Understand Metal Kitchen Cabinets Pros and Cons before Having Them

Modern is often associated with clean design and straight lines. In terms of cooking space, metal kitchen cabinets are more than enough to define the concept of contemporary. There are plenty of variations to stainless steel cabinetry. If arranged well, you can have the look of futuristic, industrial, rustic, or vintage in your cooking area. Having many variations is one benefit, so what other advantages do metal kitchen cabinets have in store? This article will put them into words below.

However, stainless steel cabinets have downsides, too, like many other things in the world. To have a fair opinion, you are going to read about them as well. Without any further ado, let us get down to the advantages of metal kitchen cabinets.

1. Pros Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Stainless steel cabinetry offers durability, visual contrast, humidity resistance, and hygiene. It also needs low maintenance and easy installation. The further explanation is as follows.


brushed metallic kitchen cabinets

Stainless steel cabinetry is durable as it cannot crack or warp. Mildew and mold are not able to grow on the surface, so structural damage is so unlikely. Discoloration due to environmental conditions was never recorded happen to metal materials, as well.
Thus, durability becomes stainless steel cabinetry’s first card.

Great Visual Contrast

Metal Kitchen Cabinets

The limited option of only silver is so decades ago. Nowadays, stainless steel comes in varying colors that make it able to give great contrast visually, especially for black metal kitchen cabinets. Yet, you can still opt for the classic one and choose the other elements of the room to accentuate with coloration, instead. Pick bold colors, such as blue, green, and red to have the nicest touch of excitement.

To obtain an extreme contrast, setting stainless steel with wood is advisable. Unfinished, natural finishing or unstained finish is the recommended one. A combination of wood and metal kitchen cabinets will get you an exotic modern-rustic look of cooking space. Another idea is to add glass materials to the set. You can use them as the doors, for example. Patterned, opaque, or leaded glass is not a matter since each of them makes a great scene.

On the other hand, industrial metal kitchen cabinets setting can also be obtained by pairing stainless steel and stone. For this option, you have to arrange the access of natural light well to tone down the coldness created by the paired materials.

Low to Zero Maintenance

You will not have to spend extra budget and time for maintenance, as metal kitchen cabinets do not require re-staining, re-facing, or door fronts replacing. The only requirement to do is cleaning after every use. Yet again, that is a very simple task for stainless steel surface.

Resistant to Humidity


As stated previously, any environmental conditions will not harm stainless steel, ever. Such conditions, including humid climates, the use of steam in the kitchen, and continued splashes of water, beverages, or sauces, will never cause visible damage. To metal kitchen cabinets, those are just some passing issues.

Easy to Install


Since they come in already-assembled form, you practically do nothing in terms of installation. Screwing them into the wall is the only task required, yet again, the professionals could do it. Much sooner, a well-functioning kitchen will be yours.



In terms of giving a hygienic environment for cooking, stainless steel is on top of the list. With metal kitchen cabinets, you will not need to worry about any stuck dirt since the material has the no-pore trait.

Its smooth and sleek surface eases your cleaning process. It is almost as easy as wiping your falling tears on both cheeks. Bear in mind, also, that nearly all professionals’ kitchen has every possible surface out of stainless steel. It is due to its hygienic quality.

2. Drawbacks Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Stainless steel material is, of course, has some drawbacks, too, thus metal kitchen cabinets have them inherited. They are as follows.

Prone to Denting and Scratching

Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Stainless steel will indeed never experience any crack or warp, but for your information, it is easily scratched. Some cases are easy to buff out, but several others are there permanently. If accidentally crashed with a heavy object, it can also be dented. With this tip, you know now that any sharp objects, like knives and scissors, should be handled and used carefully around stainless steel surfaces.

Cost of Metal Kitchen Cabinets: Expensive

Metal Kitchen Cabinets

The cost of metal kitchen cabinets is higher than the wood ones. Thus, reconsider the idea of getting ‘all-in’ look for your cooking space with stainless steel. Instead, install them only in areas that would benefit from this material the most.

3. Metal Kitchen Cabinets Makeover

As metal kitchen cabinets are durable, you tend to cook around them for a long time. If you are not an easily bored person, it will not be a problem. Yet, it is not the case for cooks who demand changes after some period. To say that you could makeover the stainless steel cabinetry is a little bit exaggerated. Nonetheless, giving some easy treatment, such as decorating with a personal touch, to solve the issue is possible. Below are some fun ideas.

Pasting Patterned or Colored Duct Tape


You could paste some colored duct tapes on the cabinets’ surface to create an artistic environment. Alternatively, get wilder and stick the patterned ones, especially on the scratched areas, if there is any. This item has a waterproof tendency and is easy to clean also.

Sticking Vinyl Decals

They are such fun ideas as well. Since vinyl decals are available in numerous kinds, you could opt for anything as wished.

Using Metal Paint for Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Metal Kitchen Cabinets

If the colored stainless steel cabinetry is pricier than the classic silver one, modify the idea with metal paint. Coloring every visible surface is too much, so have them painted only in certain areas as accents. Stencils can be used, too, to make a long-last version of a decal pattern.

You will get nothing to lose with having metal kitchen cabinets. Stainless steel cabinetry is such a great investment due to the many benefits it offers you. Do not forget to consider its drawbacks as well, however, before deciding.

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