Gorgeous Horizontal Wood Fence Ideas You Will Admire

There is a wide selection of fences to select. One of them is the horizontal wood fence that probably the most famous one. It gained popularity during recent years.

As you might know, the horizontal wood fencing sets the boundaries of your property. It also reflects a particular garden design and elevates the house’s appearance.

Moreover, with high-quality materials and smart layout, the horizontal fence can transform your yard into an outstanding design element. Furthermore, it highlights the landscape and looks great from both sides. 

Therefore, if you want to know the style better, take a gander at some fabulous ideas below.

The Advantages of A Horizontal Wood Fence

The Advantages of A Horizontal Wood Fence (jwlumber.com)
Source: jwlumber.com

Your dated property needs an update. If you are still unsure how to improve its look, a horizontal wood fence can be a good solution. Because it makes an old-fashioned building appear fresher and more modern.

For example, this fencing type is great from a design viewpoint. Also, it provides the privacy that you need. Moreover, the fence with horizontal wood slats adds a layer of safety.

Horizontal wood fence panels also boast straight lines. They will instantly call attention to your beautiful garden. That is why this kind of fencing makes the space bigger than it truly is.

Unlike a traditional picket fence, the horizontal fencing has design novelty. Even more, it evokes a sense of spaciousness, too.

Even more, the horizontal wood fencing keeps yards, gardens, or other outdoor spaces linear as well as simple. Additionally, it has a more organic appearance and blends with the surrounding nature easily.

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This kind of fencing helps protect the outdoor area. Compared to other fences,  it gives you more privacy.

The tongue and groove fence features horizontal boards. Since the pieces fit snuggly into one another, they provide little to no visibility.

Another horizontal wood fence characteristic is that it has a stylish look. Both the linearity and simple design can be seen in its boards.

Materials for Horizontal Fence

Materials for Horizontal Fence (i.pinimg.com)
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Most fences that people build feature a horizontal plank. Since there are various wood types, the choice is certainly in your hands. But be sure that the material works best for you.

Hardwoods are a better option compared to softwoods. When installed horizontally, their natural grain creates a luxurious look.

Moreover, softwoods are a nice choice for horizontal fencing. However, these materials have no specific point that they are excellent at.

For an inexpensive and durable option, consider a horizontal vinyl fencing. Typically it is utilized in ranch-style rail designs. For example, pressure-treated wood can be a good choice because this material repels insects.

We suggest using tigerwood, ipe, massaranduba, cumaru, and garapa for your horizontal wood fence. These woods work well in extreme climates such as dry regions, sunny Florida, and snowy areas like Buffalo, New York.

Furthermore, some woods have awesome durability. On typical commercial applications, they even can last over 70 years. Likewise, those materials naturally resist fungi, insects, and rot that could damage them.

The woods mentioned above also require minimal care. In the long run, you do not need to invest a lot of time and energy in this. 

Amazing Horizontal Wood Fence Designs

Amazing Horizontal Wood Fence Designs (austinsfence.com)
Source: austinsfence.com

Choose the right wood fence, so it can make a design statement. To assist you, here is our list of impressive horizontal fencing ideas. These fences are both protective and pretty.

1. Fence Made from Wood Slats

Fence Made from Wood Slats (slattedscreenfencing.co.uk)
Source: slattedscreenfencing.co.uk

This slatted horizontal fence adds a rustic feel to the landscape. It also lends the whole house a visual interest.

Moreover, a slatted timber fence maintains your privacy. Likewise, it generates visible property boundaries without looking too imposing.

2. White-painted Horizontal Slats

White-painted Horizontal Slats (i.pinimg.com)
Source: i.pinimg.com

If you love the classical horizontal fence, give this idea a try. It works well in many house types because of its easy maintenance and wonderful durability.

Here, the wood fence is painted pure white. As a result, it carves a clean setting and contrasts with the brick driveway.

3. Modern Horizontal Wood Fence

Modern Horizontal Wood Fence (i.pinimg.com)
Source: i.pinimg.com

Different from others, this horizontal garden fence is constructed from cedar slats. Therefore, it produces a sleek, modern look and nicely complements the yard.

4. Horizontal Redwood Fence

Horizontal Redwood Fence (i.pinimg.com)
Source: i.pinimg.com

This horizontal fence develops a clean appearance because of its well-defined lines. It also carries warmth and richness to the landscape.

Furthermore, the redwood fence sets a cozy mood. Moreover, it makes the landscape look more appealing, too.

5. Horizontal Wood Fence with Vines

Horizontal Wood Fence with Vines (bowerpowerblog.com)
Source: bowerpowerblog.com

Pictured above is a simple horizontal fence. As seen, the feature blends delightfully with the yard. Even climbing vines are growing on it. They create a more lively environment.

6. Horizontal Fence with Stone Pillars

Horizontal Fence with Stone Pillars (i.pinimg.com)
Source: i.pinimg.com

Horizontal wood fences normally have stone or concrete pillars to support them. The combination is a perfect fit for contemporary and modern designs. You can also link it to other structures like deck, walkway, or house facade.

7. Black Horizontal Wood Slats

Black Horizontal Wood Slats (i.pinimg.com)
Source: i.pinimg.com

This horizontal wood fence makes sure your privacy is always maintained. It adds a modern appeal to your house. Since the unit is painted black, the landscape looks more dramatic.

8. DIY Stained Wood Plank Fence

DIY Stained Wood Plank Fence (i.pinimg.com)
Source: i.pinimg.com

Bring your construction to the whole new level with wood stain. It darkens your wooden planks in a lovely manner. Here, a dark walnut stained wood fence makes visitors feel welcome.

9. Horizontal Wood Fence with Steel Posts

Horizontal Wood Fence with Steel Posts (fencemaxtexas.com)
Source: fencemaxtexas.com

This horizontal fence suits windy areas. The metal posts offer a sturdy anchoring system. Meanwhile, wood slats enhance your privacy and add rustic charm to the house. They also take the chill off steel pieces.

10. Terraced Horizontal Plank Fence

Terraced Horizontal Plank Fence (hgtvhome.sndimg.com)
Source: hgtvhome.sndimg.com

Your house is located on a slope. That’s why the horizontal wood fence must be terraced. You can utilize the topography to highlight it unusually.

11. Horizontal Wood and Rock Fence

Horizontal Wood and Rock Fence (familyhandyman.com)
Source: familyhandyman.com

This horizontal fence combines blonde wood slats with a gabion wall made of rocks. To complete the landscape, consider adding a wooden gate.

12. Wood Pallet Fence

Wood Pallet Fence (i.pinimg.com)
Source: i.pinimg.com

Want to add some horizontal wood fence details? If so, apply this idea. Here, the wooden pallets and slats come in different colors. They boost up the beauty of the landscape instantly.

13. Horizontal Fence Made from Blog Posts and Oak

Horizontal Fence Made from Blog Posts and Oak (i.pinimg.com)
Source: i.pinimg.com

As you see, this simple horizontal fence is built out of blog posts and blonde oak wood. They lend the outdoor area rustic charm.

In short, horizontal wood fence greatly affects the landscape and creates the perception of spaciousness. There is no reason not to include it in your outdoor space. So, which design do you love the most?

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