Installing PVC Beadboard Ceiling to Build an Artistic Home

PVC beadboard has recently become a promising building material because of its many advantages. Considering this as new-introduced materials, it is surprising that the plank-shaped product has widely spread around the world.

Many people admit that its use is best for construction needs. People begin to use beadboard from PVC for purposes, such as strengthening and beautifying their houses, which leads to increasing demands.

Even so, not all people understand what the beadboard is and how to utilize it in the construction process. Therefore, before discussing further, we need to have adequate basic knowledge of it. Let us start the very beginning.

What is Beadboard?

pvc beadboard ceiling

First, you need to know in advance what the beadboard is, along with its properties. As mention above, this material is in the form of long planks installed by mounting them to each other. Nowadays, people use it to decorate walls, ceilings, and floors.

A single beadboard looks like long blades of rails. Each has a width of approximately 2.5 inches, consisting of tongue and groove. During installation, each tongue will be attached to the groove so that it becomes a unified and strong unity.

Beadboard was originally used for wainscoting, which is the covering the bottom of the bathroom wall. The part must be coated, as it is easily damp with water. Once installed, this part will usually be painted with a semi-gloss or glossy paint to maximize its durability.

Apart from its function to prevent excess moisture, the beadboard also has a unique and classy design. The easy installation leads people to use it for other parts of the house. With a few modifications, this material will give a classic but luxurious impression for residential.

Why Choosing PVC Beadboard Instead Others

pvc beadboard for bathroom walls

Besides PVC (polyvinyl chloride), it is also made from various other materials. The initial idea of beadboard precisely started from wood, particularly MDF, but later developed into the other innovations. Of course, every material has its strengths and weaknesses to be considered.

MDF, also known as polyurethane beadboard, is a combination of sawdust and glue, which fused under the heat and pressure. It is cheap but durable enough for practical furniture like cabinets, shelves, and so on. It is waterproof but not very durable.

Vinyl beadboard is the right choice for the best performance. It withstands various conditions: moist, wet, hot, and others. You can use it for the bathroom, kitchen, and even outdoor purpose. Unfortunately, not all places provide this beadboard. Besides, it is expensive.

Now we come to PVC beadboard. The advantage of using this material is the ease of installation because of the reversible plank design. However, you still have to be careful when purchasing buying as some of them still use the old model; with irreversible tongue and groove.

This material can survive in a humid condition or unventilated room. The others may be easily overgrown with mold, but this is not the case with polyvinyl chloride. Besides, it is easy to get at more affordable prices. Just look at PVC beadboard Menards displays on their page.

Building an Artistic Ceiling with PVC Beadboard

pvc beadboard shower surround

The ceiling is an important part of the house. Besides the walls, this part usually has direct contact with the weather, which makes it susceptible to mold or weathering. The ceiling maintenance is easy because of its unreachable position, except by the help of ladders.

Therefore, the installation of the ceiling does not only require aesthetic value but also durability. In this case, the PVC beadboard can be an appropriate and strong recommendation. It can survive humid conditions with minimal risk of mold growth.

Its waterproof nature will also provide long protection in case of the continuous rain. Using PVC material will keep you from various risks such as rust, weathering, and various other problems that arise due to adverse environmental effects.

Like other planks, the PVC beadboard also has great aesthetic value. You can paint it in a beautiful color. At first glance, its appearance is similar to wood that gives artistic feels to enhance the value of your home.

It is not difficult to assemble. It is just the same as how to install vinyl beadboard ceiling, but with an easier process. It has been explained above that some of these types have a reversible design so you can pair each blade without having to sort out the tongues and grooves.

Check out these alluring modern cabin designs to spruce up the mind.

Using PVC Beadboard for Various Purposes

pvc beadboard at lowes

As mentioned above, a PVC beadboard ceiling is only one innovation. Because of its impressive function, people start to install it in many parts of the house. The following are some examples of how people use the planks for various purposes.

• Bathroom with PVC Beadboard

pvc beadboard tongue and groove

The PVC beadboard bathroom is known to not only have aesthetic value, but also great durability. The installation of the planks aimed to avoid excess humidity because of the water intensity.

In addition to the bottom of the bathroom floor, the PVC beadboard shower surround is also an important part of concern during installation. This section must be arranged properly because of the high level of humidity.

• Using PVC Beadboard as Kitchen Backsplash

pvc exterior trim and beadboard

 This place is easy to be dirty that you should choose the best material to install. It is good that you can use the polyvinyl chloride material for the backsplash because of its waterproof nature. Just check the PVC beadboard Home Depot offered to solve your kitchen problems.

• The PVC Beadboard for Flooring Purpose

pvc beadboard bathroom ceiling

Finding the best flooring material is sometimes not as easy as you think, but now you do not have to worry. The PVC beadboard Lowe’s displayed at their page may solve your problems.

• PVC Beadboard Wall

buy pvc beadboard

The use of PVC beadboard planks for walls has become a trend these days. Walls tend to have direct contact with the outside and lead to the overgrown fungus. The use of this material might minimize any damage.

You can build an artistic home in many ways. Besides good design, the choice of materials is also an important thing to consider. By using PVC beadboard in installing a ceiling, you will get two advantages at once: Aesthetic value and durability.

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