7 Japanese Bedroom Design Ideas Worth Copying

More people are dying for the serene and simple look of a Japanese bedroom. If you also want to adopt this style, make sure you keep reading this article. Then, you will find some essential decor ideas to carve out a Zen sleeping space.

1. What Makes a Japanese Bedroom

When it comes to carving out a certain style, you should pay attention to some significant features that can be the key elements of it. Moreover, japanese bedroom is no different. So, what makes a sleeping space can be classified as a Japanese bedroom? Let’s find out.

Stick to Earthy Tones

Japanese bedroom

When you watch a Japanese movie or series, what can you notice about the bedroom? What color scheme does it mostly use? In fact, color scheme plays an important role in bringing the style. For a Japanese bedroom, you have to stick to neutral and earthy tones, such as cream, beige, brown, white, and black.

Keep It Simple For Japanese bedroom

tatami bedroom ideas

The most noticeable thing about this particular bedroom is its simplicity. You will have to ditch any sophisticated accent that tends to make the space loud. Keeping everything simple is your ultimate goal.

Japanese bedroom furniture usually entails simple designs with clean-lined edges. Make sure the bed lies low. Provided that this goal, you can use a platform bed or even a futon mattress that lies directly on the floor. Downsizing the furniture while maintaining the essential one that you use regularly is your number one mission. If you want to add a few accessories or colors, you can try hanging a wall sticker with a floral motif or adding a vivid blanket.

Japanese bedroom Layout

Determining the layout when carving out a Japanese style is also crucial. Position your bed right in the middle of the room. After that, You can flank it with two-night stands that feature simple design.

Do not Forget Natural Light

Japanese bedroom

Have you ever wondered why a typical Asian bedroom especially from Japan, features large windows or sliding doors? The reason is that they love sunlight, and want to make the space as airy and open as possible. If your bedroom is blessed with large windows, congratulations! You can get as much natural light.

You just need to pull back the curtain widely or simply ditch it completely. But, if you happen to sleep in a bedroom with limited or even no access to the natural light, you can use plenty of artificial lights. It will do in a pinch. To accentuate the style of this bedroom while illuminating the space, consider investing in paper lanterns or wood-based lamps.

Tatami Floors

Japanese bedroom

To take your bedroom to the next level. Thus, you can try purchasing Tatami mats. Tatami is a mat that is usually used by the Japanese to cover the floor. It is made of traditional material, namely rice straw. It is soft and comforts your bare feet.

Natural Decorations

Natural Decorations

Keeping your bedroom simple does not mean that you give up embellishing it. You can do various kinds of things to amp up space. Just make sure you do not go overboard. The typical Japanese bedroom is decorated with natural elements to add a lively lift. Just put a pot of decorative bamboos in the corner, or a bonsai on the side table

Invest in Bamboo Panels

Invest in Bamboo Panels

Shoji screens are bamboo panels that are usually used as a room divider that separates the bed from the wardrobe. Japanese also use them to lessen the glare of the sun.

Sliding Doors

The last, but not least, is incorporating sliding doors. They can be the ones that separate the indoor and outdoor space, or simply a closet door. Whatever your choice is, your bedroom will look awesome with them.

2. Japanese Bedroom Décor Ideas

Are you looking for some inspirations for your Japanese bedroom? Check out these striking designs.

Japanese Platform Bed with Storage

Who says that an elegant Japanese room entails big space? If you can arrange the layout wisely, you can get the style while making the most of the space. This bedroom features a built-in platform bed that allows the mattress to raise a few inches of the floor. It also has some drawers that you can use to stash bedding or blankets.

Japanese Bedroom Design for Girls


Sticking to earthy tones palette is important, but it does not mean you are forbidden to add a few tints of vigorous colors. This bedroom maintains the serene look of a bedroom while incorporating girly stuff, thanks to some tints of pink in the lanterns, wallpaper, and pillows.

Monochromatic Japanese Room


The platform bed features a stained finish that makes it look more outstanding while protecting it.
To make the bedroom look less dull, 3-D stickers resembling the look of climbing plants are added.

Rustic Bedroom Idea from Japan

A Japanese bedroom usually features furniture with clean-lined edges that suits any modern style well. But this one is cool. It shows a classic combination of rustic and modernity. The headboard and platform bed deliberately expose wood grain as a result of distressed finish. Wall-to-wall Tatami mat accentuates the style while soothing your bare feet perfectly.

Japanese bedroom Go Green


Vigorous green stands out well among the shades of brown here. A faux bamboo plant stands nicely in the corner, then adding a natural look to space without being fussy with the maintenance. The symmetrical look is all you can see here. The seemingly-floating bed lies right in the middle. It is anchored with two similar side tables, table lamps, paintings, paper lanterns, and even mustard walls.

Modern White Japanese Room Style


The sleek design of the furniture denotes the modernity well. However, you can still find some Japanese style here represented by the low-level bed, sliding doors, and a catchy monochromatic wallpaper of cherry blossoms. Sheer curtains were applied to dress up the windows while alleviating the glare of the sun. Besides, it is a smart and elegant way to get some sort of privacy.

Spectacular Backdrop

Japanese bedroom

A convenient way to create a Japanese style in your bedroom is by hanging a wallpaper showing common Asian plants. It is such as cherry blossoms or bamboos. The Tatami mats round out the look immensely.

Those are some Japanese bedroom design ideas that you need to know. They are worth copying because they will add tranquility and elegance to your sleeping space.

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