Eye-Catching Double-Sided Fireplace Ideas for Your Cozy Home

For those living in a mainly winterish region where extra warmness is highly appreciated, incorporating a double-sided fireplace is always a clever choice. The idea of having dual fireplaces must be interesting for every ingenious homeowner seeking a comforting sanctuary after a long, busy day.

With the presence of a dual-sided fireplace, enjoying a cup of coffee while reading your favorite novel in the afternoon will be even more relaxing. Not only offers additional warmth to space, but a double-sided fireplace also makes a beautiful focal point for the rest of the decor. Besides, its common transparent design will allow you to see through and discover your pace.

More interestingly, a two-sided fireplace can also serve as a sophisticated divider between your rooms. For instance, it can even turn into a beautiful addition to your living space while warming up the bedroom.

1. The Trend of Double-sided Fireplace

expensive living room designs

While fireplaces have become a symbol of family gathers since many years ago, double-sided one is relatively new. This trend is gaining its popularity because it can warm up two dissimilar rooms at once. As a result, you can save some budget to simply create a single fireplace only.

Furthermore, a double-sided fireplace is less tricky and typically doesn’t need additional fuel or a secondary chimney. By incorporating this fireplace in your home design, you have secured an eye-catching statement to divide a huge room without disturbing the flow of natural light.

In most cases, this dual-sided fireplace is built into the wall that adjoining two diverse rooms. This way, people in each room can enjoy its attractive appearance as well as the warmth. Come in a range of shapes, types, and sizes, double-sided fireplaces also allow the users to utilize neither wood nor gas fueling. This way, you can opt for the one that saves your monthly costs the best.

2. The Pros of Adding Two-Sided Fireplace

Indeed, the pros and cons of double-sided fireplace do exist. Then, knowing such information can assist you to decide whether this feature is right for your home or not. There is no doubt that a double-sided fireplace has an amazing visual interest. It allows you to take advantage of its attractiveness, especially when adjoining two different rooms without any characteristics in common.

Since a dual-sided fireplace is capable to heat two dissimilar spaces simultaneously, you may save up to 50% for heating costs. Moreover, this kind of fireplace tends to be quicker compared to the traditional one, particularly in terms of warming up two big areas.

However, a double-sided fireplace is not that faultless. In a bigger area, you shouldn’t depend on it as the only source of heat. Several fireplaces may release dangerous gases too, making it important for you to take this concern into account. Some modern types will include doors to avoid this issue.

Double-sided fireplace problems may include a chimney issue as well. Think about the water which may leak inside the vent and get reflected on your walls. Even though it is supposed to be a low-maintenance unit, don’t expect this fireplace to be that easy to take care of.

3. Tips for Incorporating Double-Sided Fireplace

double sided inside outside fireplace

If the above information is convincing, you may be certain about installing a double-sided fireplace around your home. Luckily, the way you can install this kind of fireplace is limitless. A big, luxurious one will look amazing both in your large living room or master bedroom. Then, adding this fireplace to warm up your kitchen and dining room is a good idea too.

The point is that you can always count on a two-sided fireplace to make your favorite rooms even more attention-grabbing and warmer. Just make sure you provide a wide wall in an open-floor space to have the fireplace installed. Except for this matter, there are no noteworthy preconditions to meet.

4. Ideas for Designing Dual-Sided Fireplace

Indeed, your double-sided fireplace doesn’t need a lot of modernization tricks to appear impactful and charming. However, you will need the following ideas to make the most of this warming unit.

Dual Fireplace with Youthful Charm


Opt for a two-sided fireplace with fresh and eclectic design to make your living room more charming and modern. Then, select and combine neutral colors for the wall to keep the rest of the design harmonized. You can also add some decorative elements around this room divider fireplace.

Dual-Function Stone Fireplace


Having a dual stone fireplace with glass doors that connects the indoor and outdoor areas is always a perfect idea. You can use this idea to provide an unspoiled connection between the indoor seating area and the bar or outdoor kitchen on your patio.

Traditional Two-Sided Fireplace

In a rustic living room, why don’t you go for a dual fireplace that looks like a traditional one? With an arched frame and natural stone wall divider, your heating unit will blend the two spaces seamlessly. For a more pleasant mood, you can add unique area rugs and a wooden coffee table that comes in a soft tone.

Timeless Two-Sided Fireplace

fireplace on both sides of wall

This stylish and ultra-smooth dual-sided fireplace will make a great addition to any contemporary home. If you love fashion-driven and natural details, this idea must be of interest.
Combining timeless colors and natural wooden materials, this fireplace ties the semi-indoor and outdoor living areas perfectly.

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Without a doubt, a gas or electric double-sided fireplace is less fussy and simpler to deal with. However, you probably cannot avoid the welcoming and homey vibe of wood-burning ones.
This wood-burning fireplace doubles as the symbol of your personality while becoming a chic divider between the kitchen and living area. For a more fascinating interior, the concrete around this fireplace has such wave textures that complement the rest of the design perfectly.

5. Final Thoughts of Two-Sided Fireplaces


In conclusion, a dual-sided fireplace makes a great choice if you require a heater that can distribute the warmth in two spaces at the same time. With the right double-sided fireplace, you will also increase the home’s positive mood as well as the market value. Thus, don’t hesitate to add this homey and welcoming feature in your haven.

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