Shower Niche Height and Ideas: How to Determine It the Right Way

So you are currently wondering about the proper shower niche height. Since this recessed shelf has become a necessity in any modern bathroom, it is pretty common to incorporate the feature. A shower niche itself has developed into a handy feature to keep your bathroom organized. It provides a convenient room for storing your scrubs, bottles, and other toiletries. Moreover, a niche also allows a stylish addition to your bathroom design, especially because a lot of contemporary showers come in clear glass walls.

If you are interested in creating one, it must be great to know the most suitable shower niche height for your bathroom. To help build this useful small space, here are some information and ideas to consider.

1. Know the Basic Bathroom Niche

While it is easy for your shower to get overcrowded by bottles and other bathroom essentials, a shower nice offers a practical space to keep everything organized. This shower feature is a shelf that is created in your shower wall to store bathroom items. It typically appears like cubbies with an open design.

2. Determine Shower Niche Height

chevron tile shower niche

The height and size of a shower niche will depend on what you are planning on storing there. Thus, it is crucial to first list your bathroom items. You can determine the size of your shower niche based on the shampoo bottle height, considering that it may be the tallest item in the list. If you are planning to store other common items like soap bars, facial wash containers, conditioner bottles, liquid body wash, scrubs, and hair treatments, simply make the size a bit wider to accommodate everything.

When settling on the proper shower niche height, you may also think about the size of other bathroom essentials like razors, shaving cream, hair combs, squeegees for your screen, and exfoliating mitts. A niche aimed to store your razors or soap boars may have a dissimilar height from one to keep bottles of shampoo and liquid body wash. After determining what to put in this small shelf, you will have a better idea of how much the shower niche height must be.

3. Make It Tall and Deep

Whilst designing this bathroom feature, keep in mind that your shower niche height is supposed to be deep and tall enough for accommodating various items. Make sure that the dimension is adequate to make it effortless for getting things in and out of the shower niche.

Of course, you can opt for a narrow shower niche instead of the one that is deeper and taller. However, make sure not to force anything to fit in the shelf. Having to tug in or taking out items to a small shower niche can be very frustrating, particularly if you are just awake.

4. Go for Seamless Look

After determining the shower niche height, you will want to know the right way to tile this bathroom feature. Even though there is no strict rule about designing a shower niche, you may like to create it with a seamless look. This way, the design can make your bathing area a soothing and calm retreat. You can achieve the look by employing the identical tiles used in the rest of the shower space. This trick is especially perfect if the same is utilized throughout the bathroom areas.

5. Allow Separated Spaces

If more than one person is using the shower, consider creating a niche that has separated spaces for each individual. Make the shower niche height tall enough to allow you to divide the space into several cubbies. Then, use some pieces of glass to separate each room as shown above.

6. Add Long Horizontal Niche

A long, horizontal shower niche is becoming more popular nowadays. It allows you to add a dramatic touch in the bathroom. While the shower niche height is mostly decreased, you can still store various stuff thanks to its longer design. Nevertheless, this kind of shelf plan often takes more time to integrate.

7. Introduce Patterned Tiles

Do you want to introduce an extra personality to the area? Try to employ outstanding patterned tiles in your shower niche. This idea offers a fun, exceptional look in your shower area. Simply pick patterned tiles that can be installed on both the middle and the sides of the feature for a perfect design.

You can adjust the shower niche height to complement the rest of the area. Meanwhile, the patterns don’t have to match the other tiles in your bathroom. For a more appealing touch, you can also try to frame the shower niche with stones or simply expand the patterned tiles out of the shelf.

8. Opt for Multiple Shower Niches

Creating multiple shower niches will be a nice and unique choice. You can build one at showering height while the others are possible to be reached from the bath. This idea will keep your stuff organized and make it more convenient for any family member to take a bath. Use each niche to store products that are relevant for the kind of bathing.

9. Take Other Things into Account

In addition to the shower niche height, you should know how to place this feature exactly in the bathroom too. It is recommended to position the bathroom niche pretty far from the shower so that water won’t hit your items directly. If the water hits the shower niche directly, you will find it harder to clean the shelf since runoff from your bottles may accumulate. Besides, this condition can make the items even more slippery.

Meanwhile, for those who reside in cold weather, consider not situating the shower niche against the outside wall. If you do so, the tiles may get frozen when it is very chill outside.

10. Get the Final Verdict

Whether you want to add it to a modern or traditional-styled bathroom, a shower niche will provide a practical feature in your bathing area. Adapting this bathroom feature leads you to many possibilities, including choices of designs, materials, sizes, and layouts. Since there is no firm rule to add this recessed shelf in the bathroom, merely make sure that the shower niche height is adjusted accurately to accommodate all your bathing essentials. Finally, happy decorating!

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