10 Alluring Modern Cabin Design Ideas From Around The World

Whether you want to have a hideaway allowing you to escape from the hurly-burly of city life or a place to dwell in with your family, a modern cabin offers you both comfort and style. Check out these 10 alluring design ideas that can be inspiring.

What is Modern Cabin?

Some people say that a cabin is a house. Did you know that they are different? A house refers to any structure in which a family dwells. On the other hand, traditionally, a cabin refers to a small house that features a simple design that is built with logs and basic tools. It is supposed to be rustic.

However, today’s cabin is more than just a simple structure. It can be fancy and large with a lot of amenities. The materials used to build it are varied, such as logs, metal, bricks, and so on. So, in a nutshell, today’s modern cabin refers to a house built in a rural area. It can be by a lake or in the woods.

See the World


This one has all the things that you need to release stress; a pool with a spacious concrete deck, a cozy veranda, and a cabin surrounded by glass walls. The clear glass walls eradicate any barrier that can block the eyes. Therefore, you can enjoy the spectacular view anytime, from either the outside or inside. Two chairs are added in the veranda, allowing you to sit back while shooting the breeze.

Modern Cabin with Traditional Touch

mountain modern cabin house

A cabin should be a place where you can relax and have respite. For this reason, it had better provide some fun for you and your family. This contemporary cabin is situated on the mountain. Your eyes will be pleased with the scenery of pine trees. The terrace is not too spacious, yet it provides enough space for you and your family to have an alfresco lunch party. It also has a hot tub.

A small balcony protrudes from one of the rooms. It does not provide enough space for more people, yet it would be sufficient for one or two users who want to have an intimate conversation.
At the top of the cabin is a chimney that is covered with stones, carving out a traditional touch to it.

Modern Cabin Interior

A modern cabin typically features an open concept kitchen, which means there are no barriers that separate the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Many people adopt this concept for various reasons. One of which is the simple and minimalist look made by it. Besides, it can open up space, making a tiny cabin look much more spacious.

This cabin also implements this open concept kitchen. As a result, it has plenty of space for more people. To distinguish the dining room from the living room, a minimalist room divider is used.

Prefab Modern Cabin

house in the forest

You can find this prefab cabin in southwest Russia. It is made of metal, barn board, and glass which are inexpensive, yet they can give a sleek look that is drool-worthy. This cabin has eight rooms that can accommodate more people for a family gathering or a small reunion. The large skylights, exposed beams, and glass walls allow plenty of natural light to come into the house, making it more open and airier.

Modern Cabin Go Vertical

If there is not enough space for a modern cabin on the ground level, you can have it built vertically.
There are many small modern cabin plans that you can choose from. One of them is this minimalist house. It is made of metal which gives it a sleek look. The first floor, which is on the ground level, it functioned as a garage. You need to climb up the stairs to get access to the front door. The third floor provides a spacious living area where you can have a barbeque party outside.

Cabin in the Woods

minimalist cabin

You might have come across a lot of modern cabin design plans. But this one is quite whimsical. This modern cabin nestles over some boulders, which creates a fantastic view of it. It is quite small, so it features floor-to-ceiling glass walls rather than the brick ones to make the space more open and airier.

Fun Geometric Cabin

small modern log cabin

If you cannot afford a big cabin, you can have a small one that features an epic exterior, just like this one. This cabin does not have a large space, but it is unique due to the trapezoid shape. To make it more rustic and alleviate the geometric look, wood logs cover the entire exterior. There is no trim or line in the glass wall, making it look sleeker.

Scandinavian Style inside a Modern Cabin

inside a frame cabin

Modern cabin décor can be anything depending on what you are really into. One thing for sure, it has to boost your personality. This contemporary cabin adopts the Scandinavian style for the décor. The absence of wall-to-wall carpet allows the wood flooring to show off. Instead, you can find a jute area rug here. Greenery is such an indispensable decoration when it comes to a Scandinavian style. No wonder, you can find potted philodendron that adds a lively lift here.

Luxurious Bedroom in a Cabin

industrial bedroom design

You can carve out luxury in a cabin. This bedroom has shown you that it is not a pie in the sky. It features a forest wallpaper that makes a striking backdrop for the bed. Some lights suspend from the ceiling and stay quite close to the floor space, allowing the cables to show off which is a type of rustic décor.

Petite Cabin

Staying in a large cabin on the weekend would be nice. But what if you can only afford a petite one? This cabin beats the petite space immensely. Instead of lying horizontally, which can be more expensive, it goes vertical. All the rooms used for a regular basis can be found in one spot. The dining room is located in front of the bathroom. The bedrooms are above the dining room. They use a multilevel loft bed design that allows you to have more than just one bed despite the limited space.

As you can see, the floor-to-ceiling glass door and windows enable natural light to permeate to the entire cabin, making it look less cramped. You just saw the ten alluring modern cabin design ideas that can become an inspiration for your holiday retreat. You can copy their style and add a little bit of twist to meet your style well.

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