10+ Outstanding Japanese Décor Ideas

These days, more people are dying for the tranquility of Zen interior design. They keep trying to put the elements together to get an inner peace as well as an upscale look. Check out these outstanding Japanese decor ideas that can blow your mind.

1. Japanese Décor in Living Room Ideas


Japanese decor is usually associated with a traditional look. But it does not mean you cannot incorporate it into your contemporary living room. Some modern flair adopts the minimalism of it and adjusts it to fit in with the style. Typical Japanese decor features low-level furniture. Even some of it lies straight on the floor. That is what this living room is trying to embrace. This modern living room is furnished with low-level seating and coffee table. The use of earthy tones enhances the Japanese decor well. Some cushions round out the style perfectly.

2. Modern Japanese Decor

When the traditional ambiance of Japanese decor meets the sleek design of a modern home, a fantastic look is born. A fish pond is one of the significant features of a Japanese garden. But if you do not have space to make one outside, you can bring it inside your house so that you can see the beautiful swimming fish all the time.

Plenty of natural light is also important in Japanese decor. Therefore, ditch your curtains and draperies. Opt for the windows that have simple lattice patterns. A seamless window may give you a spectacular view of the outside. But it will not work for this style.

3. Bold and Elegant


When stepping into this living room, you will be amazed by the epic way of Japanese decor in creating both boldness and elegance. There are two different seating areas that you can use based on your mood. The cream couch provides a comfortable place to lounge. A low-level coffee table nestles on the Tatami, accentuating the Japanese decor immensely. Next to it is a raised lounging area where you can only find cushions like the standard of the traditional Japanese living room. You can enjoy your tea while catching up with old friends there.

4. West and East

This living room is the amalgamation of west and east. The Japanese decor is flanked with a bar and home office that adopt the western style. A monochromatic cherry-blossom and bamboo wallpapers make a spectacular backdrop that draws the eyes instantly. Focus lights are added to highlight the Japanese accent wall. The couch, cushions, and coffee table stay close to the Tatami mat.

5. DIY Japanese Decorations

Making Japanese decor does not have to make you broke. You can even add some decorative elements that bring in Asian flair to your home on the cheap. One of the best and cheapest Japanese decor ideas is paper lanterns. Instead of buying them at the store, you can make them yourself. To make this paper lantern, you will need a punching balloon to make the shape, some sturdy-yet-pliable wire, wire cutters, pliers, and rice paper or tissue paper.

6. Japanese Garden Décor Ideas

Take your Japanese decor to the next level by carving out a zen garden. It is not as hard as you might think. It is not expensive, either. If you can do it well, you will get a wonderful yet low-maintenance garden.

This small backyard offers a serene and pleasing look. Stepping stones lead you to the main charm of this garden, the stone lantern. The entire soil is covered with white gravel. Some bamboos grow well in the backyard. You can also find two small water features which are the typical characteristics of a Japanese garden.

7. Incorporate a Bridge

Japanese Décor

In addition to the water feature, a Japanese garden needs a bridge. It does not have to lie over a pond or a stream. Even if you do not have any of those water features, making the bridge is still necessary. You can replace the stream or pond with stone or gravel.

This Japanese garden does not have any water features whatsoever. But it does have a wooden bridge that leads you to the deck. The bridge acts as a pathway or stepping stones that prevent your shoes from getting dirty due to mud.

8. Zen Garden in Barndominium

A Japanese garden in a barndominium? Why not? You can have a Japanese garden no matter what your home style is. If you can bring in the elements well, you will be able to get a striking curb appeal. Rocks and gravel are the most ubiquitous elements of a Japanese garden. To make it more appealing, you have to train your cloud-pruning skills so that your trees and shrubs can resemble the shapes of clouds. If gardening is not your forte, you can always have them trimmed

9. Modern Japanese Bedroom

Japanese Décor

Putting the mattress on a platform bed or straight on the floor is a significant feature of the Japanese style. The lower and simpler the furniture is, the better. The symmetrical look is also important in carving out this style. To achieve this goal, you can put two matching nightstands or pendant lights on both sides of the bed to anchor it in place.

10. Japanese Style Bathroom

japanese style bathroom ideas

Japanese decor is mostly about natural elements and neutral color palette. This bathroom has all of the elements of it. Gray tiles are used to add the touch of elegance rather than a super hygienic look. Wood flooring incorporates traditional look into space. Another essential element is the bamboo panels used as sliding doors. A Japanese decor would not be complete without them

11. Japanese Kitchen Ideas

Japanese Décor

The kitchen is the hub of family life. Therefore, it is supposed to be stylish and comfy. If you are into Japanese decor a lot, you have to include it here. Just like many other Japanese houses, wood flooring is the base element. A sliding door with simple trims and bamboo patterns defines the style immensely.

You can see the same patterns and shapes in the cabinet and ceiling. Even the backsplash features the picture of cherry blossoms that look similar to the sliding door. To complete the look, you can hang two paper lanterns from the ceiling.

Carving out a Japanese decor into your home is not a pie in the sky. It does not have to break your bank, either. Most importantly, you can get the ultimate comfort and serene that you have been longing for because that is what this style is all about.

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