12 Low Profile Bunk Beds that Pack Lots of Fun

Low profile bunk beds re your safe choice when it comes to tackling limited space. They will allow you to accommodate two or more users in one room. As a bonus, they pack a lot of fun that can make your kids smile exuberantly.

1. Low Profile Bunk Beds for Girls

low profile bunk beds
Source: sweetretreatkids.com

Low profile bunk beds are suitable for kids because they are only a few inches off the ground, which means you keep the risk of falling to a minimum.

Some low profile bunk beds feature fun things, such as slides, built-in shelves, or a secret hideaway, just like what you can see here.

This bunk bed has a stairway that serves double duty. They can make great drawers that help you stash away clutter. The area under the bed is covered with a pink tent. Furthermore, it owns a glide. Your daughter will love it.

Or, if your daughter loves to become a princess, try checking out these princess bedroom ideas.

2. Low Bunk Bed with Stairs

low profile bunk beds ikea
Source: amazon.com

When it comes to a bedroom with limited space like the one in the attic, downsizing the furniture and keeping everything as simple as possible is the key. Bear in mind that every inch counts.

Instead of purchasing a low profile bunk bed with a protruding stairway, you can just choose the one whose ladder closely attaches to it.

This low profile bunk bed stays close to the floor for the peace of mind. A white ladder is screwed to the bed frame to make it sturdier.

3. Low Bunk Bed with Storage

low profile bunk bed mattress
Source: sweetretreatkids.com

Investing in multi-purpose furniture is the way you tackle minute space. If you are looking for the best ones, this low profile bunk bed is for you.

This bunk bed features a lot of storage space in one spot. It has built-in bookshelves and three drawers that you can be used to store clothes and all that jazz.

The most interesting thing about this low profile bunk bed is it has a pull-out desk that you can use to study or do your assignment. Once you are finished, simply shove it back to save the valuable space.

4. Low Bunk Beds for Toddlers

low profile bunk bed with stairs
Source: wayfair.com

Toddlers love to explore anything around them. They tend to be inquisitive and full of energy. Thus, you need to satisfy their curiosity and help them blow off steam safely.

This bunk bed is all you need. It provides a comfortable place to sleep while allowing your kid to climb and slide as much as they wish to.

The bed is only a few inches off the floor, which makes it pretty much safe for toddlers. Besides, it has a railing that prevents them from falling. They can even draw a picture on the board that acts as a railing.

5. Low Bunk Bed for Boys

low profile bunk bed ikea
Source: sweetretreatkids.com

Most boys always dream about being a sailor, a pirate, or a knight. You can make it come true by investing in a bunk bed that allows them to be what you want to be.

This low profile bunk bed, for example, is designed to resemble a castle. It even has a tent underneath. To make it more fun, a slide is also added. Now, your son is ready to be a knight that protects the kingdom from a dragon.

6. Shabby Chic Low Bunk Bed

low profile bunk beds for adults
Source: pinimg.com

A low profile bunk bed for girls does not have to feature bright color and sleek design. A shabby chic one can give a distinctive charm to your kid’s bedroom.

The weathered finish of the wood planks pays tribute to the past immensely, making the bed look classic and stylish. The railing covers the entire bed except for the access. There are two windows with faux flowers to spruce up the look.

7. Hidden Extra Bed

best low profile bunk beds
Source: wayfair.com

If your kid happens to be claustrophobic, he will feel uneasy when sleeping under the upper bed. Therefore, you should opt for this one.

This bunk bed allows you to accommodate multiple users without compromising the floor space. The lower bed frame features casters that enable it to move.

So, you can just pull it out when your kid is going to hit the sack and push it back if unused.

8. Rustic Low Profile Bunk Bed

diy low profile bunk bed
Source: amazon.com

For some reason, rustic style is sought by many people. It can provide a distinctive charm that steals anyone’s focus despite the old-time look. Besides, it is not always dated.

This bunk bed comes in a distressed finish that makes it look like having been used for ages. The railing lies across the bed, from one side to the other, ensuring your safety.

 with drawers allows you to get easy access while incorporating additional storage space.

9. Cruise Ship in the Bedroom

full low bunk bed
Source: alibaba.com

Ahoy, Matey!

It is time for you to sail across the sea. It does not mean you have to splurge out on a luxurious ship. You just need to go to your bedroom and dream.

This low profile bunk bed will take you on a journey to the dreamland. It is particularly created to mirror a boat. It also features some shelves that you can use to host some books knick-knacks.

10. The Night Bus

low to floor bunk beds
Source: interiors2suitu.co.uk

This is a cool bunk bed for boys. It will help your son explore their imagination well. It is specifically designed to mimic the shape of a night bus traveling around London.

The vibrant red looks conspicuous in this bedroom, making it a good piece of furniture as well as adornment at once.

11. Bunk Bed with Ball Pit

low profile queen over queen bunk bed
Source: architectureartdesigns.com

Kids like jumping and soaking in a ball pit. Who doesn’t? Therefore, it would be a great idea if you incorporate this fun playground into their bedroom.

This low profile bunk bed features two beds for the kids who have to share a room. The most interesting part of this bedroom is the ball pit underneath that allows your kids to have some fun while blowing off steam. They still need to be supervised when playing, though.

12. A Room for Three

low profile twin bunk bed
Source: volusion.com

Is your cousin staying overnight? Do not worry!

This low profile bunk bed allows you to accommodate three kids in a room, thanks to the extra mattress storage underneath.

The casters make it easy for you to pull or push the bed so that you can use the valuable space efficiently.

Those are 12 low profile bunk beds that will not only ensure the ultimate comfort for your kids but also give them a lot of fun.

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