Creating the Best Fireplace Hearth Stone for the House

Fireplace hearth stone is one of the materials that people can use to warm up the house. With this textile, the room can look prettier and comfortable at the same time. However, other than the elements, there are other things to consider when building a fireside.

The hearth is the heart of a fireplace because it is where the fire burns. This is where the warmness comes from, that will comfort up the room.

Recommended Fireplace Hearth Ideas

fireplace hearth stone slab

Well, when buying a fireplace, one of the essentials is to choose the right hearth material. Choose an element that can make it look beautiful but also will not burn the house down. To help you out, here are some of the top-recommended options to check out.

• Stones

fireplace hearth stone tiles

One of the top materials that people have been using since years ago until today is stones. This material is known fireproof, so it certainly safe from fire. Other than that, it is also long-lasting and has high endurance. Therefore, your fireplace will be sturdy and strong enough for years.

There are many designs you can choose for your fireplace heart stones, from the single small ones to the large long length or rocks. If you have a small place, then it is best to choose the small shape elements to build it up.

Another benefit of using stones is you can make the fireplace hearth stone with various types of designs. As they have unique shapes, build the hearth of the fireplace as you like. One of the favorites is the tall chimney that goes from the ceiling until the bottom floor.

Alternatively, for a simpler design, build a short simple fireplace hearths tone. Maximize the use of the different shapes and colors of the rocks to make it look unique. Then pile them all up to make a beautiful fireplace in your house.

• Concrete

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To get a more modern look for the house, consider concrete for the material. This element is very recommended to choose as it is simple but elegant for the room. It is also fire resistant, so it is safe to use. The overall price is also cheaper compared to fireplace hearth stone.

As for the design, concrete is a very easy material to adjust. With this element, people can make their fireplace as they like from a long thin shape to a rounded opening. If you want a modern simple look, then try a simple square design.

On the other hand, to get a modern look, use the 3D type that makes it look pop out.

However, if you choose concrete for the fireplace, make sure to be careful about the finishing because this will determine whether the design looks good or not in your house.

• Marble

fireplace hearth and stone

Another way to give a modern look into the room is by using marble materials. This is just like the fireplace hearth stone but in a more modern design. The patterns are made natural and soft, making the place look more elegant.

One of the main differences with fireplace hearth stone is the surface of the fireside. Even though it is made with the same materials, marble has a flat and smooth surface. People can also carve the sides with patterns, names, or things they like. As for endurance, it is just as strong and safe as the others are.

• Bricks

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Going back to another traditional design, bricks are the next material you can choose from. Many people only know them as a red color rectangular element. However, they also come in other colors and shapes that are just as useful and strong.

Compared to the other materials such as the fireplace hearth stone, this is cheaper and easier to find. Despite the price, the strength is just as strong and has high endurance from fire. So, this is mostly recommended to those with a limited budget.

• Tiles

wood burning fireplace hearth stone

For a more colorful and various patterns for your fireplace, then consider using tiles. This material has various options of colors, sizes, and styles. Therefore, people can have wider options for designs for their hearth.

However, fireplace hearth ideas with tiles or slate are not very fire resistant. Some are durable, while others are not safe enough to use. Therefore, before buying a tile make sure to check whether it can resist or not.

Designs of Fireplace Hearth

fireplace hearth stone cut to size

After choosing the material, it is not time to choose the design of the fireplace for your home. To help, here are some of the best designs of the hearth to warm up the living room:

• Sleek & Flush

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The first design of fireplace hearth is the sleek and flushes which are best for tiles and stones. To create this model, build it above a few centimeters above the floor, so it should be safe from things around. Then for the front part of the hearth, it is closed with glass. Therefore, the ashes will not run out in the room.

• Fireside Seating

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Enjoy your warm room by creating a fireside seating. Use fireplace hearth stone as the material and make the front part a bit longer and bigger. This will be where people can sit down and just enjoy the warmness of the fire.

• Mixed Layer

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You do not always have to use just one kind of material for a fireside. To feel the benefits, why don’t mix layers using different things? For example, why not make the outside with fireplace hearth stones, as for the inside it can use concrete. This way, people can get the best from sides, price, and endurance.

As for the outside of the hearth, you can make your fireplace more interesting by painting the exterior design. However, once you do this, ensure to close all the furniture around so they are not stained. Moreover, most importantly do not forget to clean the inside first.

Well, whatever kind of fireplace you choose to make, do not forget to consider the materials and endurance. Moreover, from all the options, fireplace hearth stone is still one of the most favorite. Not only is it fire resistant, but it is also strong.

Moreover, people search for these factors when they are looking for a good fireside.

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