11 Red Bedroom Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

You probably have never thought of a red bedroom. The color itself is typically featured on large outdoor units and seasonal ornaments. It looks like fire and seems so intimidating for an area meant to be peaceful. Red is both vibrant and timelessly fascinating. Moreover, the color adds optimism, warmth, and energy to the bedroom. That’s why you should incorporate it into your sleepy space.

When it comes to decorating a bedroom, many homeowners prefer orange or yellow to red. If you are one of them, take a look at these pictures. We guarantee they will steal your heart in no time.

1. Red Bedroom Walls

red paint in bedroom

This contemporary bedroom employs a bright red accent wall. It creates a natural dramatic effect in a flash. Furthermore, two paintings were hung over the headboard. They allow the red wall to stand out. White bedding and beadboard bring some coolness to the bedroom. They nicely balance out the boldness of the red wall. The metallic bedside tables and lamps look outstanding against the red background. Those units lend the sleepy space an industrial flavor.

2. Red and Gray Bedroom Ideas


Are you searching for gray and red bedroom ideas? If so, give this idea a chance. Those two colors will transform your sleepy space into a sanctuary. Gray walls, curtains, and furniture pieces develop a relaxing atmosphere. They exude masculine vibes as well.

Since gray works as the major color in this teenage boy’s bedroom, the decorative items are kept simple. Meanwhile, soft fabrics emanate a comfortable feeling. Red blanket, wall hanging, and throw pillows inject life into space. Additionally, they prevent the bedroom from becoming too dreary.

3. Dark Red Bedroom


As you see, this bedroom features mahogany red walls. In a jiffy, they carry warmth and visual drama to the entire space. An oversized artwork looks fabulous against the deep-toned backdrop. The pure white ceiling is such a stark contrast to the dark red walls. A black four-poster bed evokes a feeling of glamor. A patterned rug, pendant lamp, decorative mirror, and nightstand stamp the traditional style. Lastly, pops of yellow animate the bedroom even more.

4. Red and White Bedroom

Without a doubt, white and red are a gorgeous color pairing. This bedroom says it all.
The white ceiling, floor, bedsheet, and walls open up space. They generate an airy atmosphere as well as a clean appearance. Moreover, the red accent wall, area rug, table lamps, and throw pillows send out a romantic ambiance. They keep the room from being plain, too. Two framed works of art titivate the space.

5. Red Bedroom Furniture


The neutrals like gray and white serve as the base in this stylish bedroom. Furthermore, they turn the space into a light, ethereal refuge. Meanwhile, the window walls make the sleeping area sunny. Burgundy red velvet bed comes with an oversized bedroom. It adds a refined touch to the bedroom. The furniture prevents the monochromatic space from looking too flat as well.

6. Red and Gold Bedroom Ideas

Gold and red are a truly sumptuous pairing. When teamed with exquisite furnishings, the color combination instantly steals the spotlight. Here, dark red walls bring some richness to space. They also generate a homey atmosphere, while the window keeps them from overwhelming the bedroom.

A white tufted headboard contrasts beautifully with the deep red backdrop. Gold bedsheets, furniture pieces, throw pillows, and decorative mirrors produce a regal feel. The painting above the headboard generates a visual balance.

7. Red Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girl

red bedroom for teenage girls

As the image shows, this teen girl’s bedroom uses dustier red shades. They convert the space into a calm refuge. The vaulted ceiling oozes countryside charm and makes the sleepy area feel visually larger. The blanket, pillows, and curtains offer poppy patterns. White walls offset the richness of the red ceiling. Curved back sofas fill the room with elegance. Framed artworks pop against the white background. Lastly, hammock evokes a laid-back ambiance in no time.

8. Red Bedroom Curtains

red and white teenage bedroom

This bedroom is mostly dressed in crisp white. The color asserts the feelings of airiness and openness. It expands the space visually, too. Cherry red curtains and fake headboard add some energy to the room. The striped blanket draws the eye and produces a cohesive appearance. The chandelier and floral prints lend the sleepy space a retro feel. Taupe wall-to-wall carpet tones down both cherry red and lime green elements.

9. Black and Red Bedroom Paint Designs

red walls in bedroom

You won’t go wrong with black and red. Those two colors are such an enduring combination, so do not hesitate to include them in your bedroom. In this example, dark red walls liven up the sleepy space. Black furniture units look awesome against them. Additionally, they bring more drama and depth to space. Softer neutral colors balance out the intensity of both red and black. The framed pictures on the wall create maximum visual contrast.

10. Red Bedroom Ideas for Adults


Any single man feels so lucky sleeping in this bedroom. Gray pendant lamp, headboard, area rug, floor, and curtains emanate a soothing atmosphere. They evoke a sense of masculinity, too. The white ceiling, pillows, and sheer curtains produce a light feeling. Red embossed wall and chair keep the room from being dull. The bedside table and bed frame lend the space a mid-century modern flair.

11. Red, Black, and Gray Bedroom Ideas

black and red bedroom ideas

As seen in the image, this bedroom employs different shades of gray, from light to dark. They create a tranquil atmosphere. In an instant, the sleepy space transforms into a personal retreat. Black furniture pieces add some depth to space. The pure white floating shelf contrasts nicely with the medium gray backdrop.

Since gray works as a primary color, it allows red bedroom accessories to steal the show. They also infuse vibrancy and energy into the otherwise sterile space. This sleeping area truly has a terrific mix of coolness and warmth.

Hopefully, those red bedroom ideas can help you create your serene refuge. The color is already dramatic, so use it wisely. Last but not least, remember that sometimes less is more.

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