Outstanding DIY Corner Desk Ideas to Build Simple and Efficient Workspace

When you need a workplace with lots of storage solutions but have a limited room, a DIY corner desk can be the perfect option. You can create it from easy and cheap materials to maximize the free nook area in your home.

DIY projects allow you to have new furniture on a budget. We provide several inspiring ideas to create a beautiful and versatile corner desk that fits your style and room dimension. Check them out and find the perfect one for your space.

Steps to Build A DIY Corner Desk from the Basic

Steps to Build A DIY Corner Desk from the Basic (bhutanmusktravels.com)
Source: bhutanmusktravels.com

Creating a simple corner desk requires three main stages. They are constructing the bases, making the top surface, and assembling those parts. Also, prepare the tools and materials such as pine boards or plywood, miter saw, wood glue, screws, nails, sandpaper, and drill.

To create an L-shape desk with open shelves and drawers, you need 18 pieces of plywood with different sizes depending on the dimension. Measure the area, and you can adjust the total amount of measurable space to suit the needs.

Start constructing the shelves and drawers as the base trims. After cutting all components at the precise sizes, attach them with screws. Importantly, add glue to strengthen the frames. Then, build the top part of the DIY corner desk.

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Prepare three pieces of cutting plywood to build the top desk. Then, use sandpaper to smooth the edges. Next is making the wooden frames from lumber. Attach them to the backside of the tabletop. Insert screws and add glue to get sturdy joints.

After that, assemble the bases and the tabletop. Build some drawers and fit them inside the shelves with slides. Ensure that they can open and close properly. For the finishing touch, you can sand the surface to be smooth and apply some paint color or coats of stain over the corner desk.

Some Innovative Ideas

Innovative Ideas for DIY Corner Desk (i.pinimg.com)
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A DIY corner desk will transform a part of your home into a new workspace. You can customize this practical and affordable furniture to suit the room and design. Also, there are standing and modular designs that feature smart storage solutions. They give beauty and function to the area.

1. Wood Board Corner Desk

Wood Board Corner Desk (amazon.com)
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Wallboards can be a multi-functional DIY corner desk with easy installation. It also functions as a dining and kitchen table so you can hang this furniture anywhere.

Use steel support frames to attach the L-shaped desk on the wall. When you do not need extra space, fold one side of the wood boards. Whereas, another surface can be used to put a laptop, stationery, and books.

2. DIY small corner desk

DIY small corner desk (jonpeters.com)
Source: jonpeters.com

This small DIY corner desk works great in a narrow nook. A wooden triangle board is simply mounted on the wall with three wood bars as support. It does not feature any storage, but there is a free open space beneath. Apply a paint color or just let it show the bare natural surface.

3. DIY Distressed Desk

DIY Distressed Desk (shopify.com)
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Instead of its functionality, a distressed corner desk offers an antique look to add beauty in your workspace. To create this aged appearance from an existing table, sanding the surface and edges to make some scratches with sandpaper.

4. Barn-style Corner Desk

Barn-style Corner Desk (robertrosecarpentry.com)
Source: robertrosecarpentry.com

This barn-style DIY corner desk is suitable for a living room or bedroom. The dark chalk-painted table features a vertical cabinet to display some decorative accents and organize books or other stuff. The L shaped design gives you extra space to do the task.

5. Modular Corner Desk

Modular Corner Desk (i.pinimg.com)
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A modular corner desk features many drawers and open shelves to organize books, folders, and other equipment. Therefore, this stylish furniture creates a functional workspace or study area in your home. It keeps everything tidy as well as its sleek and clean look.

Build this DIY corner desk with hardwood, ash veneer, and MDF. Apply dark paint finishing to the surface. Additionally, for decoration, use silver metal handles for the drawers.

6. DIY Metal and Wood Desk

DIY Metal and Wood Desk (i.pinimg.com)
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Going with wood and metal corner desk is a great choice to fit industrial home design. Use black steel support frames for the bases. Accentuate with X-leg and horizontal-line shapes to be more attractive. Then, if necessary, you can add drawers below the tabletop.

7. Hairpin-leg Corner Desk

Hairpin-leg Corner Desk (i.pinimg.com)
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You can combine industrial and rustic design by constructing this DIY corner desk with hairpin legs. Create the tabletop by using reclaimed timber, whereas black steels for the support frames. It has an L-shaped feature that offers a charming look and practical use.

8. Standing L-shaped Desk

Standing L-shaped Desk (fully.com)
Source: fully.com

A standing corner desk comes with a simple design. Its adjustable feature prevents you from being stuck at the corner. The L shape features two pieces of tabletop so it can be positioned in left or right. Then, set up height adjustment by installing a motor on each leg.

9. Corner Desk with Storage

Corner Desk with Storage (furniturefactor.co.uk)
Source: furniturefactor.co.uk

The best way to keep everything neat while doing your task is by creating a DIY corner desk with storage. Its L shape design allows you to place it into the right or left position at the corner area. Build two underdrawers and open shelves to organize books, folders, and files.

Interestingly, this computer desk can turn to a straight table as desired. Then, apply white paint color for finishing to provide a modern style.

10. DIY Floating Corner Desk

DIY Floating Corner Desk (i.pinimg.com)
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If you have a limited floor-spacing area, a floating computer table becomes more functional to your nook. Prepare two pieces of triangle hardwood boards in different sizes. Attach the larger surface for a tabletop, whereas the smaller one as an under shelf.

To provide more space for the organizer, attach some wood planks on the wall, right above the DIY corner desk. This minimalist computer desk has a large top surface to do the job since the display shelves are hanging on both sides.

Moreover, the floating organizers can decorate plain white walls and add more textures. Display all your book collections on the mounted open shelves.

In conclusion, a DIY corner desk is affordable furniture that functions as a home office or study area. Thus, get ready to go for the materials and start building your favorite design.

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