Dealing With Lavender Color For Stunning Interior

Lavender color comes from the combination of blue and pink. It’s just like the flowers which something that people will easily fall in love with.

The romantic hue that comes from the coolness of the blue and the softness of pink make every room feels romantic. There are many different tones of lavender these days. On the color chart, you may see some reddish or bluish type of this color.

The Distinction Between Purple and Violet

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This is something we should talk about to understand the lavender color. It’s because purple and violet are often used interchangeably. We have to know what are the differences between these colors.

Both of them are obtained from a mixture of red and blue. The proportions have a big difference. As a result, Violet is more on the red side, while purple is more blueish. So, what color is lavender? It can be concluded that Lavender is a shade of purple.

By mixing purple and white, you can get the lavender color. That’s the reason why it’s like a blueish and diluted purple. There are some popular shades of color you might wanna take a look. They are pink lavender, Crayola, magenta, heliotrope, Twilight, and English.

Find out more about what colors go with purple.

The Difference Between Lavender and Lilac

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Another comparison we need to deal with is this Lavender vs Lilac thing. Why it’s important? Because people often mix up these two colors since they both look similar. So, what is the difference?

As we know, Lavender is a soft and light shade of purple with a blueish hue. What makes Lilac different is the hue that it has more. You will see that it has more of a pinkish hue.

Lavender Color for Kid’s Room or Nurseries

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Lavender is the most popular color for nurseries or kid’s room. Parents love having these soft shades all over the room for their children. It’s believed to make the room more cheerful and cozy. There are various purple shades to choose from, the blueish one for boys and the reddish hue for the girls.

While lavender is a great choice for anyone’s room since it’s considered as gender-neutral. This color is perfect for nurseries because of the soothing and relaxing atmosphere.  It’s recommended to combine it with whites or pastels. Don’t be too much on applying it.

Besides, lavender is not only suitable for bedrooms or nurseries. It can also be in other rooms such as the kitchen, or even bathrooms. Applying this color in a room can turn the space cozier and more stylish.

It’s also important to know what color that can make a great pair with lavender. You should keep reading this article.

What Colors To Go With Lavender?

1. Lavender Color with Silver or Grey

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It’s a combination you should apply in your living room and bedroom. The lavender elements with silver details are perfect for modern interior design. If you think silver is too much, go with a similar shade like gray.

Instead of pairing, you can do the mixing. The mix of purple and grey color such as Old Lavender is something to consider. One thing for sure, this combination will never go out of style.

2. Lavender Color with Black

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It’s another popular choice to deal with lavender. Black can make a great accent to the purple living room decor.

Here’s how it should go. The sofa with lavender color gets decorated with nice black and white cloth. It’s not just gonna be stylish, but also really pleasant to the eye. Besides, you can choose to have some black accessories as the centerpiece of the coffee table. That will be a great idea too.

3. Yellow and Lavender Color

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Adding a yellow element into a room full of lavender colors may sound a bit too much. If you choose the wrong shade of yellow, it will take over the rest of the colors.

It may sound too much in theory. If you apply it right, each color, yellow and lavender, will bring out their best to impress.

Purple and yellow are against each other. Combining them won’t be disastrous. It creates a beautiful and vibrant effect to make the room more alive and cheerful.

4. Bronze and Lavender Color

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If you set the bedroom with a dark atmosphere, this combination will work stunningly. Bronze elements add a dramatic effect to the room. It would transform the space into something extraordinary.

On the other hand, you can also choose to add a bronze element into light purple paint. It will create a chick and classic ambiance to the room.

5. Lavender with Pink, Ombre Walls

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Pink is Lavender’s best friend. It’s a complementary color to the color. It would be the best choice of combination you could ever have. Create an ombre effect on the walls with this mix. Use various shades to deal with, it will set a good mood for space.

If you want to have the ombre walls, don’t make a big leap of color for the stripes gap. It won’t be looking chick. It might be turned into an awkward scene. Well, pink and lavender is not here just for that, right?

You can combine these two romantic colors to work together in almost any room’s design. It gives the space a feminine touch. A bedroom for girls would be the perfect place to set up an amazing pink and lavender combination.

Decorating Rooms with Lavender Color

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Lavender is also a great choice of color for decoration. There will be so many ideas for decorating with this purple shade. You can find more ideas out there and explore them. You have a broad choice.

The easiest color scheme to go with lavender decorating is white or grey. The sleek and bright room looks like a perfect canvas for some purple elements. You should get creative when dealing with decoration.


There are so many ideas you can explore if you want more references to design your room with lavender color. This shade can work well with many other tones. Some of them are in this post. You just have to find out which one is perfect for your interior style.

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