13 Amazing Housewarming Gifts for Men to Inspire You

Your family member or best friend finally moved into a new place. He will throw a party. You surely can’t attend the event empty-handed. Read on to know some of the most terrific housewarming gifts for men below.

Finding the right housewarming gift can be challenging. Everyone has different tastes and needs. Some guys are hunting for home decor, while others want kitchen utensils and coasters.

Moreover, you should bring something pleasant or useful for the party host. That way, the gift will make his new house truly feel like a home. Here is our list of the most fabulous men’s housewarming gifts.

1. Coasters

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If you are searching for practical housewarming gifts, look no further than coaster sets. They keep surfaces clean and protect furniture. It would be better if the pieces are slip-resistant.

The themes as well as designs of the coasters are limitless. Buy the ones that suit your party host. Be sure they are large enough for any glass, cup, or mug he has. You can also make them yourself.

2. Towels

Towels (i.pinimg.com)
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We recommend personalizing housewarming gifts for men. Monogrammed towels are a good bet especially if he doesn’t have any or many. Furthermore, they give the home a lovely human touch.

Moreover, you can purchase monogrammed towels for the kitchen or the bathroom. These items lend the house warmth and comfort, too. Another option is to give your friend a personalized doormats.

3. Professional Chef Knife

Professional Chef Knife (s0.bukalapak.com)
Source: bukalapak.com

You know he cooks often. Professional chef knives are great housewarming gifts for men. We believe your friend will certainly appreciate them. Feel free to pair those utensils with spices or manly cookbooks.

A good quality stainless-steel professional chef knife is better than a set of regular knives. Make sure it has a very sharp edge. The utensil needs to be rust-resistant, too.

4. Star Wars Glass Set

Star Wars Glass Set (previewsworld.com)
Source: previewsworld.com

If your relative or friend is a big fan of Star Wars then, this glass set makes a nice gift for him. It is also such a perfect addition to a new residence. We guarantee he will enjoy his drinks even more.

Furthermore, Marvel Comics glass tumbler set is one of the coolest housewarming gifts for men. This awesome gift will please any geeky guy. The tumblers feature Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Iron Man.

5. Spice Jars for Men’s Home Gifts

Spice Jars as Housewarming Gifts for Men (kitchenstuffplus.com)
Source: kitchenstuffplus.com

He loves to BBQ and has a new big kitchen. We suggest purchasing these clear glass spice jars for him. They can display his favorite spices and seasonings. The items also bring a bit more character to the culinary space.

Whether he is a true foodie or tries cooking more often, this set of stunning glass jars will win his heart. In this example, it comes with chalk to let him mark the pieces.

6. Shower Speaker

Shower Speaker is great as Housewarming Gifts for Men (decorshouses.com)
Source: decorshouses.com

Men usually listen to music while showering. Why not showing up and bringing this waterproof speaker? It is great for playing calming tunes during an evening bath.

This waterproof speaker allows any guy to play music from Bluetooth enabled devices. If your friend is a sports fan, he will love it as well. This item keeps him from missing another big game moment.

7. Personalized Golf Balls

Personalized Golf Balls (mk.ssb-media.com)
Source: mk.ssb-media.com

You probably cannot think of housewarming gifts for men. His interests or hobbies can offer clues. If the party host is a professional golfer, he will enjoy these personalized golf balls.

These days, personalization gets easy. Moreover, you can personalize the balls with your friend’s full name. They help him excel at his favorite sport. Another nice gift for a golfer is a comfy golf shirt.

8. Functional Housewarming Gifts for Men

Functional Housewarming Gifts for Men (woodboxshop.co.uk)
Source: woodboxshop.co.uk

Storage boxes are excellent housewarming gifts for brothers. You might find them silly, but they are seriously useful. These items accommodate his bath essentials, snacks, ornaments, phone chargers, and books.

Here, the storage box is made out of pine wood. It adds rustic charm to the home in no time. Meanwhile, the metal clasp produces a masculine feel. With this unit, he can easily find his belongings.

9. Scented Candles for Men

Scented Candles for Men (gearmoose.com)
Source: gearmoose.com

Who says just women who enjoy a pleasant smelling place? Men deserve to have scented candles, too. Furthermore, they are great for around his house. Those pieces evoke a relaxing atmosphere as well.

If your friend loves the outdoors, he surely can’t say no to a pine-scented candle. Meanwhile, the one with a pumpkin pie scent is suitable for a foodie. The soy wax candles will delight vegan men.

10. Key Holders

Key Holders (images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com)
Source: images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com

Your party host told you that he always misplaces his keys. To keep home organized, purchase key holders for him. Some of them attach magnetically, while others hang on the walls like artworks.

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The picture above is a black leather key holder. This handcrafted piece lends the home outstanding detail. It brings a luxurious edge to space, too. You can also find holders in clever designs or with funny sayings.

11. Glass Coffee Maker

Glass Coffee Maker (squarespace-cdn.com)
Source: squarespace-cdn.com

Is he a java addict? If so, you won’t go wrong with a glass coffee maker. This item is super stylish and practical. It lets him enjoy a perfect home-brewed cup of joe.

Moreover, the unit includes a stainless steel filter and great quality glass. They ensure a smooth cup. Coffee beans are nice housewarming gifts for men, too.

12. Bird Watching Glasses

Bird Watching Glasses as Housewarming Gifts for Men (kuhl.com)
Source: kuhl.com

You may plan on purchasing housewarming gifts for the outdoorsman. If that is the case, any nature lover will admire binoculars. These glasses allow him to watch beautiful birds.

We suggest getting a bird feeder to go with the glasses. Make sure it is squirrel resistant and designed for local birds.

13. Wireless WiFi Range Extender

Wireless WiFi Range Extender (jakartanotebook.com)
Source: jakartanotebook.com

Needless to say, wifi range extenders are useful housewarming gifts for men. They work great in houses with very thick walls or large homes.

As the name suggests, these units amplify existing signals. That way, the homeowner can enjoy streaming whether in an upstairs or the kitchen.

Hopefully, this post helps you choose the right housewarming gifts for men. The items listed above are worth considering. However, they won’t break your bank. It’s significant to take his home type and personal taste into account, too.

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