Lowes Curtains and 9 Other Alternatives to Closet Doors

If you have a small home, installing a traditional closet door is not a good option. It consumes your home’s physical space for walking. But there’s a solution by using Lowes curtains and other cheap alternatives to closet doors.

Furthermore, the conventional door requires some decorations. However, many homeowners question the need to adorn something that just hides items in a closet. It is simple but an indispensable part of the house nevertheless.

In case you haven’t installed a closet door yet, take the chance to make something exceptional. These alternatives save some precious space. Additionally, they lend the room a touch of uniqueness.

1. Lowes Curtains

Lowes Curtains (media.architecturaldigest.com)
Source: media.architecturaldigest.com

Ditch that hard finish for Lowes curtains. They are cheap but charming. Moreover, those pieces add some softness and character to space.

You might think that curtains are only for showers as well as windows. But apparently, they can be alternative closet door ideas. Furthermore, they are very popular among homeowners due to their modern feel.

The Lowes curtains also offer many advantages. They allow for easy installation and protect belongings from curious eyes. These pieces don’t consume space when you close or open them, too.

Moreover, Lowes curtains come in many styles, colors, and sizes. They also let you customize them to your liking.

We suggest pairing the curtains with Lowes curtain rods. For a more daring and stunning look, use ribbons in front of them.

2. Curtain Closet Door Ideas

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In the past, bead curtains were used as closet doors. However, these pieces are regaining popularity now. For you who aren’t familiar with them, they are a type of curtain featuring bead cascades.

Furthermore, the bead cords create a barrier. The curtains are available in various patterns, materials, sizes, and designs.

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Some people say that the bed curtain is best utilized as a room divider between the main area and closet. Moreover, unlike Lowes curtains, this kind of protection tends to have a retro style.

Here, the bead curtain acts as a closet door. It titivates the little girl’s bedroom and evokes a youthful atmosphere.

3. Folding Screens

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Aside from using Lowes curtains, you can also place folding screens in your closet room. As a result, conventional door installation is not needed. Moreover, this alternative is practical, pretty, and budget-friendly.

Additionally, folding screens boast a series of freestanding sheets. They are connected with the hinges, then folded into a structure resembling an accordion. Those units hide different sized spaces, too.

Without a doubt, folding screens are truly multi-purpose closet door alternatives. You can also utilize them as a false wall.

If you don’t use folding screens as your closet door anymore, they can serve another ornamental purpose. In Asia, people often replace dressing room walls with them.

4. French Doors

French Doors as the alternatives of lowes curtains (wfcdn.com)
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These are not conventional closet doors. However, they keep your room organized and create a glamorous look at the same time.

Because of its construction, we recommend organizing these pieces in several pairs. Be sure they have small widths. That way, you can build an entire wall of tiny doors. When opened, the units certainly won’t consume too much space.

Moreover, most French-style closet doors swing, but this option doesn’t. It also features frosted glass panes.

As you see, a sliding door with double tracks ensures a soft opening. Furthermore, this unit is undoubtedly a perfect complement to a bedroom or bathroom.

In addition to having an elegant appearance, this sliding French closet door is durable. It exudes a warm ambiance, too.

5. Room Divider As a Closet Door

Room Divider As a Closet Door (walmartimages.com)
Source: walmartimages.com

Besides Lowes curtains, room dividers can also be used as closet doors. Unlike folding screens, they boast simpler structures, too. Moreover, the units separate the spaces that have no walls.

While the room dividers protect your lovely wardrobes, they also offer a sense of privacy. Therefore, you can accommodate these pieces for different occasions as well.

Similar to folding screens, people utilize room dividers to create spots. These sheets also make sure the homeowners’ privacy is always maintained including when they change their clothes.

Furthermore, room dividers are wonderful closet door ideas for small spaces. These items do not occupy much space because they are so thin.

With room separators, the passage won’t be blocked. Besides, these sheets are quite uncommon, so they are such an exotic complement to any home.

6. Mirrored Double Swing Door

Mirrored Double Swing Door (i.pinimg.com)
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Well, this option perhaps is the most uncommon one. However, you can always choose a swinging closet door. It looks like those used in old west canteens. As the name indicates, the unit swings easily.

Moreover, the swinging door adds a unique personality to the room. The only downside is that it could hinder the passage when opened.

In this example, the double swing door employs mirrored glass. It makes space feel larger, while handles and silver frame send out glamorous vibes.

7. Sliding Barn Door

Sliding Barn Door (dhresource.com)
Source: dhresource.com

If you are space-challenged, the recurring question is how to cover a closet without doors. Besides Lowes curtains, a sliding barn door can be a clever solution. This one resembles the ones featured in barns as well as sheds.

Furthermore, when opened to the sides, a sliding barn door saves precious front space. Here, the unit was painted off-white. It also exudes modern rustic charm and matches nicely with the decor.

8. Pocket Door for Closet

Pocket Door for Closet (cdnassets.hw.ne)
Source: cdnassets.hw.ne

The pocket door is similar to the barn-style slide. However, it slides easily inside a wall. Moreover, the unit gives the room a more clear appearance.

Furthermore, the pocket door offers simple operation. When you open the item, it does not take up any extra space.

Whether your space is small or large, you can’t go wrong with the pocket door. Meanwhile, the mirror insert tricks the eye into seeing the room is bigger.

9. Glass Closet Doors

Glass Closet Doors the alternatives of lowes curtains (wixstatic.com)
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Do you have a contemporary home? If so, install sliding glass doors for your closet. They carve a clean environment and a sleek look. Also, the pieces exude a feeling of airiness.

You can opt for either transparent glass doors or the opaque ones. Moreover, the frames are available in metals and wood.

In conclusion, covering a closet without conventional doors is possible. We have broken down some great alternatives, from Lowes curtains to barn style slide. Pick out the design that fits your personality, lifestyle, and budget.

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