How To Sand A Deck, The Preparations

Want to know how to sand a deck? This guide is here for you to get you ready. We provide you with easy-to-follow steps with some useful information to know. Let’s get to it.

Using wood as the main material would be very nice since it’s excellent for any kind of project. However, you have to remember that it means there will be regular maintenance. There are many treatments for the protection of the wood surface.

Eventually, the available treatments won’t be enough to protect the wood. That is why the wood needs to be sand. It’s one of the touch-up techniques that can lengthen the useful time before a deep repair to your wooden deck.

As we know, this kind of material will always be prone to fading, cracking, wear, especially when exposed to sunlight and rainfall. Sanding is the best way to treat your deck and keeps its great quality.

This post will show how to sand a deck properly so you don’t have to hire professional carpenters to do.

Looking for the Best Sander

how to sand a deck railing

Well, there’s no obvious answer if you ask for the best deck sander. There are so many tools and equipment in the market. So, just try a lot of options available to fix the wood by yourself. Avoid using harmful products, it would be safe for beginners.

Moreover, there are three techniques in sanding the deck each of them offers a different result. The first method is using traditional sandpaper. This way of fixing the wood surface is done manually. So, it will need quite an effort.

If you’re dealing with a small space, it would be fine. The result can also be disparate since it’s a manual process.

The second one is a more extreme method to do. You will need to use a floor drum sander. This machine is extremely powerful and that’s a problem. There’s a chance for the wood material to be completely damaged.

Finally, the best method is the third one. It’s something that won’t need a lot of time. This method will not ruin the wood. But, you must use a machine to sand the wood.

The Best Time to Sand the Deck

how to sand a deck before sealing

So, when is the ideal time to sand your deck? Well, you don’t have to sand the deck constantly. There’s no specific time to do the sanding. For people who don’t want to work in excess. Do it one time in two years. It will maintain the standard quality of the deck wood.

There’s one method to find out if this is the right time to sand the deck. Try to add a little water to the wood surface. If it’s absorbed, it’s about time, then.

The Benefits of Deck Sanding

how to sand a deck bunnings

One of the most crucial things to mention here is safety. Having the wooden floors or deck sanded, it would eliminate sharp edges and splinters. So, the deck in your house would be the safest place for kids to play in.

Another benefit of sanding the deck is that you can varnish or paint the floor again. This treatment could also remove mold and other harmful things.

The Basic of How to Sand a Deck

how to sand a deck to remove paint

First of all, gather all the materials and other necessary implements to begin the sanding process. Here is the list to guide you:

  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Swab
  • Detergent
  • 3-inch Screws
  • A Bucket
  • A Mop
  • Phillips bit No.2 (a drill bit)
  • Orbital sander for floors and palm sander
  • Paint Scraper
  • A Vacuum cleaner
  • A Leaf Blower
  • 20, 36, 50, 80, and 100 grit sandpaper
  • Epoxy putty for wood

You don’t have to buy the tools or machines to do this. There’s someplace to rent them. This way will save a lot of expenses you have.

Identifying the Type of Wood

how to sand a deck with a drum sander

Before beginning the process, knowing the type of wood you’re dealing with is very important. The information in this guide would work on pure wood, all kinds of it. However, you can’t apply this guide to a compound. To get you ready, here are the types of wood to sand.

We are talking about hardwood, softwood, and pressurized wood. All of those distinguish type of natural materials need different methods too.

For hardwood, you should use the 20-grit sandpaper to sand the imperfections. The 50-grit one would work well with softwood. The last one is pressurized wood which needs special attention. Use masks, gloves, and glasses while sanding it.

Begin with Deep Cleaning

how to sand a deck after power washing

Right before the sanding process, you have to do the deep cleaning. Wash the entire surface especially the area with imperfections. It’s a must thing to do because things like mold won’t make the sanding work properly.

For the cleaning method, there are options to choose according to the type of dirt. For example, water and soap would remove the dust effectively from the surface. If you’re dealing with grease, use trisodium phosphate.

What about mold, get rid of it with a little bleach. One thing to remember is that you can’t use pressure washing on the softwood surface. It would ruin the material severely.

Let’s Begin the Sanding

how to sand a deck with a pole sander

After all of those preparations, you are ready to begin the sanding process. So, how to sand a deck properly? Before that, you have to wait until the wood is dry after the cleaning.

To begin the process, you should do it with a belt sander. Choose the 50-grain paper to remove larger imperfections.

Meanwhile, to deal with the details, use a sander sponge for some small areas. Choose it based on the quality and type of wood material.

The process should start with the surface. Make sure it’s not excessively smooth. Besides the flooring, also sand the railings. Achieve a clean and visually pleasing finish. After that, the next step is painting. But before sanding you need to clean the dust.

Use the paint with a special formulation. It would get the wood able to handle the condition or outdoors.  After the paint is dry for up to 48 hours, it’s time to replace the furniture.


There you have it, a new and fresh deck to enjoy the outdoor space in the house. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s renovate.

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