10+ Gothic Bedroom Design Ideas

When you hear “Gothic bedroom”, what pops into your mind? Is it the creepy vibes of Halloween? Or a Metal band? Well, the truth is it is not always like that. Read on to find what this style is all about and how to carve it out into your sleeping space.

What is Gothic Style?

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Gothic style is inspired by the Victorian era of the 19th century. This kind of architecture is mostly found in the massive churches with dramatic designs of buildings like the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

You can imagine how the interior design of a huge classic church is. It usually features stained glass windows, pointed arches, clustered columns, flying buttresses, and ribbed vaulting.

As time goes by, this ancient gothic style has been adjusted to complement the contemporary design. As a result, it has turned into the Neo-Gothic style of architecture.

The ultimate question is how will you bring this style and carve out a gothic bedroom?

What are Gothic Bedroom Characteristics?

If you are wondering what gothic bedroom characteristics are, you have to remember the elements that construct this style very well.

1. Gothic Bedroom Color Scheme

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When it comes to carving out a certain style into your bedroom, the color scheme will play an essential role.

Since we are talking about gothic bedroom decor ideas, the colors that you should probably use are dark hues. It can be black, dark brown, burgundy, dark purple, and many others.

Unfortunately, it will not work like a charm when it comes to a bedroom with limited space. Dark hues will make it look more cramped. To overcome this problem, try incorporating an accent wall with a lighter color.

2. Gothic Bedroom Furniture and Decoration

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As a good rule of thumb, gothic bedroom furniture has to be impressive and sophisticated. It features heavy carved wooden pieces that come in a dark finish. Hand-carved mahogany or wrought iron bed would accentuate this style well.

The bedding you use in your gothic sleeping room has to possess rich textures that bring in sexiness and elegance into space, such as satin, velvet, or silk. Damasks and brocades are other options available for you.

Lighting is one of the most indispensable things in a bedroom. If you want to create a gothic style, a low-intensity ambient one would be nice.

Consider installing chandeliers or hanging candle holders to emulate the Victorian era. Wall sconces and classic table lamps would be nice, too.

3. Artwork

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Adding a piece of artwork will accentuate the gothic style well. It can be anything that exhibits a dark-yet-romantic theme. Even a mask can make a pretty good adornment. A Gothic wallpaper will also do in a pinch.

Gothic Bedroom Ideas

After knowing some elements that construct a gothic sleeping room, you may be wondering how it would look like if combined.

1. A Room for a Musician

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Gothic style is often synonymous with metal. Well, whether it is true or not, this interior design is created for an artist or a musician. The romantic vibes of it are just like their masterpiece.

This bedroom, for example, defines what art is all about. A bed with a luxurious headboard sits right in the middle of the room and is anchored by two side tables. A chandelier hanging over it matches the ceiling trim perfectly.

A classic piano is located in the corner of the bedroom, allowing you to compose a harmony. A polar-bear rug lies under it to comfort your bare feet well.

2. Modern Gothic Bedroom

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Although the gothic style is derived from the Victorian era, it does not mean it would not look good in modern flair.

This bedroom shows you that this gothic style can get along well with modern interior design. The black wallpaper and chandelier represent the boldness of Goth while crisp white and cleaned-line headboard and lampshades denote simplicity.

3. A Shower of Light

gothic black bedroom sets
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Every bedroom needs a focal point that can steal anyone’s focus, just like what you can see here.

The shower-like lighting hanging over the bed is eminently conspicuous among some blacks. It looks like a firework that is floating in the air, creating a romantic ambiance nicely.

4. Bold and Luxurious

gothic bedroom canopy bed
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This bedroom embodies the gothic style immensely. The pointed arches found in the bed frame are a perfect focal point here.

The black color and weathered finish make the bed frame look as if it had traveled through the time. Some gold accents in the curtains and bedding add the touch of luxury. Wrought-iron chandeliers round out the style nicely.

5. Romantic Gothic Bedroom

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A gothic bedroom is not always creepy. It can be serene as well.

The canopy bed is a perfect addition to boost the romantic ambiance well here. It features sheer black curtains that make the bedroom look elegant and sexy.

As seen, the bed sits on multilevel floors looking like a stairway to a stage. Faux rugs tacked down to the floor ensure the ultimate comfort for any users.

The whole scene looks so charming. It’s perfect for your mansion architecture.

6. Serene Gothic Bedroom

gothic castle bedroom
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A gothic bedroom is usually dark and overwhelmed with details. But it does not happen here.

This classic ambiance made by the gothic style blends nicely with the minimalism and simplicity of modern flair. The headboard is not sophisticated whatsoever. But it can add the luxurious and mysterious look of Goth design. A crystal chandelier kicks it up a notch.

7. Purple Gothic Bedroom

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If you are really into purple. This gothic bedroom idea is suitable for you.

When entering this room, you can see purple is everywhere. You can even find it in the wall-to-wall carpet. The bedding, canopy, and curtain are made of velvet fabric, which is renowned for its luxury.

8. Red Gothic Bedroom

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This is a room of affection because red is everywhere. You can also feel the touch of boldness here due to the black accents, such as the trims, bedding, side table, frame, and chandeliers that complement the look.

9. Gothic Bedroom in Pink and Silver

goth emo bedroom
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Who says that a gothic bedroom is always black? Pink can also be suitable for this style. You just need to combine it with curvy furniture and dim lighting to carve out goth interior design.

10. Simple Gothic Bedroom

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Creating gothic style bedroom ideas does not always entail sophisticated details. It can be as simple as decorating it with black and white.

Those are some gothic bedroom ideas that might inspire you. They may be dark, but they can bring a bold and romantic ambiance immensely. Therefore, they are worth trying. So, which one is your favorite?

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