Round Bed Ideas for Comfortable Sleep and Pretty Rooms

The bedroom is one of the rooms in the house where people will spend most of their time. Therefore, it is important to make it as comfortable as possible with the best design. One of the ways to add a different touch is by adding a round bed inside.

This kind of bed is a circular shape mattress that has the same function as others. However, with this design, your room can look trendier and more different compared to using square and rectangular ones.

Many people may not be aware of this design because they were rare. In fact, in the old days, around the bed was a symbol of royalty and kingdoms. Not many people had them; therefore, they were exclusive to rich people only.

However, nowadays, a round bed can be used more than just a place to sleep. It can be a place to relax and a decoration for the room. Just choose the best design to suit your place.

What is So Special about Round Bed?

round bed frame

One of the most special things about around bed is the unique shape. If others are in a rectangular and square model, this one is made in a circular body.

Even though the design is unique, the bed can still adjust and blend in well in any kind of theme. Whether you are having a modern, retro, or kids’ room, you can easily install it inside.

The bed can be put outside the bedroom like the living room or near the fireside. The model is made in a modern style but relaxing, making it suitable to put in the family room.

One of the problems that people may face is the location and layout of the bed. Normally, people will put their furniture on the edge or against the walls. However, because this model has a circle shape, it will not look well in the corner. The best place to put is in the middle of the room.

Therefore, if you want a different touch for your room, you should surely have a round bed.

Round Bed Ideas for Your Room

round bed mattress

Despite the similar shape, a round bed comes in many kinds of designs and types. You can choose different kind of materials, looks, and size the way you like them. If you are planning to design one for your room, here are some ideas you can check out.

• Romantic Round Bed

round bed risers

Make your room lovable by having a romantic theme. For the tone, choose soft colors such as red, pink, or white. Now to increase the romance, use velvet for the material and add some lights or candles around. Do not forget to add some soft scents to lighten the atmosphere.

• Leather Bed

round bed swing

One of the themes you can use for your round bed is leather. This element has a smooth and plush covering that will make your mattress look modern. It is also available in many colors from black, dark, or light brown and maroon. So, choose the tone that fits your design the best.

• Colorful Round Bed

round bed and mattress

If you are planning to have this bed for your kids’ room, then choose a colorful theme. Design the frame and mattress with two different tones to make it look bright and interesting. For the material, it is best to use leather as it has easy maintenance.

• Retro Lovers

round bed australia

Round beds are known to give a modern touch into the room. However, you can still get vintage and retro theme inside by choosing the right tone. Choose soft colors for the base like brown, peach, or yellow to create an old-style look.

To make it more retro, add some ornaments like mirrors and musical instruments too. As for the flooring, add a rug under the bed to make it more comfortable for you to relax.

For more relaxing bedroom ideas, try exploring these Japanese inspirations.

• Modern Theme

round bed austin powers

Without too much effort, a round bed inside the room will make it look modern. However, if you want it more luxurious choose plain simple colors like grey, black, white. This also applies to the frame, so choose light tones.

For a different but still modern design, you can use a circular frame with a square mattress. This unique style will also make your room look more advanced. Just remember to choose bright colors for the room to keep it modern.

• Royal Room

make a round bed

For those who like royal and luxurious rooms, should have a king size round bed. The size is bigger and wider so it will give enough space for the prince and the princess.

To make it looks royal, install a high board on the back, and circle it half the round of the bed. Do not forget to add some ornaments such as hanging crystals on the sides and chandelier for the lighting.

• Chair Bed

a round pet bed

If you want to make your living room a place to relax, then try the chair-bed design. This kind of furniture can be used as a sofa when you bring up the board. However, if you push it back, it will be a place to relax and sleep.

Therefore, this round bed is surely useful if you have guests coming.

What Size to Buy & Where to Buy Round Beds

round bed bugs

Even though all round beds look the same, they have different kinds of sizes and materials just like the normal ones. They are best to use for big rooms with many spaces. However, for those who have a smaller place can still have them too.

Round beds are available in almost all furniture shops in the market. They provide various types of models, sizes, and materials. If none suits you, then make a custom one that fits your room theme.

Round beds are not new in the market but not many have been using them. Most people are not used to breaking the bond; therefore, they prefer to use the rectangular and square mattress.

Overall, a round bed is recommended furniture to buy and have. Without any efforts, you can make the room look more modern, trendy, and luxuries. Other than that, this is a great way to save up money from decorating the bedroom.

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