How High to Mount TV in a Bedroom

For all the fun it offers, watching television while lying above the bed is surely tempting. Whether it is affected by the supporting technology or merely because of our new culture in society, screen time in the bedroom is common. To experience the optimum comfort, one should know how high to mount TV.

Why should it be mounted and not placed above a stand? The answer is related to your literal point of view. While lying, the comfortable sight angle of yours is upwards rather than straight-wards. The whole screen will also be seen that way. Nonetheless, some neck aches cases are reported due to this habit. For your information, it is not anybody’s mistake but the height of the mounted television. That is why it is important to understand how high to mount TV.

Fortunately, you have landed on the right page. This article will discuss the related topic, from the benefit of having a TV in a bedroom to the factors that you should pay attention to before setting the right television height. Well, keep on reading, everyone!

Advantages of Having a TV in a Bedroom

Aside from the fun part, there are several other advantages of having a TV in the bedroom. They are as follows.

  1. Watching TV lying is much cozier than sitting. Even in the living room, you would want to lean on the couch as flat as possible right after the television is on, would not you?
  2. If mounted properly, you will have an enormous amount of advanced technology in the slumber environment of yours.
  3. When the atmosphere gets too boring in the bedroom, TV can be a saver.
  4. With a special feature on the TV, an alarm can be set to wake you up in the morning or in times needed. Imagine waking up to the sound of a song being played by your favorite music channel; it will boost your mood.
  5. Before setting off to work, turning on the TV will help you know the weather of the day and other important news. It is like coming to the office prepared.

The Ideal Size for the Bedroom

How high to mount TV is a concern that comes later after deciding the right size for your bedroom. Firstly, you would want it to be bigger than 32 inches. That particular dimension will make you lose screen details as lying on the bed causes further viewing distance.

To capture everything presented on the screen without the need to squint your eyes, larger TV size is of course the best solution. Alternatively, smaller television could still be used in the bedroom with the aid of adjustable brackets.

Determining Factors of How High To Mount TV in Bedroom

The set standards of mounting TV in a bedroom are of course different from other areas, such as the living room or gym. You should pay attention to these factors before mounting TV in the right height, which are the location, viewing distance, and angle. They will be explained further below.

1. The Fundamental Location

How high to mount TV will firstly depend on the outlet location. You would not want to see cables messily lying around above the floor or everywhere just because your television could not reach the socket. Secondly, as much as you want to avoid the neck ache, try to lie on the bed repeatedly to discover the best viewing position. Stop it only when you are sure it is comfortable.

Thirdly, take a few steps back and look at the whole scale bedroom decorations. Consider where to put your painting or any wall artworks will come before how high to mount TV. Do not let the décor get in the way of having a television in your sleeping zone.

2. Required Viewing Distance

The ideal viewing distance is neither less nor more but just right. It will be based on how big the TV is. The common calculation you can use to get the proper spacing is by dividing the television length by 0.55. As an example, you need 90 inches separation distance for 50” television. This calculation leads to the ideal TV size you should have according to how big your bedroom is.

3. Perfect Viewing Angle

Technology becomes more advanced to the extent of the curved TV screens’ invention. It lets you view television from a wide range of angles. However, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers set the maximum standard of 30 degrees viewing angle. At this point assumedly, you have known how high to mount TV. Now, leave the installation in the hands of professionals to have the best outcome.

After Setting the Proper Height

There are several more measurements to take after you mount the television. They are an adequate amount of lighting and the best sound. Below is a further explanation.

1. Adequate Amount of Lighting

Mostly, people prefer to have screen time with a dark surrounding. Little did the majority know that such a habit is the main cause of visual fatigue. Instead of total darkness, dim lighting would be more than just do. The solution to getting dim lighting is to arrange fixtures around the television and beside your usual viewing spot to help you relax.

2. The Best Sound

Watching TV lying is the main intention of having a television in the bedroom. However, such a position causes the sound to travel further, which leads you to raise the volume. Believe us; nobody would want this condition to continue. Therefore, follow these two ways in solving the problem.

  1. Set a surround sound system. External speakers are extendable, thus can be set near your viewing spot. That way, raising the volume will no longer be needed. Have a pair and place one at each side to hear better stereo audio.
  2. Prepare wireless headphones. As the high volume disturbs and annoys others, in case you dwell in the bedroom along with your spouse, simply just connect the gears to the TV. There will be no need to raise the sound and become a disturbance.

In short, knowing how high to mount TV in the bedroom will lead you to experience the ultimate comfort. It should be according to some factors as explained above, so you had better follow all the recommendations and advice.

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