Interior Design Guide: How to Transform Used Things into Impressive Distressed Furniture

Are you looking for furnishing items with a bit of history? Lovely distressed furniture will give you a pretty aged look to each part of your house.

Nowadays, they are the most sought-after pieces that become more famous.

However, have you ever wondered how to create this forever-lasting aged design? You can make it from the existing furniture.

Thus, no need to purchase some second-hand and antique pieces in flea markets, or wait 50 years to obtain the distressed look.

Read on how to transform the used furnishing pieces into new weathered-look objects from the following article. Besides, there are some gorgeous ideas to inspire you in designing your DIY distressed furniture.

Easy Steps to Build Distressed Furniture

Distressed Furniture (

There are three different techniques to create a weathered look on your furniture.

Buying new pieces to transform into distressed or redesigning the existing objects to be more time-worn is the best way to give new characters with a little touch of nostalgia.

Three techniques on distressed furniture are dry, wet, and resist. The result will give a unique look since each method offers a different effect.

Dry-distressing is the best for a single color to expose the bare wood. Whereas, the wet method works great for layering the furniture with multiple hues.

Then, if you want to get a scrappy look, add a resist medium like candle wax for the second coating.

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The first step is preparing the tools and materials to distress the furniture. You need sandpaper, paint, and brushes.

Start sanding the surface and softening the sharp edges. After that, use a piece of cloth to wipe any dirt and dust.

Moreover, to get wood peeking through the surface, apply one hue to paint the entire furniture.

Meanwhile, use two colors to show the base dye with a distressed top layer. Then, the object will appear as it has been painted before.

After the furniture is getting fully dry, distress the surface to remove some paint until the bare wood appears.

For the two-coat painting, remove the second layer and reveal the base hue. Add more damage to get the best finishing result.

Fabulous Ideas to Copy

Fabulous Distressed Furniture Ideas (

The distressed furniture brings a warm feeling to an old-fashioned style home. It goes with various shapes, colors, and sizes.

Furthermore, its imperfections will give a better look when combined with some unique knots, slots, and other decorative details.

Almost all furnishing items from wood can apply a weathered-look style such as benches, tables, and cabinets. They also add special characters to other interior designs.

1. Farmhouse Distressed Coffee Table

Farmhouse Distressed Coffee Table (

A distressed coffee table with a farmhouse style will liven up your living room. This stylish item becomes a unique centerpiece while pairing with wooden chairs or storage benches.

In addition, the aged-look piece with a vintage style is in tune with the rustic wood paneling walls.

2. Metallic Distressed Table Lamp

Metallic Distressed Table Lamp (

You can go with a distressed metal table lamp as an additional decorative piece to enhance the charming look of your rustic aged cabinet.

The scratches on the metallic materials offer a good idea as well as the weathered-texture on the wooden objects.

3. Old-fashioned Headboard

Old-fashioned Headboard (

Create a warm ambiance in the bedroom by designing a distressed headboard. Enhance a dramatic effect by installing two side lamps on it.

Furthermore, the naturally rough texture of the salvaged wood will make the room cozier and help you to experience better sleep.

4. Distressed White Side Table

Distressed White Side Table (

Another attractive piece of white distressed furniturein the bedroom is the wooden side table. This chalk-painted nightstand features black metal knobs with a sleek dark brown top.

As you can see, the rustic style evokes a cozy space for resting.

5. Distressed Dresser with Coastal Decor

Distressed Dresser with Coastal Decor (

Bring up a freshness of beachy style in your distressed furniture with a coastal dresser. You can redesign the used piece by painting in light blue or turquoise hue.

Then, create the scratches by sanding the surface and corner until the bare wood or base color appears.

6. Rocking Chairs with Distresses Look

Rocking Chairs with Distresses Look (

Experience a cozy seat while reading your favorite books with the aged design of a rocking chair. Place this distressed furniture in the nook, next to the bookshelves.

The rocking chair makeover comes with blue chalk paint, so combining it with other furnishing pieces in the same tone will be a great idea.

Therefore, you can feel more comfortable with this pretty seating.

7. Distressed Working Desk

Distressed Working Desk (

Create an astonishing home office with distressed furniture. If the work includes a desktop and sound speakers, this aged wooden piece can be a perfect computer desk.

Subsequently, the rustic design with a powder-coated finish looks contrast to the sophisticated items on it.

8. Antique Dining Sets

Antique Dining Sets (

There are lots of choices to add distressed furniture into a dining room. You can pair a classic white leaf table and chairs with brown wooden floorings.

Add a natural look by placing some potted flowers on the top. Additionally, give more texture to the room with a patterned carpet.

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These simple dining sets will fit your budget and style. The distressed finish white table and chairs can be obtained by sanding the sharp edges to create some imperfections. They bring a stylish design and romantic feeling to your space.

9. Distressed Seating for Patio

Distressed Seating for Patio (

Distressed furniture can be ideal for designing your outdoors. Pair a simple old gray table with wooden benches to the garden or patio. They are sturdy enough to be exposed to the hot sun.

Moreover, these natural-look pieces blend well with the greeneries at the surrounding.

10. Wooden Distressed Bench for Entryway

Wooden Distressed Bench for Entryway (

Distressed furniture becomes the first impressive piece when you add a storage bench in the entryway.

Besides, it helps you to keep the hallway clean and tidy with its hidden storing space. This white seating with little imperfections on the edges matches well to the flowery throw pillows.

Furthermore, the big distressed bench provides more storing space for shoes and bags. This multi-functional seating can enhance the entryway with its valuable design.

Fortunately, a little effort can give a powerful impact on your home decor.

Finally, liven up your space with several weathered-finish items. You can easily makeover any existing furnishing pieces into distressed furniture as long as the materials are from wood. However, keep in mind that metal, glass, and stone can also be applied with antique distressing.

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