14 Driveway Gate Ideas That Will Amaze You And Impress Your Guests

When guests reach your enclosed property, the first thing they see is the entrance. You definitely can add a minimalist or refined touch to it. In this article, we are serving up a host of captivating driveway gate ideas. Having a driveway gate is seriously crucial. Not only does it offer a sense of protection, but also improves your home curb appeal. That feature can enhance the property as well as maximize its resale value in the long run.

Choosing the right driveway gate for your home is a tricky job. There are various options available, from formal design to the informal one. Without further ado, here are charming gates in different styles.

1. Single Swing Gates

single swing driveway gate

Also known as solitary swing gates. They are a great option for the homeowners who have a space of 12 feet or more on both gate sides. The driveways themselves are normally 14 feet in width or less. The single swing gates operate exactly like a regular door, to the right or left. You can open them either externally or internally. They are typically more affordable and easier to install than their bi-parting counterparts.

2. Double Swing Gates


As the name indicates, the double swing driveway gates feature two unfolding leaves. They work well with driveways longer than 14 feet wide. Moreover, bi-parting driveway gates are larger and more elegant than the single swing ones. For a well-designed look, be sure the space between panels is not more than 1 inch. This double swing driveway gate is manufactured at an angle to account for the uphill slope. The special hinge allows it to rise when opened.

3. Sliding Driveway Gate Ideas

The sliding gates are ideal for driveways that get loads of snow in the winter. They can also be installed in the areas with a steep grade. If you are looking to install a slider, keep in mind that it requires some room, at least the gate length. Without enough space, the system cannot work for certain.

Furthermore, the sliding gates save precious driveway space because they do not swing inside and out. The panel itself slides along its frame effortlessly when it closes and opens. For a modern look, you have to purchase a slider with an automatic system. Your family and guests can open it using telephone entries, punch-in keypad codes, or photo-eye.

The sliding gate can be operated manually as well. They come in two options, rear pipe, and V-track sliders. Here, the wood sliding gate boasts a metal frame with a anon-manual operator. The electric system is so convenient to use. Install it and you have one of automatic driveway gate ideas applied.

4. Arched and Scalloped Driveway Gate Ideas

Whether you opt for a dramatic arch or the gentle one, it can set the mood of your driveway gate in no time. Feel free to experiment with different curve degrees to find out the best look. In case you have no idea which model will work best, install an inverted driveway gate. Normally, it features a gentle shape and gives your house a stylish appearance.

5. Driveway Gate Ideas with Stone Pillars

driveway gates and pillars

When it comes to driveway gate ideas, you should consider spicing up your entrance. Stone pillars match nicely with gates that are comprised of natural material. They offer rustic aesthetic and create a strong impression. The picture above is a medium-toned wooden gate with an inverted archtop. Stone driveway and pillars allow them to be noticeable.

6. Ornamental Lighting for Driveway Gates

Driveway Gate Ideas

In addition to being practical, light fixtures make your driveway gate more appealing. They improve home security and help you navigate around the outdoor space in the night. Here, the lights were installed in the ground. They tastefully illuminate and warm up the gate. Meanwhile, wall sconces provide extra lighting.

7. Ranch Driveway Gates

Are you searching for farm driveway gate ideas? If yes, do not hesitate to give this idea a chance.
As the picture shows, this ranch style entrance has simple panels. It brings a classic touch to the driveway. The muted green color itself evokes a feeling of serenity.

8. Vintage Custom Driveway Gates

custom wood driveway gates

This driveway gate is unique. It employs a frame that combines diagonal lines and straight ones. The black metal pieces on the frame add vintage charm to the outdoor space. Meanwhile, flagstone pillars let the dark-toned wood gates steal the spotlight.

9. Wooden Driveway Gate Ideas

Driveway Gate Ideas

Without a doubt, wooden driveway gates are gorgeous. However, the entrances require special maintenance due to rain and sun exposure. This wooden entrance produces a welcoming vibe. It keeps unauthorized vehicles and guests from coming to your home, too.

10. Wood and Steel Driveway Gates

This driveway gate is sophisticated. It employs vertical wood panels in a honey stain. The black steel accents introduce a striking contrast. If you have pets, this gate is a good bet. The tight wood pattern keeps your pets in, while the steel spikes on top helps get rid of unwanted visitors.

11. Lodge Style Driveway Gates

Driveway Gate Ideas

As the image shows, this lodge-inspired gate is marvelous. The intricate stainless steel accents add visual interest to the outdoor space. Meanwhile, the stone pillars exude a sense of grandeur. If you are on a budget but want a lodge-style entrance, build the wooden gate yourself. It is more affordable and offers rustic appeal.

12. Steel and Glass Driveway Gates

Driveway Gate Ideas

This driveway gate has a steel frame. It carves industrial charm and visual drama in a flash. The frozen glass infill panels make the entrance more attractive. Lastly, stone pillars lend the outdoor space some nature-inspired texture.

13. An Industrial Twist on Wooden Driveway Gates

wood gate with door

Pictured above is a contemporary driveway gate. The metal frame adds an industrial flair to it, while the horizontal wood planks create delightful textural and color contrasts.

14. Metal Driveway Gates

Driveway Gate Ideas

This minimalistic driveway gate is completely made from steel. It provides a charming entrance to the home. Moreover, its details draw the eye in an instant. Gates can optimize privacy and security, so there is no reason not to install them. After reading those driveway gate ideas, we hope you know the best one for your property.

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