LED Shower Head Ideas For Glamorous Sensation During Bath

Have you ever heard about the LED shower head? It does not matter if you find this term unfamiliar, but one thing you need to know, this is an amazing discovery that will give a pleasant sensation while bathing. Once enjoy it, your thoughts about showering will never be the same.

A bathroom is part of the house, which is easy to build or decorate. However, so far, you will only see an ordinary view. No matter how fancy, things like sinks, bathtubs, showerheads, or taps all have the same concept. Therefore, you need something cool to create some different bathing moments.

Hence, a shower head with LED is the answer. Do not let your showering moment feel bleak with boring dim lights. With this item, you can feel the sensation of bathing with rainbow colors. Then how could you get this glamorous sensation? Here we go!

Brief Explanation about LED Shower Head

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Showerhead with LED is a part of bathroom equipment that presents some advanced features in it. More than running freshwater with the hot and cold temperature, the most part is the lights that will make you enjoy the shower differently.

This feature enables you to enjoy glamorous bathing moments as if the flushed water consists of several colors. The rainbow spectrums flow from the showerhead to bring a more enjoyable and luxurious feel during bathing. Of course, this can arouse your spirit and mood.

The showerhead with LED is divided into two different categories. The first type is equipped with a sensor that enables the lights to change its color according to the temperature. Therefore, any color produced is a reflection of the running water.

The second type is quite ordinary as the light color changes randomly. It is not affected by temperature or other factors in the bathroom. Thus, you might enjoy the unpredictable transition during bath.

Each LED shower head equipped with a small in-built turbine system. When the faucet is opened, running water will provide energy to let the lights up and change color. However, water discharge is also a determinant, as the faster the water flows, the brighter light will be produced.

Then, are LED shower heads safe? You do not have to worry about being electrocuted while taking a shower as the system does not use electricity at all. As previously stated, it works by the turbine system. Let alone electricity, this thing does not even need a battery.

Installing the Color Changing LED Shower Head

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Not only provides a pleasant shower sensation, but the water-powered led shower head is also very easy to install. In short, you can just replace the head part with the new one. For more details, try to read the explanation below.

  • Take off your old showerhead and keep it in a safe place. If you can do this process manually, just use the help of a wrench. Please be careful so that the head does not fall.
  • The second step is cleaning the base threads. It is the place where you attach the showerhead. Do it carefully as you may find so much debris. You can use wool for maximum results.
  • Coat the base threads with Teflon. White tape is commonly used to prevent leakage in the faucet. It is usually included in the showerhead package or you can buy it separately.
  • Besides Teflon, you will also need to attach a rubber O-ring to strengthen water pressure and prevent leakage.
  • Install the new LED shower in place. Make sure you do it properly to avoid leakage.

The steps above are easy to do. Besides, there are many useful tools to help you simplify the work. Now you can start enjoying the good times with your new LED shower head.

Some Product Recommendations to Steal

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After learning various things about the LED shower head above, you might start to wonder about how to get it. Relax, this product can be found anywhere, both online and offline. Nevertheless, before you buy, it helps you find out which one you want the most.

Before buying, you need to formulate several criteria. One way is to read the LED shower head review that has been spread online. This method will be very helpful so that you do not choose the wrong product.

If you want to know more information about setting up the shower system, you may wanna take a look Shower Niche Height and Ideas. In general, here are a few recommendations for you.

• DreamSpa Model:1482

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This is one of the best-LED shower heads among others. It changes colors randomly and offers great features, such as gently massages, power rains, hydro-mist, as well as saving water system with the pulse. It is also easy to install.

• LightInTheBox 20 Inch Square LED Shower Head

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It has a large LED shower head with an approximately 20-inch square in size. However, you maybe have difficulties installing, as the product should be mounted to the ceiling.

That is why you will need professional help to install it. However, you will be satisfied with the elegant design. Another thing, it is a kind of temperature-controlled LED shower head with three colors provided.

• Luminex by PowerSpa Color Changing Shower Head

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With the LED backlights presented, it could be one of the brightest LED shower head. The technology enables it to avoid clogging and regulate water pressure. The four different showers are setting to satisfy everybody’s needs.

• Pission PSH-A3 Color Changing Shower Head

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It provides a low price but admirable features. This LED shower head is considered as the best illumination on the market. There are seven colors change following the water temperature.

• Fywonder-US LED Hand Shower Head

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With the 7-color variation and multiple dense holes, you can enjoy a strong but pleasing water jet. It is designed to help saving water, while the anti-bacteria system will keep your water clean. This is an easy home LED shower head that can be disassembled anytime.

Besides the recommendations above, you might like many other products. Do not forget to read many reviews related to the LED shower head products so you don’t miss information.

Finally, we can say that using a LED shower head is an attractive choice for those who crave something extraordinary. Its charming design will also certainly provide aesthetic value that makes you feel energetic. Do not hesitate to do something different, as life is never flat!

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