A Complete Guide on How to Remove Paint from Brick

Clay block provides a base for other building treatments, but some people simply painted it. The problem arises when they think about how to remove paint from brick. This is crucial before any home renovation project.

There are some reasons why people consider removing paint from their brick walls. For instance, they already get sick of the existing color or want to leave the clay blocks in the original state. If you think about getting paint off your brick walls, luck is yours. In this article, we have assembled different practical methods. Since sand jets can do more harm than good, our guide includes safer options.

1. How to Remove Paint from Brick Using Pressure Washing


Speaking of how to remove paint from brick, pressure washing is probably the most popular technique. It effectively can clean paints as well as dirt off of the wall, even in difficult places. Keep in mind that water pressure is likely to cause erosion and other damage. If your brick wall has any cracks, you must repair it before pressure washing. Use this method after others failed.

2. How to Remove Paint from Interior Brick in Historic Homes

When it comes to removing paint from historic brick, you can use chemicals. This is another less instantaneous solution. Bear in mind that they are normally corrosive and harm the wall structure.
Vinegar is such an economical way to get paint off the brick and other surfaces. With this method, you won’t lose your head as well.

You can also mix water with trisodium phosphate (TSP) to remove paint from brick. Scrub the clay block using a bristle brush. Moreover, historic houses typically boast old brick walls. That’s the reason many homeowners avoid using chemical substances like muriatic acid. If this method is the last resort, be sure there are no moisture leaks when you finish.

3. How to Remove Paint from Brick in the Slowest yet Safest Way


Compared to two previous alternatives, this one is less abrupt. The job will consume a lot of your time. However, it is the safest method. Furthermore, this technique uses special remover. Make sure it comes in the form of a paste. That way, you can control the amount of paint removal agents at any time.

Before learning how to remove paint from brick, you should prepare some materials such as cloth rags, sponges, drop cloths, brushes, strippers, wire-bristle brush, and laminated paint removal papers.

Aside from purchasing those items, you should put standard protection into your consideration when performing the removal work. In this case, rubber gloves and lenses are must-haves. Once you get your hands on the required materials, it is time to jump into the following steps. Remember that this option is quite tedious, but will offer a satisfactory paint removal.

Determine Whether Existing Brick Paint is Alkyd or Latex Base


Knowing the base of your brick paint is important. That way, you can use the right implements for the project. If you have no paint container in your home, do not worry. Just try this easy technique. Moisten a clean cloth with acetone and polish remover. Then, rub the brick wall. Furthermore, if the brick surface is perfectly erased, it is certainly latex. On the other hand, if you can’t erase the color, your paint is the alkyd one.

Do A Paint Stripper Test

This test aims to verify the characteristics of the paint stripper, like the result and duration. You must perform it in the invisible painted wall area. In this step, do not forget to use safety lenses and gloves. The stripper test doesn’t need to be large. By checking the small wall area, you already know the quality of the product. For those of you who don’t know how to remove paint from brick, no worries. Saturate the area either using sponge or brush first.

Protect Nonworking Areas from Paint


This is probably the most annoying step of all. Cover the areas you won’t work in advance. It will make your life easier for sure. Put newspapers, plastics, drop cloths, or rags below the working area. That way, the paint drips will fall perfectly on them. Moreover, you need to cover wood strips and wall ornaments patiently. By doing so, there are no damaged items in the whole process.

Ventilate the Working Area


The next step is to prepare the working area. Cover it entirely with paint remover. Do not overapply since the paste can damage your wall. Let the paste rest for about 10 minutes before paint removal. Clean up the residue with a steel brush. Rinse the working area to get rid of any residue.

Talking about how to remove paint from brick, you must do it thoroughly in horizontal movements, from top to bottom. To prevent the paint remover from drying out, use a sponge. It helps keep the working area moist, so you can get the job done without troubles.

How to Remove Paint from Brick Wall

When stripper and paint remover finish their effects, get them off the brick wall with the help of cleaning brush and damp cloth. Make sure there is no residue. If the brick paint wasn’t completely removed, you need to repeat the whole process of covering the walls with the remover paste and cleaning them up.

Repair Brick Cracks with Wall Repair Paste

If you find cracks on your brick wall, patch them up with repair gel or paste. Finish scraping any remaining paint first. Apply the instant repair paste to conceal the cracks using a palette. If the wall has any crack, it will affect your work later.

Protect the Work Using Masonry Paint

After covering the cracks, apply masonry paint on the brick wall. Since this painting is hard to remove, if you are unsure, then don’t use it. It is the porous texture on the brick that makes masonry paint hard to clean. But you can remove it using sturdy chemical agents. We hope you enjoy reading our comprehensive guide on how to remove paint from brick. If your existing clay block looks uninteresting, give those methods a chance.

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