15 Inspiring Modern Industrial Home Ideas

Modern industrial is making its way to rule today’s home design. So that blends the rough and edgy look of a factory with the sleek and minimalist ambiance of modernity. Above all, Check out these 15 ideas on how to put this style in your house.

1. Modern Industrial Living Room

Modern Industrial Living Room

The living room is the place where you spend most of your time gathering with your family and welcoming your guests. This place is supposed to be impressive so that it can awe everyone who sees it. Provided that, you can amp it up with modern industrial. Just like typical modern industrial homes, this living room features an exposed brick wall that acts as the centerpiece. Plenty of natural light is a must when it comes to modernity. Therefore, installing large glass windows with metal frames would be your greatest bet.

2. Modern Industrial Furniture

The signature furniture in industrial style entails metal frames, leather upholstery in dark shades, and simple design. Similarly, It focuses on functions without compromising the aesthetic look. This living room features two armchairs made of the metal frame. Also, the brown leather upholstery ensures your comfort well. Next, the black coffee table with a black finish matches the frame nicely. So as to make this lounging area more comfortable, gray jute rug lies beneath the armchairs and coffee table. usually matches the couch well.

3. A Man’s Cave

Modern Industrial Man Cave

While entering this apartment, you will be likely to notice the modern industrial style that rules the space. Firstly, the high ceiling remains uncovered to exposing the fixture. Secondly, black and gray color schemes make it become like a man’s cave. Some fluorescent lights hang vertically from the ceiling. This unusual installation is chosen to draw the eyes upward so that the exposed pipes, which are the main charm of this living room, become more visible. Concrete flooring matches the wall immensely, then making space possess a cohesive look. The gear and Roman numeral clock adorn the living room with panache.

4. Modern Industrial Kitchen

Modern Industrial Kitchen

A modern industrial kitchen is simple, functional, and elegant. To obtain simplicity and elegance at once, try investing in wood flooring. It can be in a dark or light brown finish, or you can just toss a few shades of brown to enrich the look. The industrial style is always associated with concrete and metal. Therefore, you should not miss these elements if you want to carve out this interior design.
This kitchen features a concrete kitchen island with clean-lined edges to represent modern flair. Black metal shelves suspend from the ceiling, allowing you to have more efficient storage space where you can stash bowls, plates, and mini herb garden.

5. Bold Black and Elegant Brown

Modern Industrial Brown

Boldness and elegance permeate to the entire kitchen. As you can see, the upscale look is gained from the combination of the brown cabinets and black backsplash, fridge, and lighting fixtures.
The wooden cabinets are left unpainted. They are just stained and coated with polyurethane to make them long-lasting while maintaining the original look. An exposed brick wall makes a great focal point while accentuating the rustic flair.

6. Mysterious Black and Corrugated Ceiling


You can guess what makes this kitchen epically embrace the modern industrial style. The black pantry and kitchen island add the touch of boldness here. The ceiling is made of corrugated sheets that look stand out against the black cabinet. Two industrial lights hang from it, making the style more vivid.

7. Modern Industrial Office


You can implement modern industrial decor in an office. The minimalist design will bring good vibes so that you and your team can work better. Concrete walls make a perfect canvas to begin with because they can instantly incorporate industrial style to space. Exposed piping and fixture teaming up with fluorescent pendant lights add a wow factor to the ceiling. The desks made of aluminum and wood provides a spacious workspace. Paired with leather chairs, they offer you a comfortable place to do your job.

8. Modern Industrial Home Office


Do you feel like working from home? Decorating your office with some industrial elements would be nicer. This home office is a perfect place to find some inspirations. Because the desk is attached to an unpainted wall, leaving clean floorspace that makes the room visually larger. The electrical cables are not hidden to adorn the blank space.

9. Modern Industrial Bedroom

contemporary bedroom ideas

To bring contemporary industrial style to your bedroom, you must create bold accented walls. For example, by making concrete that remains unpainted or bricks deliberately exposed to make the stone look. As a result, is a rough appearance and texture combined nicely with simplicity. Cabinet doors are made of frosted glass with LED lights that illuminate the entire space.

10. Add a Personality Boost


A low-level bed is something that you commonly find in a modern bedroom. To make it look more rustic, you can make an exposed brick wall as the centerpiece. If you think the blank space between the headboard and the ceiling is too obvious, try hiding it away by hanging a piece of artwork. It can be anything you like, such as a painting or a photograph. In conclusion, it has to show who you are and what you are into.

11. Contemporary Industrial Bathroom

industrial interior design toilet

Do not forget that your bathroom also needs some style. To bring in the modern flare and industrial touch to it, you can blend wood and concrete, just like what you can see here.
The bathroom features concrete flooring and walls which denote industrial look immensely. Wood flooring lies beneath the bathtub, distinguishing the shower from the grooming area well.

12. Modern Industrial Exterior

Modern Industrial Exterior

To get the ultimate luxury of modern industrial, you have to consider jazzing up the exterior too because it is the first thing that comes to the sight. This house features metal structures and frames with clear glass walls that allow you to see what’s insight. The most wonderful thing is it has a bridge that connects the living room with some other rooms like bedrooms and a game room.
Now you know how to put modernity and rustic together to form a modern industrial style.

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