Bring up These Important Elements to Create Fabulous Farmhouse Bathroom Decor in Your Bathing Space

Would you like to take your space from boring to charming? Then, try one of this farmhouse bathroom decor on designing the bathing area.

Start by applying some cute elements to create a vintage and also the rustic style of interior decorations. Thankfully, there are plenty of repurposed materials that work great for this theme as you can see below.

Moreover, adding a little flair of farmhouse style in a bathroom seems to be more affordable. You can recycle old things and make DIY projects instead of buying new rustic furniture.

Therefore, we provide some vintage designs and decor ideas to establish a cozy and homey feeling in your bathing space.

So, take a look at these farmhouse bathroom decor selections and grab some pieces that suit your needs.

Smart Ways to Create A Fabulous Farmhouse Bathroom

Smart Ways to Create A Fabulous Farmhouse Bathroom (

Farmhouse bathroom ideas are beautiful and functional since you get an aesthetic look and a storage solution in one way. You can also learn how to create an enjoyable bathing experience with these inspirative methods.

Integrate Woodwork

Integrate Woodwork (

Adding recycled or unfinished wood is the best way to achieve the countryside look. As you can see, this material is an essential point in the farmhouse bathroom decor.

Subsequently, apply some rustic touches to the towel rack, organizer, vanity, or wall accents.

Utilize Vintage-style Rugs

Utilize Vintage-style Rugs (

Generally, rugs help to keep the floor from slippery. Interestingly, they can also evoke a warmth to the area.

Additionally, you better remember to choose distressed carpets to give a vintage look and also matching the bathroom farmhouse decor.

Be Brave with Patterns and Shapes

Be Brave with Patterns and Shapes (

Opting for patterned tile countertops is preferable for your farmhouse bathroom. Besides, you can add a round or oval wooden framed mirror instead of the rectangular one.

Moreover, apply classic octagon, hexagon, flowers, or terracotta ceramics to create a focal point to the floorings.

Add Houseplants

Add Houseplants (

There is a wide variety of low-maintenance houseplants to match your farmhouse bathroom decor. You can either choose Chinese evergreen, aloe vera, tillandsia, dracaena, or peace lily.

Additionally, snake plants also become the best choice to reduce unpleasant odor. As a result, those plantations will create a natural and organic vibe to the bathing space.

Prominent Elements to Use

Prominent Elements of Farmhouse Bathroom Decor (

A great combination of several decorative pieces will enhance the look of your interior design. Consequently, you should ensure that everything is in balance with other furniture to avoid being overcrowded.

Wood Framed Mirror

Wood Framed Mirror for Perfect Farmhouse Bathroom D├ęcor (

Choose the proper frames for attaching a mirror in the farmhouse bathroom since this item can be too sleek for a rustic design.

Furthermore, opt for wood borders or wicker edges that represent a countryside style. Feel free to use a rectangular or round shape as they add textures to the plain walls.

Barn-style Vanity

Barn-style Vanity (

A vanity with barn door designs gives a unique look to the farmhouse bathroom. The base materials come from driftwood or hardwood.

Then, use marble or granite tops to provide a smooth and shiny appearance. They also contrast to the distressed wood finish.

Furthermore, the under-mount sink can be in rectangular or round shape. If you prefer extra storage, use a vanity that features cabinets, upper shelves, and lower drawers.

They give more space to organize your toiletries. Black metal faucets and handles work great for this freestanding rustic dressing table.

Rustic Galvanized Sink

Rustic Galvanized Sink (

Create a focal point to the farmhouse bathroom decor by utilizing double-sink galvanized tubs. They will add a dramatic look to the room. Give a window-framed mirror, wooden tower rack and shelves as additional features.

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The galvanized tubs with wooden support frames make a perfect statement to this traditional room.

On the other hand, compared to other bathroom pieces, these metal materials give a more shiny look. Pair them with black iron faucets will be great.

Farmhouse Tile Floor

Farmhouse Tile Floor (

When it comes to floorings, the bathroom tiles should be in balance with the walls. Use dark color ceramics to pair with the earthy-toned walls.

Add dimension to the farmhouse bathroom decor by using old floral patterns with black charcoal and light grey colors.

Furthermore, you might choose other geometric patterns that blend well with this farmhouse theme.

For instance, a hexagon shape that forms dark flowers and delicate lanterns will add a sophisticated touch to the rustic-style bathroom.

Likewise, brown stone-like shapes, random multicolored geometric patterns, and distressed wood look in herringbone design work well to give unique textures to the floorings.

You can install them in the shower area and bathroom accent walls.

Cottage-Style Lighting

Cottage-Style Lighting (

Some antique and fun lights are available to suit your farmhouse bathroom decor. Rustic, lodge, and cottage style lighting will give different tones to the surrounding.

Also, you should provide sufficient illumination to the shower or bathing area with any lamps.

Importantly, make sure that there is enough lighting over the mirror to brighten the area while doing morning routine, makeup, and dress up.

For example, install DIY mason jar light fixtures on the vanity. Pair them with weathered look dressing table and metal pipes to appear more vintage.

Besides, to emphasize the vanity mirror, you might install black coned lamp fixtures above it.

The lighting style brings modernity that contrasts with other aged and antique furniture. This design becomes a perfect option to create a modern rustic bathroom.

The other type of lighting that fits the farmhouse bathroom decor is old bronze fixtures. So, hang the lamps on the ceiling to illuminate the dressing area.

Moreover, combine these old-fashioned lights with wooden vanity and white marble sinks to enhance an elegant look to the room.

Antique Wall Decor

Antique Wall Decor (

There is an endless way to accentuate the walls to avoid being creepy. Try a recycled window frame to hang towels and some small toiletries. This aged-look decor is antique and practical.

Then, the walls provide a spacious vertical area to hang a storage system. Create wood organizers with cubby storage and decorative metal strips to be more attractive.

Other choices are wicker boxes, ladder shelves, houseplants, and vintage signs.

Vintage Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories

Vintage Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories (

Many bathroom items come with unique and cute decorative designs such as toothbrush holders, soap dishes, farmhouse baskets to store towels, shampoo, and other stuff.

Accordingly, there are tier metal bins, tin organizers, storage, and whitewash crates.

Also, give a fresh and natural ambiance to the room by adding metal bucket flower planters as the farmhouse bathroom decor. A touch of green leaves and shiny pots make a great complement to a natural wood vanity.

In conclusion, farmhouse bathroom decor tends to be a gorgeous decorating option on a budget. You can easily personalize and customize each item to fit the need and style. Hopefully, the ideas above will suit your future rustic bathing space.

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