can mobile easily from and to the table.

3. Custom Made Tables & Chairs for the Kitchen

standard chair height uk

Buying a dining set is much easier because you do not need to determine the standard chair height anymore. However, some people prefer to use custom tables that have double function as storage too.

If you are one of those people, then make sure to consider the height of the custom table. Buy or make a cabinet that is 30 inches high from the ground. Therefore, the size will be the same as normal or average dining sets.

However, if you cannot find a cabinet with this height, then you must adjust your chair higher. If not, you will have a hard time eating and using your table.

Another type of substation that people use is small islands. The shape is just like a kitchen cabinet; however, some have no storage below. Usually, the whole size of this area is bigger than normal tables so it can fit more chairs inside.

As for the height, they are normally the same as normal tables. However, the chairs are usually higher or around 24 inches from the ground. This is made so that people can reach things easier with high stools.

The next kind of design that people also use in their house is the bar-style stool. This kind of dining set is great to use especially if you have friends coming over.

Overall, the size of a stool bar is not as big as normal tables. Usually, the shape is round and is higher than the normal ones.

To complete the style, the chairs are also having high heights to reach the table. This is not the most comfortable position, especially if you plan to seat for a long time.

4. Standard Chair heights for Working

standard chair height adjustment

The standard chair heights also apply for working areas. In the office, people will be sitting a lot, so making sure that the proportion is right is important.

Most furniture in the office is made referring to people with heights around 173-178 cm. For those who are higher than this should face no problem. However, for those who are smaller may need to change chairs.

Most desks in the office have a height of 28-30 inches high, whereas the seats are 16-21 inches. It is best to use an adjustable chair where you can control it according to your size.

You should read the tips and advice for two person desk for more references.

It is important to remember that each area will have a different standard chair height. Not only has the size of the person, but the model and design of the table also determined the specs.

Therefore, it is important to know the golden rules before you buy or make a table set. This way, you can create the right set for your needs and feel comfortable too. Moreover, make sure to give enough space and gap between the table and seats so, that you can move easily.

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