Tips on Building a New Mezzanine Level

Many contemporary houses feature a mezzanine level to incorporate additional room into it. You might be wondering what it is, what to be considered to build a new one. Keep on reading as you will find the answer to your question here.

What is a Mezzanine Level

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Before beginning to make a new mezzanine level, you had better know what it is all about so that you will not mistake it for its counterparts.

Mezzanine floor means the second floor. That is the simple way of comprehending this term. It is nothing like the ordinary floor that you usually find in a two-story house.

This term is derived from the Latin word “medianus”, which means “of the middle”. It is often referred to as the lowest row of balconies stacked above the orchestra in a theater or symphony hall so that you can have a perfect view of the stage.

The row above the mezzanine floor is a balcony. For this reason, a mezzanine level is also called the first balcony.

Mezzanines are Different from Floors

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A mezzanine level is different from the first or second floor that you usually find in any two-story building.

It is habitually an incomplete level, which is positioned among the area and the first story of a house. It is also more open towards space below so that you can overlook it.

Another thing that makes mezzanine different from a regular floor is that it is smaller than its aforementioned counterpart because it is built for a specific purpose.

The mezzanine level is usually built for a certain reason. It is usually used as a den, a platform bed, a home office, a studio, a spare room, or any other functional room that you can think of.

Tips on Building a Mezzanine Level

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Now you know what a mezzanine level is. If you are thinking about making one, consider these following tips.

1. Mezzanine Floor Height

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Since a mezzanine level is located halfway between the ground and first floor, it can only be built in a house with a high ceiling. Logically, you will need a room where you can stand comfortably without bumping your head, right?

An ideal room in which the mezzanine floor is going to be built is supposed to be at least 440 cm (about 14 feet) in the term of height because a proper mezzanine has to be no less than 210 cm (around 7 feet) including the ceiling slab.

The appropriate floor space of a mezzanine level is one-third of the lower floor’s size. In some cases, it can be half as long as the ground floor depending on the height of the ceiling.

2. The Enclosure

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Although a mezzanine level is different from the second floor, it is still located more than 5 feet off the ground, which can be harmful to you and your family. Therefore, adding something to enclose it is necessary for the peace of mind.

The material you can use for the enclosure is varied. It can be a balustrade or half-height wall. You can also use metal, glass, or anything sturdy.

3. The Access

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Since a mezzanine level is not located at the same level as the ground, you will need a means that you can use to access it.

The staircase that you will use to reach it is varied depending on your home style. A ladder-style one is the most common one. It is relatively cheap and fine for kids. However, it is not suitable for adults.

One spiral staircase will add an intriguing curvy pattern into space. Besides, it does not gobble up a lot of space, which is good for those who live in an apartment studio.

If your home is spacious enough to accommodate a conventional staircase, you can opt for this. You can also make the one with drawers to incorporate additional storage space.

4. The Lighting

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Just like any other room in your house, a mezzanine floor requires proper lighting. The best one is natural light. But if it is not possible, artificial lights will do in a pinch.

Mezzanine Floor Design Ideas

Now you know what to prepare and consider before making a mezzanine level. Don’t be hurry! Take a look at these stylish mezzanine design ideas.

1. Reading Room

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Having a private library can be a dream of every avid reader. Unfortunately, big bulky bookshelves can take up a lot of space. Therefore, you need to make a special room for it. A mezzanine level will work like a charm.

This mezzanine floor is not too spacious. However, it provides ample space for you to curl up snugly on a couch while reading your favorite book.

2. Chic Bedroom

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Apartment dwellers know how it feels to put up with limited space. They have to use the same spot to accommodate more than one room. Unfortunately, it is not always that simple.

If you lack floor space, why don’t you just go upward? A mezzanine floor will be your greatest bet.

This platform bed provides ample space for you to sleep without compromising the stylish look. Glass paneling is used as the railing that prevents you from falling.

As a bonus, its transparency allows everybody to admire the accent wall right from the ground floor.

3. Space-Saving Mezzanine Level

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This mezzanine level is not large. However, it has enough space for two platform beds, which saves a lot of space.

Since it features minute space, the railing is eradicated. To keep the risk down to a minimum, the head of the mattress is positioned flush against the wall.

4. Bathroom

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Having a private bathroom in a master bedroom is a must. However, limited space can make this idea seem impossible. Well, you can overcome this problem by making a mezzanine floor right above your bed.

This bathroom looks fantastic. It features a clear glass wall that enables you to have a good view of the ground floor.

5. Home Office

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Do you need a hideaway to do your job at home? Try making a home office on a mezzanine floor. Not only will you be able to do your task better but also get a spectacular view.


You can always design your mezzanine level by yourself. However, ask proper assistance from an architect is advisable. He will help you out with the right dimension and structure. But, again, the choice is yours.

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