9 Delightful Rustic Fireplace Ideas You Will Love for Your House

Most rustic fireplace designs that you see nowadays were completely inspired by the impressive Adirondack style. It was emerged between 1870-1930 and typically featured tree branches as well as hand-hewn wooden logs.

Furthermore, a rustic wood fireplace is not just classic, but also appealing. That architectural feature brings warmth and charm to any space. It makes your guests feel welcome, too. If you want to incorporate a rustic style fireplace into your home, luck is yours. Here, we have rounded up 9 fireplaces to spark some inspiration. Let’s check these out!

1. Rustic Fireplace Surround

type of sitting room

When it comes to the rustic fireplace, wooden furniture pieces are a vital part of the interior design. You can go for reclaimed or blonde wood units. Moreover, rustic furniture items can be painted or stained. Be sure you choose warmer tones and colors. That way, the room will get cozy and inviting at the same time.

The furniture units should look like the ones you spot in a log cabin or cottage. They normally come in big sizes. In this picture, the log table and camel-colored leather sofa perfectly accompany the stone fireplace surround. They also lend the living room some nature-inspired textures.

2. Rustic Country Fireplace

This is a French country living room. It boasts a rough brick fireplace and black-painted mantel from reclaimed wood. They deliver rustic charm to the whole space in no time. Moreover, the brick fireplace is surrounded by halved logs. They effortlessly bring the outdoors indoors and celebrate the raw beauty of nature. The mantel shelf itself serves as the centerpiece of the room. Vintage decorative items sit nicely on it and create visual interest.

Two statuettes embellish the hearth. An old clock on the overmantel produces a sense of balance. The dark brown sofas face each other. They carry elegance to space.

3. Rustic Wood Fireplace

This room is outfitted with a fireplace. The reclaimed wood plank surround offers rustic appeal as well as introduce the simple beauty of the Mother Nature. Since the pieces of reclaimed wood come in different shades, they serve as the focal point. The fireplace itself extends to the top of the white-painted ceiling.

There are built-in shelves around the wood fireplace. They are the homes for framed pictures and other embellishments. The aged pottery compliments the rustic fireplace design. Meanwhile, potted houseplants develop an organic setting.

4. Rustic Fireplace TV Stand


Do you want a piece of multifunctional furniture? Give this fireplace TV stand a go. It is comprised of reclaimed wood pieces. Additionally, the unit is rustic yet sophisticated. Moreover, the electric fireplace heats the living area. No embers are flying around the room for sure.

Both the fireplace TV stand and wood floor carve a relaxing atmosphere. The patterned jute rug and wicker embellishments lend the space rugged textures. They generate a casual vibe, too. The vintage wire basket and metal door handle add an industrial twist to the room. Lastly, a pure white brick wall lets the wooden fireplace TV stand steal the show.

5. Rustic Stone Fireplace


Neutral and natural tones come together in this chic living room. They create an elegant feeling. The ceiling-to-floor stone fireplace imbues the space with traditional rustic aesthetic. The mesh screen keeps the embers and sparks from flying everywhere from the fireplace. Meanwhile, deer antler on a wooden coffee table exudes a sense of wilderness.

Furthermore, the unshielded beams overhead are made from halved logs. The globe wooden chandelier makes a grand statement and illuminates the room after dark. Reclaimed wood paneling produces a pleasant ambiance. Velvet and leather chairs inject a touch of luxury into space.

6. Rustic Farmhouse Fireplace

living room fireplace decor

Create a welcoming, entertaining space in your living room with this white brick fireplace. It delivers a farmhouse feel to the area. The light gray wall serves as a nice background. The dark-toned wood mantel is such a stunning contrast to the white bricks. It oozes warmth and houses ornamental pieces at once.

A white mirror on the overmantel adorns the living room. The wrought iron and wicker baskets are full of cotton items. They sit beautifully on the hearth. Underfoot is a wicker rug. It provides proper lighting and fits in nicely with the rest of the room.

7. Rustic Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

rustic outdoor fireplace

If you have a large backyard, building an outdoor fireplace is a great choice. In this example, it is constructed from restored stone and acts as the center of attention. The gray stone patio flooring embraces nature’s rawness. It matches perfectly with the rough fireplace.

Rattan armchairs generate a laid-back atmosphere. The stone-top coffee table creates a cohesive look. The seating configuration sparks intimate conversations. Lastly, lush plants accent the rustic fireplace.

8. Rustic Fireplace Rumford

rumford fireplaces

Most wood-burning fireplaces are made from masonry materials. They normally have solid foundations. The Rumford fireplace is one of the most frequent masonry designs. It was named after its developer. Compared to other cabin style fireplaces, the Rumford one is way better at removing smoke from the house.

Furthermore, the Rumford fireplace typically features a firebox crafted with some heat-resistant bricks. The chimney interior itself is clad in fire-resistant vertical square clay tubes. Here, the rustic Rumford fireplace is tastefully constructed from preserved stone. The unfinished wooden floor and distressed wood mantel send out the cozy charm.

9. Rustic Fireplace Decorating Ideas

rustic farmhouse fireplace ideas

Speaking of rustic fireplace designs, you can’t forget about the decorative elements. If the walls feature some stonework, there must be no painting. Moreover, rustic decor generally centers around elegance as well as simplicity. That’s why you need to include natural materials in your interior.

In this example, the fireplace constructed from unpainted stone. It does not just bring the outside element inside, but also makes a big impression. The wood mantel, coffee table, floor, and bucket has warm-up this space. Two vintage lamps offer a visual balance. Meanwhile, twigs and tree branches provide natural accents. They also emanate a comfortable feeling.

In essence, a rustic fireplace is all about pure beauty, timeless charm, and unmatched sophistication. You can use various materials to create the unit. Pick the design that truly suits your budget, personal preference, and needs.

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