15 Modern Windows Design That You Will Love

Picking the right window style can be a daunting job. Moreover, the process takes a lot of time, plus there are many factors that you should consider. To update your home, look no further than modern windows.

Replacing your old windows with the new ones will make a huge difference. Moreover, the window itself is the gate of the home to the outside world. Its feature allows in fresh air and daylight. It also represents architecture and style.

1. Casement Windows

Casement Windows (bradnams.com.au)
Source: bradnams.com.au

These modern house windows swing outwards to open. They are exactly like a door and attached with a hinge on the sides. Normally, you will find them installed over kitchen appliances, countertops, or sinks.

Casement windows feature screens showcased on their internal parts. They also have no rails. Then, you can either open or push them with the help of a crank mechanism.

2. Transom Windows

Transom Windows (dwell.com)
Source: dwell.com

The homeowners usually install transom windows with other windowing styles like fixed ones. Furthermore, they typically sit below or atop larger doors.

Transome windows add more sunlight to space without surrendering the wall and privacy. They also lend the room architectural character.

The purpose of transom windows is to nicely complement the existing windowing. Additionally, they come in various shapes such as square, elliptical, triangular, rectangular, and round.

3. Skylights

Skylights (i.pinimg.com)
Source: i.pinimg.com

Looking for cool modern windows design? Skylights are certainly the best way to go. These glass panels stand on the ceiling. They let in plenty of natural light and allow for breathtaking sky views.

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You can use skylights to highlight your ceiling’s gorgeous pitch. They are a perfect fit for personal space like a bathroom. Some homeowners install them in the rooms that have no outdoor walls.

4. Bow and Bay Windows

Bow Windows

Bow Windows (simonton.com)
Source: simonton.com

These modern windows have four same-size glass panels or more. They also offer natural light and stunning scenery. On most occasions, the casements are arranged in beautiful gradual arching projections.

Bay Windows

Bay modern windows (adobuzz.com)
Source: adobuzz.com

Bay windows usually comprise 3 parts. There are 2 double-hung or casement glass panes organized on both sides normally at 30-45° angles. Meanwhile, the large, inoperable pane sits in the middle.

Moreover, bay windows provide daylight, window seats, and scenic views. They connect indoor and outdoor areas, too.

5. Accent Windows

Accent Windows (peterscc.com)
Source: peterscc.com

As the name suggests, these modern windows accent the room. They are mostly fixed. As a result, you cannot operate them to improve ventilation.

Moreover, accent windows can pose as a focal point of the home. In no time, they transform the space from plain to pretty.

The accent windows come in numerous sizes. Also, the unusual shapes make them different from other windowing types.

6. Awning Windows

Awning Windows (heatseal.com.au)
Source: heatseal.com.au

The awning windows allow water to slide away easily from the opening of the window. In short, they are hinged from the frame’s top and open outwards. Moreover, these units work well in southern interior design styles.

Furthermore, awning windows stand magnificently above inoperable windows. Most homeowners install them in garages or other rooms where ventilation matters more than beauty.

7. Modern Windows and Doors

Modern Windows and Doors (woodlandwindows.com)
Source: woodlandwindows.com

Many homeowners love sliding windows due to their configuration and operability. As seen, they normally boast two glass panes. One of them is flexible to let fresh air enter the room, while the other is fixed. 

On the other hand, larger sliding windows feature three panes. While the inoperable pane is flanked by two movable ones.

These modern windows double as doors. When opened, they do not take up floor space. Moreover, separate locks and handles on the glass pane ensure your security.

8. Hopper Windows

Hopper Windows (championwindow.com)
Source: championwindow.com

They are similar to awning windows. However, these units delightfully swing in a different direction.

Hopper windows are connected on the base of the border. Also, they open inwards as well. These pieces might not a great option for your living room. But you can implement them in your garage or basement.

9. Jalousie Windows

Jalousie Windows (i.pinimg.com)
Source: i.pinimg.com

Also known as louvered windows. They are constructed from various glass panels. The homeowners normally apply them in reception rooms facing gorgeous gardens or sunny porches.

Meanwhile, the jalousie windows are truly practical. Additionally, they come with a closure mechanism. It provides energy efficiency and warmth.

10. Garden Windows

Garden Windows (windowworldjoliet.com)
Source: windowworldjoliet.com

Planning on installing modern exterior windows? Then you should give these a try. They are reminiscent of glass boxes with shelves for herbs and also other plants.

As the name implies, these modern windows commonly face lovely gardens. Moreover, they employ vents on multiple sides.

11. Horizontal Sliders

Horizontal sliders (newstar-aluminium.com)
Source: newstar-aluminium.com

Sliding windows feature single panes that can slide horizontally either to the right or left side. The units are really popular windowing solutions due to their easy operability. Even more, they don’t consume space, too.

These windows allow sunlight to enter the room. Furthermore, the double sliders optimize air circulation within the room.

12. Window Walls

Window Walls (decoist.com)
Source: decoist.com

If you want to maximize daylight and outdoor views, look no further than ceiling-to-floor walls of a window. As you can see, they usually boast fixed glass panes.

Additionally, the window walls provide the airiness of the sunroom. Therefore, not only do they work as internal space dividers, but also bridge indoor and outdoor areas.

13. Fixed Windows

Fixed windows (windoors.co.nz)
Source: windoors.co.nz

Fixed or picture windows cannot tilt, glide, or swing since they are completely attached to a frame. Moreover, the units are suitable for space where great ventilation is necessary.

Typically, fixed windows stand above or below awnings and hoppers. They are also available in round, square, rectangular, trapezoid, etc.

In addition, picture windows are such an affordablewindowing solution. They offer stunning views as well as energy efficiency.

14. Arch-Shaped Modern Windows

Arch-Shaped Modern Windows (contemporist.com)
Source: contemporist.com

The radius windows feature a rectangular bottom part. Meanwhile, their top looks like an arch.

They do not only provide stunning looks but also lend the room a royal feeling. Moreover, the units come in both operable and fixed versions.

15. Latest Window Designs for House

Single-Hung Windows

Single-Hung Windows (fieldstonewindows.com)
Source: fieldstonewindows.com

These windows are cheaper than double-hung. They also include security mechanisms, central locks, and handles. Moreover, the units employ a flexible bottom glass pane. As seen, it operates in parallel with the top one.

Double-hung Windows

Double-hung modern Windows (windowfits.com)
Source: windowfits.com

These modern windows boast two flexible panes. Therefore, you can move them vertically with ease. In addition, they are one of the best solutions for better ventilation.

Double-hung windows are a nice addition to the rooms overlooking the patio or terrace. Whereas the ones with tilt-wash mechanisms let you clean them without going outside.

Hopefully, you enjoy reading our article about modern windows. Last but not least, for your upcoming window-buying experience, don’t forget to take those options into account. 

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