Clever Inputs for Decorating Mansion Interior

Huge and luxurious houses are limited only to kings, or so they say centuries ago. Nowadays, having those types of living space is getting more and more common. With that being said, not many dwellers know how to decorate their mansion interior.

The page you have landed on has selected several inputs. With them, you might get the best picture of mansion interior decoration. Anyway, first, how big should a house be so that it can be included in the category?

The general agreement ranges from 5,000 to 8,000 square feet or more. You can say it is around 550–700 m2. The vastness can even accommodate green spaces where the owner can build sports equipment like a swimming pool or tennis court.

The fundamental idea of decorating the mansion interior is the same as other houses, which is stick to the whole-scale building architectural style. If the entire architecture support rustic concept, you should not involve Victorian-themed furniture. That wraps a tip for you. If you want to know the other tips related to the topic, keep on reading and you will find them out!

1. Mansion Living Room is to Welcoming Warmly

Most interior designs locate the living room in the front part of the building, thus its main purpose is to welcome and entertain the dwellers’ guests. To function accordingly, this space needs the right furniture distribution. The standard setting is to leave large space in the center so that you could create some focal points, be it a chimney, fireplace, TV stand, artwork, or a bookshelf. If it is set, decorating will start right away. Use shades of gold and white as the setting tone.

Arrange some wide rugs under the main elements, like the sofa, counters, and expensive-looking artworks for modern mansion interior look. Alternatively, to have a touch of classic, finish the floor with stone or wood, and leave it uncovered. Pay attention to the materials involved in all elements. No low-quality ones should be tagged along in a living room mansion interior.

2. Go Monochromatic to Define Modern

To spell contemporary, you should limit the color selections up to two options only, and those tones must contrast each other. That way will get your mansion interior stand out impressively. Here is the deal. Select a color to be the main tone in the entire home, and then choose another one as a secondary. The second one will be combined in the existing patterns. As for the shade, it should be adjusted according to the room in talk. For instance, use light shades for bedrooms and stronger ones for the kitchen. Apply the secondary tone rule also to create dynamic design.

3. Use Furniture as a Divider

dining room storage ideas

Dividers are not suitable for mansion interior. Then, what do you divide the large open spaces with? The answer is with furniture. You can see an example in the picture. The owner puts a floor-to-ceiling shelf to tell the dining area apart from the lounge. Such division divides the space into two while still connected. Another piece of furniture you can use as a divider is a long table.

4. Antiques are Needed in Mansion Interior

french chateau style kitchens

Since luxurious mansion establishment started from centuries ago, the elements used at those eras are believed to be the key in creating the perfect interior for these big living spaces. Such belief is still going strong until today that you can find the use of the old times’ furniture everywhere. People call such furniture ‘antiques’. If they are not the real elements originated from the 15th to 18th centuries, they are nowadays items designed in antique looks. These furnishings benefit you in creating a luxurious atmosphere and making a good investment as they are suitable to be placed in any room.

5. Hang Artworks as Wall Arts

Do not leave your bare walls as they are for a long time, hang some artworks, instead. Paintings, for example, play an important role in mansion interior. They could make a very nice focal point, accentuate the whole scale style, or emphasize the luxury.

6. Add Pops of Greens from Greeneries

The five decorations above are great and suitable indeed to be the elements of the mansion interior, but they mean nothing, as they are lifeless. Thus, placing some life plants could enliven the atmosphere. Do not put them too much, however; a pot or two will be more than just do. The plant type selections are up to your preference. Vines are even fine.

7. Go Rustic in the Dining Area

If you are into rustic mansion interior design, starting from the cooking and dining area first is a nice idea. What you should do is to involve granite countertops, combine wood and stone, use gold shades, and create a bright open space with the help of large windows.

8. Country Style in Master Bedroom Mansion Interior

As stated above, bedrooms should apply light shades. This picture visually exemplifies it for you. With black and white plaid curtains, cream sofa and dresser, white carpet and bed set, as well as the bright ceiling, this room goes all in to create the charm of country style. No one could say otherwise.

9. Bonus Tips

You have reached long now that up to this point. Therefore, here are some bonus tips to decorate your mansion interior.

  1. Design certain spots based on their functionality. Do not let any furniture get in and disrupt your passageways.
  2. Carpets are important, everyone. Either you install a wall-to-wall rug like the one in the picture or a large enough one as seen in the previous example; it should be viewed in the scene.
  3. Make your mansion interior layout imposing with glassware. Be it candelabra, stained glass window, or sconces, glass materials cause a great impression.
  4. Curtains make the greatest luxury. These pieces of elements are the fundamental item for mansion interior. The longer your draperies are, the better the room will be. If possible, pick ones in gold, have many folds, and made of silk.

Decorating a mansion interior is exciting if you know how to do it. Follow the inputs mentioned above as many as possible, and luxurious living space will be yours.

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