Bringing Gothic Home Décor into the House

Bring a bit of the middle age era and some vintage atmosphere inside the house by using gothic home décor. Not many people like this kind of ornament for their house because it sounds and looks creepy.

Gothic home décor is typical with black, heavy, and dark colors. Therefore, many people are not interested in the decoration because it brings a negative atmosphere.

Gothic is more than just black and creepy. Back in the 1740s, people used this style for their homes by combining a bit of modern touch.

What is Gothic Style?

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These days, modern gothic is now rarely found in most houses around the world. Therefore, not many people are aware of this design or style.

However, you can still find many examples of gothic styles in countries in Europe, such as France, England, and the Vatican. Visit the churches or cathedrals in those places to see some of the best masterpieces of this design.

If you happen to visit Paris, then make sure to go to the Notre Dame Cathedral. This church is famous for its gothic touch and is famous for its element that people know as the flying buttress.

After seeing this church, you should know how the gothic style is. So, when you hear the style, imagine it as an ancient, bold, and intricately design rather than dark and creepy. The ornaments and decorations are complex yet beautiful to use.

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Gothic Home Décor Characteristics

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Churches in Europe are the biggest influence on gothic designs around the world. Their architecture, ornamental to every detail inside is the inspiration to many people.

However, copying everything from a church is impossible; therefore, it is best to know the characteristic of the Gothic style. Therefore, you can apply them to your house and feel the theme inside.

One of the characteristics you should know is the Gothic furniture. Most of their seats, tables to ornaments are all made from wood and are heavy or sturdy. These home appliances are usually made of dark and majestic colors too.

Gothic home décor such as furniture usually has detail carved and ornaments on the top or backside of the object, making them different from others. Because of their complexity, they are a bit more expensive and harder to make.

Another way to get them is by asking old churches for their retiring objects and ornaments. Usually, old churches are willing to give in their furniture and decoration. Therefore, you can use them as gothic home décor in your house.

As for the colors, gothic home décor is famous for its dark and heavy colors. However, people should know that this style is not always just black. Some other tones that are identical with it are dark red maroon, brown, gold, forest green, ruby, and purple.

Therefore, the fact is gothic is rich in colors and you can combine them all in one room. Even flowers and greenery can be used as a decoration to cover up the walls.

Gothic Home Décor

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One of the keys to bringing gothic design into the house is by choosing the right color and furniture. Do not use all black or be afraid to be too dramatic for the style because nothing is too much when it comes to this theme.

• Victorian Wallpapers

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If you want to make your house true gothic, then apply some Victorian wallpaper on to the walls. The design of this décor is liking many flowers made as one. Alternatively, you can also use the very ancient candlelight design.

However, if you want your walls plain, then paint it one color. You do not have to paint it all black, instead, use a mixture of blue and black. This will keep the room dark but still alive.

• Fabrics to Use

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When it comes to gothic home décor, the fabric is also one of the things you should consider. It is not the type, but more to the pattern and design of the textile.

Again, choose bold and dramatic fabrics that will make the room alive. Remember; do not be afraid in crash in patterns when you are creating a gothic theme inside the house.

However, to get more of the vibe inside, it is best to use silk, satin, and velvet for your gothic home décor. For example, for the curtains, you can use velvet as the fabric. Whereas the pillows and bedding, silk would make it look glamour and elegance.

• Gothic Home Ornaments

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One of the main characteristics of the gothic theme is it has many ornaments. Most of them are from heavy wood but there are also heavy iron and metals available.

A gothic home décor that all houses should have is ancient light or chandelier. This lamp will be the center of the room and bring the vibe inside. However, if you have a limited budget, you can change it to wrought iron lightings that will bring the same effect.

The next gothic home décor you should add to your house is some pattern objects. For example, use pattern carpets for your flooring rather than letting it plain. You can also apply the same for other fabrics such as pillows and blankets.

Everyone knows gothic as a dark design. This is true; however, people can add many other colors to their house other than black. Try mixing up some colors like blue, gray, brown, and red into the room.

However, make sure that the colors are still heavy and align, so it still matches the gothic theme. Do not worry about adding a bit of white into the room because it will not ruin the atmosphere.

Therefore, there are many ways to create a gothic room inside the house. The key to creating it is by having dark and heavy colors for the basic design. You can then touch it up with other styles if it is still aligned.

Next, add some Gothic home décor into the house to create some vibes inside the room. Some simple ornaments and decors that you should at least have are lamps, mirrors, candles, and carpet. Just by using these decorations, you can make your room feel different.

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